The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Summary: Stories from inside the lives of Brian and Mia…..

Chapter 4: Baby Star

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or anything fast and furious related. I simply like to play with them a lil bit. I promise to return them to their box. I don't own and have no rights to the songs used in any of the following fics either.

Chapter 4: Baby Star

The mini story this fic is based on is something I borrowed from CRIMINAL MINDS. I recite it to my little boy every night and I know it word for word. It's not mine, I have no rights to it, I've simply borrowed it for my story. **K**

Brian leaned against the door frame as he watched Mia nurse their baby son, singing and rocking him to sleep. They'd had many debates over the fact that he'd get so used to sleeping in Mia's arms that he'd soon not fall asleep anywhere else, but his pleas had fallen on deaf ears. Mia had said it was her job as his mother to spoil him. Despite his own words, Brian himself found it hard to put him down.

He watched as she padded back and forward on the cream plush carpet, something else Brian had tried to talk her out of but again the Toretto charm had won over, even though he knew by the time their baby was a toddler, the carpet wouldn't be so cream.

In the dimly lit nursery, the azure blue paint they'd decided on glowed. He couldn't hold back the smile on his face as he took in the sight before him. he was having a hard time believing it was real, and that both Mia, and their baby boy, were here, and were HIS.

He wasn't one for tears but as he listened to Mia, he felt them prick the back of his eyes.

"Once there was a Baby Star, he lived up near the sun, and every night at bed time, that baby star wanted to have some fun. He would shine and shine and fall and shoot and twinkle oh so bright. And he said 'Mommy, I'll run away if you make me say goodnight'. And then his mommy kissed his sparkly nose and said, 'no matter where you go, no matter where you are, no matter how big you grow and even if you stray far, I'll love you forever, cos, you'll always be, My Baby Star…."

As she finished the story, Brian pushed up off the door frame and made his way toward her

"Need to find a name soon….can't call him Baby Star when he's 16" he kept his voice low

Mia looked down at the sleeping infant in her arms

"He'll always be my baby star…" she whispered

Brian smiled and wrapped his arms around her and their son.

"Is this real?" she asked "I mean, we're actually here…doing this?"

"If it's a dream, I'm never waking up babe" Brian replied kissing her cheek, and looking at their baby.

"What about Tyler?"

"….Hmmmm, Maybe"

"You're just as bad as me!" she gasped at him, giggling

Brian grinned and studied his son's face, did he look like a Tyler?

"Still sucks you know…." She stated

"What does?"

"He can't have your last name"

Brian kissed her temple and held her tighter

"Hey….we've been through this….new lives"

"I know….but it sucks"

He ducked his head slightly and kissed her gently as she looked at him

"How bout this" Brian said "We'll give him middle names"

Mia's face lit up


"Yea…that way when he grows up and he breaks the law, he can pick for himself" he grinned wickedly at her and instead of telling him off, Mia found herself laughing.