30 year in the future….. (Mobians)

People said I was going to make the world shine once again, but I didn't understand because I was young, but I thought they mean when I defeated Eggman when I was just nine, and you know who I'm, right? And it true it's me, Sonic the Hedgehog. Well that was not they mean because I was still fought him until one day his heart gave out 15 years ago.

They mean that I going back to my true form. Well I'm glad that the world won't be in danger in few decades that what Silver said. Well, because he comes from the future. Well it ok, causes I having a blast with my family and friends. Yeah, you read right. I have family have 3 kids, two twin sons and my eldest daughter, but this tale is about how my life turned to this event and it all thanks to my archenemy Dr. Eggman.

30 year in the past…. Eggman's Base

"Muahahahaha, I finally done it" said the mad scientific.

"What you finally done this time, Dr." said the silver robot. "Well, I finally found a way to keeps Sonic off my back, so I can finally build 'The Egg Empire'" said the egg fanatic.

"How you did it this time, Master?" Said the yellow robot and dark purple robot annoyed.

"Well, did you know that the female species have a complicated life's style?" said Eggman while his robots got confuse. The doctor continue "The female species has a complicated life because they more hormones, more emotion, and more responsibility than the male species, and they are slower and less strong than the male species" said the Doc amusedly smirking.

"But, what's that have to do with defeating Sonic, Dr. Eggman?!"Asked Decoe and Bocoe at the same. Eggman sigh and said irritability "You idiots, don't you know what I'm saying?!" and with a single shake from their robotics head signalling that they don't know.

"URGG, YOU BUFFALING BABOONS, I'M GOING TO SONIC INTO A GIRL, GET IT NOW?!" shouted Doctor Eggman. "Oh you should have begun with that, master Eggman" said Bokkun

"When are we going to-" Decoe started.

"-Turn Sonic to a girl, Eggman Sir" Bocoe finishing him off.

"Tonight, boys, tonight at midnight" said the master.

MIDNIGHT –Sonic's and Tail's house

Dr. Eggman went to his enemy's window and checked if he was asleep in his bed. He looks around and he found everything was according to plan.

In his flying seated machine there were levers, buttons, switches flowed all around him. He pressed pink buttons and next thing you know a laser came out of the flying contraction and hit our favourite blue hedgehog.

Our beloved hedgehog didn't feel a thing from the laser neither the change it was happening in hi…er body. The process supposedly had to stop at 5-7 minute according to his experiments.

The doc wanting to see if his invention work or not, but a female voice appeared out nowhere and said "No way, it's Chilli Dogs heavens" and this said. Doctor Eggman had a grin on his ugly face knowing that there no antidote for it. It only fair to let him have one more peacefully dreams before waking up to a life of no return.

He turn his head to look at Sonic one more time and said wickedly "Sweet dream, Sonic The Hedgehog, because it will be your last" and with that he left the house with wick smile on him.