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Crink! Crink! Crink! Mikan stopped the alarm clock with her eyes closed. "Damn, I don't wanna wake up. ugh..." she thought as she again got ready to dive into sleep ocean. "Holy Crap" she screamed as soon as she remembered which day it was. "Today is Tsubasa's birthday. Oh no... I forgot to wrap his present. Stupid Mikan, you're also late for helping Misaki to arrange surprise the birthday party" she quickly got ready as she cursed herself.

She rushed to the cafeteria. There she could see her friends. She ran to Hotaru. Just when Mikan jumped to hug her, Hotaru moved a step to her left . Mikan lost her balance and fell on sitting Ruka. Ruka became red as tomato, blushing. Natsume looked away. "Hotaru, why?" Mikan whined standing up. Before she could wine a little more she stopped as she saw Hotaru taking her Baka gun out.

"Today's Tsubasa's birthday. Me, Misaki and his friends are arranging a surprise party. Please be there at 6.30 p.m. You are all invited." She took a sandwich not caring whom it belonged and took a bite. "I gotta go to Misaki now. See you in class." she quickly hugged standing poker faced Hotaru and ran like hell towards door screaming, "I got my hug, yey!"

Baka! Baka! Baka! Mikan sat there holding her sore head and whining, again. Everybody in cafeteria sweatdropped.

Afternoon, class was almost over. Mikan was sleeping in the class as usual. Hotaru woke her up by shaking her shoulder. Five minutes left to finish class for today. She felt so happy thinking about the birthday party. They almost finished all the work in the morning, now just finishing touches after school.

Bell rang. Mikan walked up to Anna. "Hi Anna, did you make Tsubasa's birthday cake already? Which flavor is it? Tell me. Tell me.." Mikan asked. Anna smiled, "I can't tell you. This cake is my gift to Tsubasa. You'll have to wait till Tsubasa cuts the cake." "Okay but make sure you won't feel sad when I'll eat half of the cake." Mikan joked.

Mikan went to the sakura tree to look for Natsume. She saw him sitting there with his manga opened on his hand. She sat beside him. He acted like she was invisible. "Natsume, I want you to be there at the party." Mikan said smiling. "I don't go to birthday parties, specially Tsubasa's birthday." Natsume said coldly. "Don't be so rude" Mikan said with a kitty smile. Natsume tried to hide his blush with his manga. "I can't stand the star or the flirt on his stupid face." Mikan held his arm and said, "Please, I'm asking you this as a favor. Pleeeease."

"Stop screaming. I'll be there... strawberry fields." Natsume smirked. "YOU! You peeked again.I'm gonna go away from you pervert. Be there at the party" Mikan burst and walked away.

So many things changed past few years. Natsume teased Mikan more than ever. They both still didn't admit that they had crush on each other. They exchanged gift in last valentine. Valentine and gift never goes with Natsume! He burnt right away the teddy and ate the chocolate Mikan gave him. He gave Mikan a red dress which she still didn't get the right chance to wear as the pervert gave her a really revealing dress. Other hand, Hotaru had crush on our prince charming Ruka Nogi. Ruka's feeling were getting stronger for his blackmailer Hotaru but couldn't get over the feeling he had for Mikan entirely.

Hotaru's room. "Hotaru how do I look in this dress?" Mikan asked standing in front of the mirror. "You look good in black" Hotaru said without any emotion. "Hotaru you get ready now" Mikan said. Mikan fixed her hair and was about to apply lipstick and Hotaru walked outta bathroom wearing a sweetheart cut magenta dress which ended on her knees. "WOW! Hotaru, you look so cute and sexy at the same time." Mikan said. "I know." Hotaru said.

"Hotaru we are late!" Mikan said. They walked in Tsubasa's special star room. They saw everyone was there except Tsubasa. Every eye in the room was on Mikan and Hotaru. They both look damn gorgeous. Mikan's hair was down. Her dress stopped at her feet. the dress has a cut on the right side from her thigh to her feet. Ruka was blushing madly. He couldn't watch Mikan or Hotaru for blushing. Natsume hid his blush under his bangs. When Mikan walked her right leg was on the show. Every guy's eyes were on her leg. Some of them groaned. Natsume shot death glare to them. They got back to what they were doing. They didn't wanna mess with the fire caster.

"Sorry guys we are late" Mikan said. Koko came running. "Tsubasa's coming, hide people." he yelled. Everyone hid in corners and under the table or behind the couch except Natsume. He was holding his ground. Ruka dragged him to a corner (to makeout. sexaii ;) jk! btw it'd be soooo sexy :P) to hide.

Tsubasa entered and everyone came out shouting "Happy Birthday!". "Thanks guys." Tsubasa said winking his eyes, 'surprise' was written all over his face by his expression. Misaki came and gave him a quick kiss and whispered happy birthday to him.

"Here's the cake Tsubasa." Anna said putting a huge and pretty cake on the table that was in the middle of the room. Everybody gathered around the table. Tsubasa cut the cake and everybody cheered. "Wow, thanks Anna. This cake is amazing. Every time you bite, you taste different flavors." Tsubasa said taking a bite of a piece of cake."Your husband and your kids won't fit through the door for the way you cook. This is so good." Yuu said eating his piece. "Blame it on my cooking alice." Anna laughed.

After a while, couple started to slow dance. Tsubasa was dancing with Misaki. Mikan was stuffing her mouth with cupcakes and talking to Hotaru. She looked up from her cupcake and saw Hotaru wasn't even listening to her. Hotaru was walking towards Ruka. Ruka and Natsume was sitting there beholding their sexiness. Ruka and Natsume were like bright day and midnight together.

"You, come and dance with me." Hotaru said pointing her baka gun towards Ruka. "Okay.. I'm coming. Don't need to point that pain towards me." Ruka said with a uneasy smile. Ruka took her hand and went for slow dancing. Ruka was blushing like hell when he put his hands on Hotaru's waist.

"Hey, you're alone Mikan. Come dance with me." Tsubasa said to Mikan. "Okay" Mikan brightened up like a bulb. They started to dance. "Where's Misaki?" Mikan asked. "There she is. Taking pictures of everyone." Tsubasa said looking at his girlfriend. "Mikan, Tsubasa look at the camera!" Misaki shouted taking their picture.

"You were standing there like leftover. Natsume didn't ask you to dance?" Tsubasa asked slowly moving with the soft music. "No, in my dreams only." Mikan pouted. Tsubasa glanced over Natsume. Natsume was trying to drill holes on Tsubasa with his eyes from the moment Tsubasa and Mikan were dancing. Tsubasa saw it all. He smirked. "Misaki told me you almost did half of the work for my birthday party?" Tsubasa asked pulling Mikan closer to him to show Natsume.

"No. Misaki just said that cause she loves me. She and your friends have done all the work. I just planned everything." Mikan said smiling. "Well Thanks for the party. It's the best birthday I've ever had." Tsubasa said hugging Mikan and giving her a little smooch on her cheek.

Natsume stood up and came to them. "That's it flirt!" he said grabbing Tsubasa's collar. "Natsume, what are you doing?" Mikan asked worriedly. "What is it fire boy?" Tsubasa asked. "Don't you dare touch her" Natsume said in a low voice that only Tsubasa could hear. "I'll touch her as much as I want. What's it to you? You're not her boyfriend" Tsubasa said with the same tone as Natsume. Natsume punched Tsubasa on his face. Music stopped. Everyone was looking at them. Mikan was shocked.

"What's wrong with you?!" Mikan yelled at Natsume holding Tsubasa's face. Natsume walked out of the room without saying anything. "I'll get ice." Mikan went for ice in rush.

"Does that hurt too much?" Misaki asked Tsubasa. "A little. Don't worry." Tsubasa said smiling. "You pushed his button too much, didn't you?" Misaki raised a brow. "Well I did and I had to. That idiot fire boy wouldn't admit to our Mikan ever if I didn't push his buttons." he smirked.

"Here's the ice Tsubasa. Rub it on the sore cheek. And I'm so sorry for what Natsume did." Mikan said with sad face. "I don't need ice. It's less hurtful than Misaki's love bites." Tsubasa winked. Everybody laughed. The silence of the room soon fade away.

Everybody had their lunch a couple of hours ago. Few early birds already went to their room. Rest of them were watching movie sitting on the couch or floor after Misaki's clones cleaned up the party mess. When the movie was over Misaki said "Let's open your gifts Tsubasa." "I wonder what Misaki will give me. Praying that she'll agree to sleep with me with two of her clones." Koko said looking at Tsubasa. Koko was reading Tsubasa's mind. Tsubasa sweatdropped. Misaki blushed and become red as tomato.

"If Koko is still reading my mind I'd like to tell him that I'll kill him for sure. Koko should run." Koko said still reading Tsubasa's mind. Tsubasa started to chase Koko. "I'm sorry!" Koko shouted running. Everybody laughed. Mikan's laugh soon turned into sadness. She was still thinking about Natsume. She blamed herself for what happened. "I shouldn't have forced him to come to this party." Mikan thought to herself.

When clock struck 12 am. everybody greeted goodnight to Tsubasa and started to get to their room. Misaki decided to spend the night with Tsubasa. It's okay since they were a couple and they were in college. Tsubasa thanked God a million times for Misaki's decision.

Ruka, Hotaru and Mikan stopped in front of Mikan's door. "Goodnight Mikan" Ruka smiled. "Goodnight Ruka and Hotaru" Mikan said with a smile. The lights of the hall were out so it was dark. Ruka went with Hotaru to escort her to her room.

Mikan sighed putting the key in the key hole. The day was exhausting for her both mentally and physically. Suddenly she felt someone was standing behind her. Before she could do anything a strong hand covered her mouth so that she couldn't scream. The person turned her around quickly and pressed her against the door hard. She closed her eyes because of the pain. "What the hell!" she screamed in her mind.

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