The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Peter pan

Disclaimer: I dot own any of the characters you recognise

Summary: At race night, Casey has some choice words for someone who hurt a member of her family…

As Jack pulled up to the downtown 'race scene' the first thing his best friend Damian 'Speed' Speedle noticed was that Jack's sisters boyfriends car was there parked and Jess was sitting in the passenger seat,

"Hey, man your sister's here"

"Is she now?" Jack raised an eyebrow but it wasn't like he could be pissed, he'd been coming here for years. She was 17, wasn't like she was a baby.

"Also, Casey's here with that guy we hate"

"Oh hell no"

"J…." Speed warned


"You heard Let man, you push she'll just run to him more"

Jack sighed. Casey Toretto was more than a cousin, she was his second little sister and all he wanted to do was jump into protective big brother mode.

At least he didn't have to worry about Jess much these days. She'd been dating his friend Stephen 'Steph' Anderson for the better part of 10 months. He'd been good to her, and he hadn't once fucked up or threatened to end it over text. Even their parents approved but Jack had his suspicions his dad more approved of the fact he looked less like a boy band member and he drove a Nissan GTR34. The car was painted matte black which gave it a bit of edge and, yes, Brian had driven it.

Jack reversed his car into the space right beside Steph and Jess,

Through the downed window Steph grinned and leaned over the steering wheel to speak to his friend as Speed and Jess fist bumped

"Thank god you guys are here, this ones got me listening to some chick called Chelsea Ballerino"

"Kelsea Ballerini babe"

"Girly music…Lauren makes me listen to her crap too" Speed said

"Where is she?"

"In bed with the flu…and I love her. I do. But she can keep it" Speed made a face

"I'll send her a text"

While this conversation had been going on, Casey Toretto, who was leaning against the hood of the boy everyone hated, Darryl's car, when she spotted someone making a beeline for her cousin

The same guy who had broken her heart. And she was damned if she was gonna let him anywhere near her.

Jess was good. Steph was good for her. Cody wasn't getting within an inch of her

Casey stopped dead in front of him and folded her arms and looked up into the face she'd rather punch and stared him out

"Can I help you Toretto?"

"Yea, you can turn back the way you came. Jess don't need you anywhere in her orbit"

"I just wanted too…."

"You should 'just have' months ago. But no, you took the cowards way out and broke her damn heart. She's happy now. She don't need shit from you, and you're far too late for sorrys, Miller"

"Is it true she's with Anderson?"

"Yup.. Cody, you're like peter pan, Pamela told me you did the same thing to her. You'll never stick around and no girl ESPECIALLY my girl deserves to sit up at night wondering what's wrong with her. You're just a lost boy Cody. Head up in the clouds, always thinking you'll do better. The truth is you don't know what you lost while you were too busy chasing stars. Now turn round and walk back to your car and forget you even seen her here tonight. Or I will punch you"

She stared him out and she watched triumphantly as he turned without a sound and walked back to his car and seconds later it left the space it had been in.

Jack came up behind her

"Was that who I thought it was?"

"Yea…and he's just left with his tail between his legs."

"You know…Case… Maybe take your own advice?"

"Jack…" she started

"I'm not telling you want to do, I just don't wanna see another sister hurt ok? Neither of you deserve that, and I have lots of lovely friends that know how to treat a girl right…."

"Ok… point taken…"

"If you need me to get rid of him, I'm here ok?"


"You know where we are"

Casey hugged him and shut her eyes as Jack held on just a beat longer

"Yo J, you racing?"

"Hell NOO!" He yelled back to whoever had shouted in his direction

"Good boy" Casey grinned

Casey thought about what Jack had said for hours, even after she was home and lying in bed. Staring at the ceiling, she reached for her phone and brought up her whatsapp to check when Jack had last been online

13 minutes ago

Worth a shot

"Bro…did you mean what you said"

And she waited. She held her phone face down til it pinged

"If you mean about getting rid of asshole and getting you someone like Steph, yea I meant it"

"And if Darryl doesn't take it well?"

"Have you met our family?"

At that she laughed out loud

Her phone pinged again, it was a picture with a name

"Meet Ryan Eaton… a guy I KNOW is interested in you"

She flipped back to the picture, he was a good looking guy. Mixed race with short hair and dark eyes.

"And he's interested in ME?"

"I know this as a FACT. Can I pass on your number?"

"Yea, why not"

"What is it with you and Jess, always gotta do things the hard way"

She laughed just as her phone pinged with an unknown number


Casey almost smiled, Cody had caused two good things just by being an asshole. He was still peter pan though.