Once it was announced that Sesshomaru-sama and Rin were to become mates, I was astounded - in fact, I felt as though Sesshomaru-sama had thrown another rock at me or pummeled me to the ground with his strong foot! In short, I was certainly not expecting it. So I started to wonder exactly how this secret romance began under my very own eyes.

Why is Rin so special to Sesshomaru-sama? Was it because she cared for him when he was injured?

She brought him food and water, braved the anger of the villagers, the danger of Sesshomaru-sama, and never failed to check on him every day he was in the forest. Her smile and loyalty warmed his heart.

Big deal!

She cared for me as well when I was dying from Naraku's poisonous bugs.

She pledged to bring the medicinal herbs from Jinenji's garden to me, braved the dangers of the high cliffs and the lower demons, and her determination gave me hope.

But I, Jaken, have still considered her to be no more than a pest. So then why has the mighty Sesshomaru fallen for her, when I have not; or more importantly, when she treated us both the same? Perhaps if she had done more for him (than me) in his time of need, there would be some justification for his deep feelings for her but she did not - so what is it that truly attracts her to him?

It is true that Sesshomaru-sama allowed Rin to travel with us, only because she cared for him when he was badly injured by his half breed brother. But I see now that Sesshomaru-sama did not treat Rin merely according to obligation, because he went above and beyond, far more than Rin could ever pay him. Instead, he seemed attached to Rin in a way that soothed him and dare I say, calmed his demon blood.

The mating ceremony was over a month back and we are now traveling again. The only difference is that while Sesshomaru-sama has never been fond of public displays of affection, he compensates for it by allowing Rin to walk closely with him. As I see them now walking in front of me, their bodies are so close together side by side that one could never tell where Sesshomaru-sama began and where Rin ended! That foolish mortal could never contain her emotions after all, no wonder Sesshomaru-sama indulges her so!


Perhaps it is time for this Jaken to find a mate also...