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So here it is! Chapter one of Ino's team!




Chapter one:

Good morning sensei




Ino Yamanaka blinked questioningly at the fifth hokage, "Tsunade-sama... You want me to become a... Sensei?" Becoming a sensei would mean holding the lives and futures of three young innocent genin in her own two hands. Ino was usually confident in herself, but the young kunoichi was still contemplating as to whether or not she was capable of handling such a massive responsibility.

"That's correct." The sannin folded her hands and rested them upon her wooden desk. "It's a big responsibility, but I firmly believe that you are the right person for the task." These particular academy graduates needed special attention and they were all able of becoming spectacular assets to the hidden leaf. However, they not only needed a sensei, but proper parent figures as well. "here are their files, please read up on them. Your students are quite unique and difficult to get information out of. You'll be needing all the information you could possibly get on them before meeting them."

"Thank-you Lady Hokage." The florist bowed respectfully then took the manilla folders. "I'll be sure to read them." She was definitely curious as to who her team would consist of. She was extremely excited but also slightly concerned, what if she messed up? First impressions were so important and if she messed up the children might end up hating her forever...

Tsunade smiled seeing the worry on her face. It was obvious that she was anxious, even a fool could tell. "You'll do fine, Ino. I picked you specifically for this team because I have complete faith in you."

Ino's head turned back up as Tsunade's words of encouragement reached her ears. The sentence did cheer her up a little, but being held to such high standards made her stomach flutter. "Thank-you for such a compliment Tsunade-sama."

The fifth's expression immediately shifted back to her usual poker-face, even though she had never won a bet with it. She then dismissed the newly appointed sensei after telling her that she would meet up with her team at noon the following ay outside the academy.


Ino sat down on the old swing outside the academy. The sun was shining it's midday rays over Konoha and the introductions would soon be taking place. Ino decided that she should probably refresh her memory and reread the files yet again.

First was Diro of the Hitsugyama clan. He was thirteen years old and born in late October. His hair was onyx colored, sleek, and short, just long enough to frame both sides of his face. His eyes shone a deep shade of chocolate brown and he was the tallest of the three genin, but only by an inch. His personality was described as quiet and reserved, but with a tinge of arrogance. He was perfectly healthy and his test scores soared way beyond average.

Diro and his mother were the only survivors of the Hitsugyama clan. The rest of their clan had died during the nine-tailed fox attack. Their clan was small before and all of them were ninja except for his mother who married into the clan.

Second, belonging to the Mikyogame clan was the girl of the team, Yume. She was twelve and born in April. Her cascaded down her back in slight golden waves until it reached her lower back. Her eyes were a chilling blue and she was slightly shorter than both of the boys. She was extremely shy and would avoid confrontation and people whenever possible. Her test scores of written and private exams were high enough to make a life long scholar feel extremely ignorant, but in exams that were taken in front of other students her test scores took an extremely significant drop to be at slightly above average level.

There were two major unusual things about Yume. The first being that her clan had been entirely wiped out due to an extremely rare genetic condition that would almost always lead to a young death. Her immediate family, which consisted of only her and her parents, were the only ones left of the clan. The second was that she very probably possessed and unidentified Kekkei Genkai.

All Kekkei Genkai begin with a single individual receiving a mutated gene. The gene would be passed down through the generations and more and more people would possess it. Even very prominent Kekkei Genkai such as the byakugan and the sharingan had started that way. Yume was believed to have such a mutated gene, and because she was possibly the first of a new line of Kekkei Genkai users, just what this new Kekkei Genkai did had not yet been determined. It would also take time for her Kekkei Genkai to develop and become apparent.

Lastly, there was Ryou Kirugayo. Like Yume, he was also twelve, though he was born in March. His brown hair was kept in a messy style covering his right peridot colored eye. He was described as being incessantly lazy, but having a rare playful side. He didn't really care much for test and would sometimes not even bother taking then. Those he did take, he would only answer enough questions so that he would receive a passing grade.

For the team as a whole, they were special. Yume was not the only one to possibly have a Kekkei Genkai, she was just the one who most probably had one. Diro and Ryou could as well. Not to mention they were all extremely intelligent.

Ino sighed, all three were considered to be geniuses. So basically she would be dealing with three more Shikamarus.


The bell to the academy finally rang and the new genin hurried out the doors completely ecstatic to meet their new sensei. Ino had fallen asleep after reading and was awoken by a very light tap on her shoulder.

"Um... Excuse me..." Ino looked up to see who the tiny voice was coming from and instantly recognized the speaker as Yume. "Are you... Miss Ino-Sensei?" Yume was looking down at the dirt as she spoke, clearly trying to avoid eye contact.

Ino sat up to face her properly, "Yes I am, and you must be Yume right?"She knew Yume would be shy from the files, but she had not expected it to be quite this extreme.

"Mhm." Yume nodded, keeping her eyes fixed where they were. She was happy to finally meet her sensei, but she was hoping that Ino wouldn't ask her any more questions or try to get her to speak more.

Ino sensed how uncomfortable Yume was and decided not to push any further. She would have to get Yume to warm up to her over time and she didn't want to intimidate the genin more so than she already was.

Next up, and excites brunette bounced over, "Good morning sensei." He handed Ino a white lily, "My name is Kirugayo Ryou. It is quite the pleasure to meet you."

Ino blushed and looked at the flower, "Why thank-you Ryou. It's nice to meet you too." Ino immediately recognized the flower as a symbol of femininity when the florist part of her took over her mind.

Ryou looked around and blinked, "I suppose Diro is late..." The three were already acquainted from their time together in the academy and vaguely knew what each other would be like. Ryou understood very well that he and Diro were not very likely to get along and they often avoided each other as much as possible in the classroom; but now they would be forced to not only be near each other, but stand each other and work well together as a part of the some ninja team.

"Am not." The third genin slowly walked over with his hands in his pockets, "I was merely not rushing in order to avoid the chaos at the doors." He turned to Ino, "Good morning my name is Hitsugyama Diro."

Ino smiled, "I'm Yamanaka Ino, but please just call me Ino or sensei." She stood up, her confidence finally returning to her and setting her mind to becoming the best sensei ever. "How about we go to our training grounds and get to know each other better, okay team three?"

The three kids nodded and smiled then followed their sensei to what would become their training grounds.

'Wow, I'm a sensei now.' Ino thought as she smiled and walked slightly ahead of her team.



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