The sun is already on the rise and although our room is sheltered from the blinding rays of light, I see a solitary streak of sunlight on the floor. My mate, Rin, is still asleep, curled against me. As I finger her wispy strands of hair, I contemplate on the similarity of our meeting with that of my half brother and his mate, Kagome.

During that battle with Inuyasha, my tenseiga protected me from his fatal blow, sending me to a forest. As I laid injured against the tree from my battle, the bushes rustled and out came a little girl. She looked at me curiously and though my first reaction was to intimidate her, she nevertheless approached closer. She gave me her food, her constant care, and most importantly, that smile. When she was in danger from the wolves, she instinctively ran towards me in the forest, trusting that I would help her. She freed me from my anger towards my father and jealousy over Inuyasha's tessaiga. I was liberated in a way.

When Inuyasha was pinned on the tree by the arrow, he laid dormant. Kagome then rustled out of the bushes and her curiosity encouraged her to go closer to him. When she was in danger by the caterpillar demon, she also instinctively ran to Inuyasha. Inuyasha's first conscious reaction to her was not warm or kind, instead it was to cause her harm - in order to pay back Kikyo. Kagome nevertheless removed the arrow from his chest, freeing him from his imprisonment. By relieving the arrow from his chest and being his friend, she provided him with her constant loyalty, causing Inuyasha to trust and depend on other people, instead of keeping to himself. He, like me, was liberated from anger and selfish desires for power.

So you see, there are some similar facets in both of our first meetings. The tree, the rustling bushes, the female humans, the pulling of the arrow and giving of the food, the loyalty of the two female humans, and the change of heart in which they evoked within us.

As I think about the past, Rin stirs next to me. For the first time in my long life, I am content. I am freed from being the villain, the constant anger, as well as the lack of love. She fills me like I have never been full before and in return, I treasure her.