The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Happy Birthday Princess!

I don't own the fast cast but I do own Casey and Jessica

The Entire Family gathers to celebrate Jessica's 16th birthday

Jessica O'Conner was a little bit pissed off if she was honest.

It was 6pm on her 16th birthday and up until now it had been treated like any other birthday, not a special one

Sure there had been balloons and cake and presents but when Jack turned both 16 and 18 he'd been handed a damn car AND a party.

She was mid sulk when her mother came into her room

"Ok honey, get dressed, and get dressed up"

"Why?" still sulking and a little bit suspicious, she questioned her mother

"We're all going out for dinner. Casey, Dom and Let are joining us"


She wasn't about to argue, dinner was better than nothing at all.

Pulling out her white playsuit with black polka dots and her black fluffy heels, she got dressed. Pulling the straightners through her long blonde hair she wondered why she was bothering.

The car ride was in a word, tense, as Jessica stared out the window in the back of the car and Mia looked at Brian, both of them wondering if their plan for the day had been the right choice.

Of course they were planning on making a big deal of their daughters sweet 16th. It was just that at that precise time, they were on their way to Jess's surprise party. Note, SURPRISE party. A room full of their family, her friends, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's family…

As they exited the car, it didn't even cross Jess's mind that the building they were entering was a function suite and not a restaurant,

Jessica pulled the doors open and the lights flicked on


"Wha…?!" the look of utter shock on Jess's face made the whole thing worth it

"You didn't seriously think we were gonna let this day pass with no celebration, did you princess?" Brian asked as she hugged him

"I was a little bummed…."

"We noticed" Mia grinned hugging her next

"Sorry sis, you can blame me. This was my idea" Jack stated stepping forward to wrap his arms around his sister

"Thanks bro…and you're an asshole"

Jack laughed and Brian and Mia let that one slide

There were more hugs and jess was bombarded with hugs, kisses, cards and presents, which many props to her Aunt Letty, she was there taking them off her and sitting them at the table she, Dom, Roman, Tej, Ramsey and Brian and Mia were sitting at.

"Hey babe" Cody, her boyfriend stepped forward and placed an arm around her waist and kissed her temple.

"Hey yourself handsome"

"Here…and I want you to open it now"

"What, like, right now?"

"Right now"

She looked at him but sat the bag on the table and pulled the tissue paper out, followed by a pair of pink fluffy dice

"Uh, lovely babe…" she raised an eyebrow as she held them up

"That's our cue" Brian said standing up, with a box in his hand. Mia followed him and so did Jack with his phone in his hand. Dom, Letty, Casey, Rome, Tej and Ramsey followed. As did half of jess's friends, eager to see what was going on.

Out the back of the function suite, sat under the lights was a white car with a large pink bow attached to the hood.

Brian turned and handed the small box in his hand to Jess.

"What…." She started for the second time "YOU GOT ME A CAR?!"

A round of applause went round her friends as well as many OOOOOHHHS

"Now it can go back if you don't like it, so don't say you do just because of us" Mia said

"Your aunt Letty has been on the internet for weeks"

Jess turned to her Aunt

"You picked this?"

"I remember you saying you liked Jack's Lexus…that might have been slightly too much car for your first baby girl"

"It's a Lexus CT. Sport edition" Dom said

"Like we'd let you have anything else" Jack remarked

"And it's for me?"

"Who else is gonna be for?" Casey laughed

"You're next sweetheart, promise" Dom said to his daughter as he hugged her and placed a kiss to her head

Jess let out a squeal as Brian handed her the black key fob for the car and she hit the button and watched the indictors flash as the car opened and the headlights came on.

"Can I…?" she motioned to the car

"You go ahead Princess" Brain said and she half ran to the driver's side and opened the door, revealing black leather seats

She slid into the driver's seat and for the first time since passing her test, partly thanks to Jack, her father and her uncle Dom taking her out in their various cars, she felt like a driver. She'd be able to drive herself anywhere she liked. Her and Casey.

Casey slid into the passenger's side and the two girls grinned at each other

"It's your birthday!"

"I got a car!"

The two squealed simultaneously and then descended into laughter

"Let's go dance" Casey said and Jess grinned

Locking the car, she handed her father the key fob who looked at her strangely

"You've got pockets and Jack has enough cars" She shrugged but she was grinning at her brother who rolled his eyes but grinned back

She headed to the dance floor just as the DJ came over the mic

"Ladies and gents, we're here tonight for the lovely Jess, who turns 16 today! Now that she's been sufficiently surprised, get yourselves on the dance floor and in a bit we'll open the buffet and have the birthday girl cut her cake!"

Jess turned to Casey just as "Danza Kuduro" came over the speakers and they pulled each other to the dance floor where they were soon surrounded by their friends. Grace, Jack's girlfriend who was taking a photography course, was taking pictures and had left disposable cameras on all tables and was pleased to see several of the parties attendees using them.

She had left a sign to say once the film had ran out could they be left in the basket on the main table so that jess could develop them and hold memories of her party.

Letty turned to Dom

"What the hell are we gonna do for Case?"

"Trip away?" Mia input

"There's gotta be a car though, she'll be expecting a car" Dom grinned

"So give her a car the day she passes and then surprise her with a holiday, better yet we'll all go" Mia was getting excited

"Trip?" Brian and Jack asked at the same time

Letty rolled her eyes but she was grinning

About an hour later, the DJ came back over the mic system as the lights came up

"It's time for the lovely Jess to cut her cake!"

Mia came out carrying a blush pink cake decorated with makeup made out of icing, and sat it on the table. She lit sparklers and candles and the hall burst into a chorus of 'happy birthday' and numerous flashes went off as Jess blew out her candles and stood to pose for photos with her entire family.

As the crowd parted Tej and Roman approached their niece and grinning, she hugged them both.

"We wanted to give you our presents"

"Yea and we'd like you to open them"

"This isn't more dice is it?" she laughed

"No!" but Roman laughed

"Can we go into the buffet room?" Tej asked and Jess knew it meant a lot to her uncles if they were asking for privacy

"Yea, do you want mom and dad to come?"

"Yea they're coming too baby girl"

As they entered the room, Jess let the door shut behind her and shared a look with her parents but the look on their faces let her know they had no idea what was going on either

Tej was holding a 'Cartier' bag and Roman was holding a 'Tiffany' bag and Jess's eyes went wide

"They better not be for me!"

"Of course they're for you" Roman said as if is it was the most obvious thing in the world

"Guys… this is too much"

"You're only 16 once" Tej shrugged and handed her the bag

She gently reached in and retrieved a jewellery box. Opening it, she gasped. It was a rose gold bracelet, the one that had to be fitted with the special screwdriver.

Tej reached into his pocket and pulled the small tool out and placed the bracelet around her wrist and tightened it,

"Now I keep this" he held up the tool "But if you ever want it off, that's fine"

Jess looked up at him with tears in her eyes

"I have something with you that no one else has… not even Aunt Ramsey" a tear slid down her face

Tej nodded, a sudden lump in his throat as she reached out to hug him tight

"Thank you" she whispered in his ear and held on just a few seconds longer than normal

When she pulled back Tej wiped her face with his thumb and she took a deep breath

"You're Aunt Ramsey has her own present for you, she wanted us to have this moment first"

Roman smiled at the exchange and held out the Infamous blue tiffany bag to his niece and she took it from him

Pulling out a jewellery box she opened it to reveal a watch. A white watch with a rose gold face with diamonds round the edging.

"Oh uncle Rome…" she breathed "It's beautiful"

"Do you like it?"

"I love it" she removed her own watch and gently placed the new one around her wrist, but held it out for Rome to fasten, then hugged him tight the same as she had done with Tej

Just as she was pulling back, Ramsey poked her head around the door

"Is it safe?" she smiled and although she was wiping her eyes, Jess motioned for her aunt to join them

"I know Tej gave you his but this is from me"

Tej and Megan Ramsey had finally started dating the year before after having danced around their feeling for years, none of the family was surprised but everyone was happy for them. No one knew how close to engagement ring shopping Tej was though.

"Aww Aunt Ramsey thank you"

She took the Swarovski bag and opened it to reveal a charm bracelet with a Dumbo charm on it (both her and Ramsey's favourite Disney movie) and the case for her phone

"OH MY GOOOOOOOODDD!" she squealed as she opened it "I love it!"

The adults in the room smiled at each other

"Can we join the party?" Dom asked from the door, where himself and Letty were standing. Jess noted the bag in her Aunts hands

"Guys there better be no gift!"

"OK, so everyone else gets to give you gifts but we don't? I don't think so Jess O'Conner" Dom snorted

Jess rolled her eyes but smiled and took the offered hug from her Aunt Letty and then the bag that was held out

"What is it with you lot and expensive gifts?!" she cried reading the name on the side of the gift bag

'Harry Winston'

"Just open it" Dom grinned

Another jewellery box was opened to reveal a necklace and earring set called "Belle"

"Oh wow.." Jess breathed, tears coming to her eyes and this time she let them flow. It had just dawned on her how many people in her life wanted to make her happy and loved her enough to spend their money on her

"Awww princess don't cry" Brian said wrapping his arms around his daughter

"You guys" she hiccupped "This is too much"

"No it's not even enough" Tej replied

We're just glad you like it all" Ramsey said

"We love you baby girl and we're sorry it's taken all day to get here. Like we said blame Jack"

"Yea and Casey" Letty grinned

"Did we hear our names?" Casey asked

"Oh my god, pretty soon the whole party will be in here!" Jess laughed while wiping her eyes

"Me and Case went in together on your present" jack said holding out a Pandora bag

"You can add to it"

Jess opened the box to reveal a Disney floating locket necklace with a star charm, the infinite love symbol and a mickey mouse charm.

"You guuuuuuuyyss"

"We know your love of Disney" Casey laughed hugging her

"Happy birthday sis, I love you" Jack said in her ear causing fresh tears. She whispered it back

"Ok well I don't know about you lot but I am ready for some old school Macarena and cha cha slide" Ramsey announced

"Oh my god count me in!" Mia cried as the full family made their way back to the hall, as Letty went to the DJ to request the Macarena.

As Jessica watched her mom and aunts and her friends do the timeless dance she fought off more tears as she realised the scale of what family meant.

She giggled though as her Aunt Ramsey held her hand out for her to join them on the dance floor and she spent the rest of her party dancing the night away.