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Flash back.

"Natsume, I'm going to see the school with Cristine. Since she's new and nervous. I don't wanna leave her all alone." Youichi looked out the window of the hotel room in central town. He could see the calm river shining under morning sun. Natsume was staying here for last two weeks since the day after Tsubasa's birthday as he wanted to be isolated for some time.

"If you are that worried about her, you should've joined the school same day as her not one day later." Natsume was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. "I wanted to but I had to go to the recording studio, some how my last record project got erased. If I'd come to this school I could never record my last project. Anyway, you wanna come?" Youichi popped a lollipop in his mouth. "No, I'm gonna get back to school tomorrow. Besides I hate that place." Natsume scoffed. "Well, I'm super excited. I'll stay in your special star suit for tonight." Youichi looked at his brother. "Okay, do whatever you want, just don't talk to anyone, they'll think you are Natsume." even with his eyes close Natsume could tell Youichi was looking at him with a smile. Yes, maybe they were apart for a long time but they know each other the most.

"Gee, Cristine how was your first day?" Youichi walked along with the blond girl. "It was okay. Though they told me to go to the school hospital everyday for check up and stuffs. This sucks! I was perfectly an average girl a week ago suddenly I fainted and now I'm an alice?" Cristine sounded confused. "Why the check ups? Is everything alright?" Youichi sounded worried. They stopped under sakura tree. "They said I have dangerous type of alice. My alice can ruin my body too as it'll bloom. Heck, I don't even see any sign of my alice. They said they have prevention to save myself from my alice. They told me not to worry but their faces weren't that convincing." Cristine sighed.

Youichi hugged her from behind "It'll be alright. Did they tell you which your alice is?" Youichi caressed his cheek with hers. "I forgot to tell you! I have icarusal alice. It's a flying type alice, with wings!" Cristine cheered. "That's really cute! You always wished upon stars to fly. Your wish is granted, I guess." Youichi joined with her cheer. "They said I'd be able to bring out my wings from my back whenever I want and I can also use them as a dangerous weapon though I dunno how's that even possible. Fathered wings can't even harm an ant, not that I wanna harm anyone. I'm really looking forward to it." Cristine turned around to face Youichi. Youichi kissed her full on her lips. Cristine blushed hard, she'd been blushing for last three years since the day Youichi, her only best friend confessed to her about his crush.

"What was that for?" she whispered. "For being with me." he answered. "Shouldn't I be showing appreciation? I mean, you never wanted to be in this school separated from outside world but you had to came here because of my rare alice." she looked at her feet. "Rest of the world can wait, I can't be separated from you. Besides, I never wanted to come to this place because of music. Since the best vocalist of my band had to come to school, I couldn't help but to follow her." Youichi dragged her by her chin making her look at him. "Now, if you wanna show appreciation, I'm not gonna stop you. My lips are always free for your appreciation." Youichi winked. "You idiot!" Cristine poked on his chest. Both started to laugh.

Almost 10 p.m.

"Shit! It started to rain. Hoping there will be no thunder storm. Cristine hates that. I forgot to ask Cristine's room number as I was so excited about having dinner with Natsume in central town, damn it. Wait, is that a girl? What's she doing in the rain?" Youichi thought walking in rain.

"Natsume, is that you?" she asked in a crumbly voice. Youichi stopped in front of her. "What are you doing here out in the night?" he asked in a soft voice. "Waiting for you." she crossed her hand in front of her for the cold. "Me? I'm sorry. You're mistaken. I don't know you." his eyes were trying to find something on her eyes. "Don't hate me anymore. I love you so much." she sobbed. "Miss are you drunk?" he asked though it sounded like a statement. He was sure as hell that she was drunk. They both were standing out in the rain. He looked at her face. She closed her eyes and about to fall on the ground passing out. But Youichi caught her. Carried her to Natsume's room.

End of flashback.

Northern woods

"I think I have a crush on her. She's so pretty." Kitsuneme whispered to Koko. "You mean Cristine?" Koko whispered back. Kitsuneme nodded. Koko poked Kitsunme's belly with his elbow playfully grinning like a fox.

"Now spill up. What happened after Mikan got drunk, Youichi?" Tsubasa clenched his fists as the idea of Youichi sleeping with Mikan and roaming around with another girl made his blood boil. Everybody gathered around in circle sitting on logs of trees. It had a camping feeling to it.

"It was raining heavily that night. I came to the dorm. So I found a girl in red dress, of course it was Mikan." Youichi looked at Mikan and smiled. He continued, "She was mumbling something about she being hated by Natsume. She thought I was Natsume as you can see we are perfect copies of each other. Since I heard so much about her from my brother I knew it was Mikan Sakura." the sentence made both Mikan and Natsume blush. Natsume looked at Youichi like he was gonna jump on him like wild animal for blurting that out in front of everyone. Youichi gave Natsume an apologetic look.

"Then she fainted, I possibly couldn't leave her there in the rain." Youichi said playing with Cristine's fingers who was sitting next to him. "If it was your brother he'd left her there." Tsubasa snorted. "Looks like, I've got a fan who knows everything about me." Natsume tossed the sarcasm back. "Don't start again." Ruka smiled and it was sweet enough to stop their childish fight. "So... I carried her to Natsume's room, lights were almost out in the dorm. I didn't know whom to tell about her situation. I didn't know Cristine's room number either." Youichi breathed. "Wait, you already knew Cristine? Didn't she meet you at dangerous ability class." Mikan asked confusedly.

"Sorry, I hid it from you Mikan. It was part of a plan. I know Youichi for almost nine years. Sorry.." Cristine bit the tip of her tongue. "What plan? I'm so confuse." Mikan was dumbfounded. "As I was saying, we both were dripping wet and she was senseless. There was no difference between a bag of rice and Mikan at that moment." Youichi was cut off by Mikan's voice, "Watch your mouth man!" she whined. Youichi stuck his tongue out. "I couldn't leave her with those wet cloths she could've got horribly sick. So I took off her clo..."

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Youichi was again cut off by Mikan's loud voice. "Geez, Kitsuneme, are my ears bleeding? Mikan's so loud!" Koko who was sitting on her right gave Mikan a murderous look. "What? I can't hear you, Koko. She made me deaf!" Kitsuneme who was sitting on left said sarcastically. Both of them were yanking her pony tails as revenge. So very mature of them.

"What baka? Let him finish. You wanted to know right?" Hotaru asked irritatedly. "In front of everyone?" Mikan replied saving her pony tails from Koko and Kitsuneme. "Shut up baka! Everybody already knows." Hotaru pulled out her baka gun. Mikan showed a peace sign and signaled Youichi to carry on.

"So I took of her skimpy dress and put on a Natsume's shirt. It was a really long day for me, I just took off my shirt and plopped on the bed. I couldn't resist the temptation of..." Youichi looked at every face. Most of them were showing so many shades of red. Koko's red face suddenly became normal. He gave Youichi a friendly half smile.

"I couldn't resist the temptation of falling asleep. I fell asleep instantly. When I woke up at the morning I couldn't find her." Youichi paused. Everyone except Koko, Cristine and Natsume looked at him like he was talking in Greek. "What do you mean? You didn't do anything? I mean, perverted stuffs?" Yuu asked. "No, what kinda person do you think I am?" Youichi smiled. "Though I figured Mikan thought she slept with me, so I avoided her all this days." he added. "Why would do that? You know how troubled I was?! You meanie!" Mikan started to shake Youichi.

"It wasn't my idea. I told right away to Natsume and he told me to act like you messed up everything and to avoid you. I did what my brother said." Youichi laughed sweetly. "And I had to hide that I'm Youichi's girlfriend for this reason." Cristine laughed at Mikan's reaction too. "Wow! You're his girlfriend? How cute!" Mikan cheered releasing Youichi's shirt. "How cruel!" Sumire whined as the soft Natsume was already taken. "And there goes my future wife." Kitsuneme exhaled heavily. Koko laughed and patted Kitsuneme's hair as a sign of consolation.

"NATSUME! You are dead!" Mikan glared at Natsume. "Whatever, polka." Natsume stood up and started to walk away. "Don't dare to walk away from me. Get back here." Mikan yelled. Well, it had no effect on Natsume, he didn't stop walking nor looked back. She followed him and kept on yelling at him. They got lost out of everyone's sight behind a bush.

"Now I can officially introduce Cristine to my friends. Guys, this is my girlfriend Cristine, former vocalist of my band and my best friend." Youichi put his hands on Cristine's shoulder from behind her. Everybody started to chit chat and enjoy themselves. Hotaru's deliver Polar Bear Robot number 3 got them snacks and drinks, of course they had to pay Hotaru for the food. The day was meant to be enjoyed and do nothing but having fun. Birds were chirping above Ruka's head. Sumire and Kitsuneme both got over their so called heart break in a moment and getting friendly with Cristine and Youichi, even Hotaru laughed at Youichi's jokes. Misaki sensei was feeling so comfortable hanging around with his students as a friend that he almost felt like a teenager. He thanked Narumi in his mind for bringing him here.

Behind the bush. Mikan stopped Natsume by yanking his arm. "I said wait, you evil master mind." she panted as she had to run to catch Natsume. "You, why did you even told your brother to pretend? You knew everything but still you pretended like something happened between him and I? Why did you do that? You know how sad I was?" Mikan threw punch after punch on Natsume's chest. Well, her weak punches had no effect on Natsume. "You're so evil! I thought I lost you forever. Damn it, don't you know I love you!?" Mikan became stiff as a doll after blurting that out. What the hell did she just say? She felt so stupid and embarrassed.

"You love me? I see..." Natsume half smiled. "I mean.. I mean... I'm really mad and..." "You know people speak their mind when they're mad." Mikan was cut of by the raven haired boy. She couldn't find any excuse after that, she flushed so badly. She kept staring at the ground with her life as if it would devide into two so that she could hide. Tough luck, nothing like that happened.

Natsume made her look at him, "I love you, Mikan Sakura." and with that he locked his lips with hers. Mikan felt her knees weak. She started to slid against Natsume's body. He caught her by a tight hug. The day was indeed perfect. They pulled apart from the kiss but they were still in each others embrace. "I did the pretending so that I could be sure about your feelings. I wanted to be sure that do you feel the same way about I do and the luck was on my side." Natsume paused.

"By the way, why were you waiting for me outside that night?" Mikan looked up to Natsume before answering. "I saw you kissing another girl under sakura tree. I felt the need of win you back or something. I dunno what I was thinking." "You saw what? I was in central town that day. What are you talking about?" Natsume raised an eye brow. "It wasn't you? That means it was Youichi! And Cristine! That's why she looked so familiar to me. Oh God, I went through so much trouble just for one little confusion. I feel so dumb now." Mikan sighed. "Plokas are supposed to be dumb." Natsume smirked. "It's M-I-K-A-N" Mikan faked anger. "No, I'll call you future Mrs. Hyuuga." Natsume touched the tip of her nose. "No! That's so... I dunno, this makes me blush. Polka is fine!" she blushed proving her point. "Then future Mrs. Hyuuga it is." Natsume smirked. "I just said no!" Mikan blushed more. Natsume smiled looking at her red face.

A couple of minutes later, they heard loud voices. They came back to reality. "What's going on?" Mikan looked at the bush, Tsubasa and others were other side of that bush. "Something's wrong." Natsume started walking pass the bush holding Mikan's hand. They saw everyone's face showed worry. They were looking at something down on the ground.

"It's Cristine!" Mikan ran towards the crowd with Natsume. "What happened?" Natsume looked at Youichi's worried face. "Dunno, she was okay a minute ago and suddenly lost conscious." Tsubasa answered looking at the still body on Youichi's lap. Misaki was reading her pulse. She moaned a little, sounded like she was being pulled through the train of pain. Her cheeks were wet from the tears. "Cristine, open your eyes." Youichi hugged her. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Are you okay?" Youichi asked. "I felt something was tearing everything inside of my upper body. I'm not feeling the pain anymore." she weakly answered as she grabbed Youichi's shirt and rest her head on his chest. "Your eyes!" Youichi gazed deeper in her eyes. "What's wrong with them?" Cristine got a bit scared the way her body was acting up. "They are not green anymore. They are light gray!" Youichi's voice made both the teacher tensed up.

"What? Really? I wanna see." she kept looking in Youichi's crimson eyes. "Cristine, are you the bearer of icarusal alice?" Narumi tried to sound as calm as possible. "She is." Youichi answered him. He didn't let go of her. "Here you go." Anna took out a small mirror from her tiny bag pack and held in front of Cristine. "They are gray. How can it happen over such a small amount of time?" Cristine confusedly asked to no one. "I'm okay, you can let go of me now." she told to Youichi. He helped her stand up but still holding her.

"I believe your alice is in it's last stage of blossoming." Misaki said trying not to show any expression. "It's a good thing, right?" Nonoko asked looking at both teacher. "Yeah, it is." Narumi faked a smile. "You had all of your check ups done, right hon?" Misaki smilingly asked Cristine. "'Yeah, I did. I can't believe I'll get to see my Alice today." Cristine got a little excited.
Everyone sighed in relief that she was okay. Youichi stared at the both teachers as sharply. He's got the eyes of Natsume, nothing avoids his eyes.

"She's gonna be okay, right?" Youichi's voice was colder than south pole. He threw the question for Narumi and Misaki. Youichi was giving shivers down people's spine like Natsume always does, proving the fact that they are actually twin both outside and inside. "Of course, I'm already feeling so better. I've never been this much fine. Stop worrying Youichi." Cristine smiled. After that, Youichi became to his normal self.

"Ahh.. the pain is back!" Cristine dug her own nails on her back over her shoulder. Youichi held her tightly. His eyes covered in dark cloud as he had to see his love in pain. Everybody tensed up again. "My arms!" she tried to ripped off the long sleeves of her black shirt. Youichi hurriedly rolled up her sleeves. Everyone gasped as they saw dark gray lines were crawling on her arms to her fingers. "We need to take her back to hospital." this time Misaki didn't try to keep calm at all nor did Narumi. "Fuck! Why my car's not coming yet?" Hotaru tossed away a joy stick, impatient was all over her face. Mikan held Hotaru's hand.

"Her legs too." Sumire covered her mouth. They could see the lines on her legs properly as she was wearing a jeans short. It was hard to see someone in this much pain. Cristine sat on the ground curled up in a ball. Youichi hugged her kneeling beside her "I'm taking her back to school." Natsume kneelt beside his brother. Ruka put his hand on Youichi's shoulder. Another scream escaped Cristine's mouth. "I can't wait any..." Youichi was completely cut off as he flew and fell on the ground with the people beside both side of Cristine.

"Holy crap!" this was the only thing Yuu could say, who was still standing infront of Cristine. A pair of silver wings which were one and a half in length of her size came out of her back lining with her arms, ripping back of her shirt. Everyone shocked at the sight. She stopped screaming. Koko couldn't suppress the temptation of touching her wing. "It's made of metal! The fathers are made of metal! But it's so freakishly light!" Koko gasped as he lightly touched her wing.

Youichi didn't even felt the need of brushing off the dirt on his body or the dirty side of his face. He ran to her and held her hands. "Look at me." he sounded so demanding. Cristine looked at him. Her eyes looked so hollow and looked like she was under a spell. Her hair turned silver just a moments ago. "I think I can fly." Cristine's feet were leaving the ground. Her wings took over as she was getting above the ground. "I can fly, Youichi. Youichi..." her hands left Youichi's. She stopped above forty feet height. She flew in circles. It looked surprisingly calm and peaceful. But Youichi didn't feel calm or peace. Soon she started flying in smaller circles. In a few seconds she was spinning on her own axis. Every pair of eyes looking at her in a awe. They almost forgot to breathe.

"Damn it! Everybody get down and spread quickly!" Narumi's voice pierced through their ears. But they were in too much shock to move. But Tsubasa and Natsume gathered themselves, they both sensed the danger in Narumi's voice. Narumi and Misaki tried to shield their students with their body as much as possible but there were too many of them. Natsume, Tsubasa and Ruka followed what their teachers did to shield their friends. Youichi refused to move. He held his ground and gazed on silver haired girl. Her face looked so calm as she spun with her eyes closed. Her wings were slowly embracing her body making a cocoon. Her spinning speed was increasing by second and she was going higher and higher.

"Here it comes. Everybody, head down!" Misaki screamed. Natsume couldn't help but to put Youichi down on the ground by force. Youichi never left his eyes from Cristine, his face was still up. Suddenly Cristine stooped spinning and shot her wings open. It started to rain. Rain of feathers of metal, which were sharp as knives. A feather touched Youichi's right cheek. He started to bleed but he didn't even flinch. He kept on staring at her. Natsume and others who were shielding were injured here and there and bleeding but they were not greatly injured. His whole world went black in back of his head when he saw Cristine's motionless body hanging on the air, only her wings were moving a little.

Youichi pushed Natsume off of him. He stood under Cristine's floating body. She was coming down. At twenty feet height, her wings gave up and she started coming down like a piece of rock. "Cristine!" Youichi groaned like a wild animal. His heart missed two beats just before he caught the lifeless body. "Wake up!" Youichi screamed looking at the blood stained face caused by her own nails. "We need to take her back!" Youichi lifted her on his back and started running. Everybody followed.

"Come here! Help her!" Youichi screamed as soon a he entered the hospital. "Please, put her on here, we are gonna take her to examine." a nurse said surprisingly looking at Cristine's big wings and rest of the gang as half of them had blood stains on their cloths and body. "Just tell me where is the damn doctor!?" Youichi hissed. "Go straight and then take left turn. Her doctor's in the second room." she said quickly. "He ran to the direction and everyone followed. "Subaru, take a look at her!" Youichi entered the room without hesitation.

"Cristine! Her alice blossomed!" Subaru looked at the gray curved lines on her hands after Youichi put her down on the hospital bed. The doctor checked her pulse. Everyone was on the door.

No response.

He tried to find her heart beat with ultra improved medical device. No respond. "She's gone." he said looking at Youichi. "How dare you say that?! Try to make her breathe!" Youichi screamed. Natsume stood beside him. "I'm sorry. That's not..." Doc couldn't find any words to say. Youichi touched Cristine's face and kissed on her cold lips. "I love you, please wake up. Please..." Youichi said. Girls started to cry, including Hotaru. He felt like he stared at her for eternity. "I lost you." he mumbled as he stood up. He lost his sanity. He threw whatever he found around the room. "Youichi, stop it." Natsume tried to stop him. He shoved Natsume away from him. His eyes looked like devil. Black aura started to form around him. He screamed beastly as souls started to set free from his body. The souls were screaming and moving around the whole room making a shield between Youichi, Cristine and rest of the other.

"In a few seconds, you'll feel very terrified. It's just Youichi's alice. Don't worry." Narumi tried to warn them. But the horror kicked in and almost everyone started to scream in fear. They covered their ears in the sharp sounds.

"We have to stop him!" Subaru said. Fire balls formed in Natsume's hands. "Don't try to break the shield. It's gonna break his own soul and heart. He'll bleed out to death if you do that!" Misaki screamed as loud as possible. Natsume's fire died out. "He'll become insane like this!" Tsubasa watched in both pain and horror.

"Youichi!" Natsume tried to get closer to the shield. "Don't!" Narumi looked so worried. "I know what I am doing, trust me." Natsume again got closer to Youichi. "Youichi, let me hold you." Natsume touched the shield. "I'm a part you as you are a part of me. Don't be selfish and let me in!" Natsume tried to pass through the shield. It rejected him completely. "Youichi, you can't reject me, I'm your refection both inside and outside!" this time Natsume broke through and hugged Youichi. Youichi started to panted and lost conscious on Natsume's arms.

Youichi opened his eyes and saw Natsume sitting beside him. "Natsume, what are you doing here in my room? I need to see Cristine, I had this horrible dream." Youichi sat up hurriedly. Natsume stopped him from getting up by putting his hand on Youichi's shoulder. "It wasn't a dream. It really happened two days ago. You lost almost all of your energy using your alice and slept for last two days. I'm sorry Youichi. So sorry... I'd even give my life to change everything to be just like before for you. But that's not possible." Natsume hugged Youichi. Youichi cried on Natsume's chest. Natsume never felt this much pain in his life to see his brother cry.

Next Year. Tsubasa's birthday.

"Youichi? You're still not ready for Tsubasa's birthday party?" Natsume pulled off the blanket from Youichi's body. "Heck, I'm not going. I hate birthday parties." Youichi groaned. He changed a lot after the death of the certain blond girl. He didn't smile like before. He turned out just like Natsume, dark and scary. "Tell that to my girlfriend. Mikan will drag you there by your ear. She likes to celebrate everything with everyone." Natsume plopped beside Youichi. Youichi still didn't move. "Tickle! Tickle! Tickle!" Natsume started to tickle his brother. "What the fuck is wrong with you, Natsume? Stop it. I like the Natsume who is grumpy with everyone else. Why do you smile like an idiot around me? You suck." Youichi tried to get away from his hands. "Sorry, can't help it. You used to smile for both of us. As you lost your smile, now it's time for me to smile for both of us." Natsume smiled at Youichi. They both sure have the best brother on earth.

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