Diary entry 1

It's my birthday today. I'm eleven years old. Mother got a big cake and invited lots of models and actresses to come to my party. Mother decorated the room in yellow and pink – they are my favourite colours because they are pretty and happy. I had lots of presents and the other girls promised to come next year. Mother bought me this diary because she said she got one at my age.

Onee-chan didn't come to my party.

Mother said it's because she's selfish and jealous of me. I don't really understand. Onee-chan isn't jealous and selfish! She's really nice, and she really loves me! Mother doesn't like her. I don't know why. I think when I was very little Mother used to love her but she didn't seem talented, so she gave up. Even though Onee-chan's training to become a voice actress, she still won't listen. Sometimes though, when I go to get a glass of water in the night, I see Mother listening to some of Onee-chan's work. It makes me happy.

I like to listen to Onee-chan's work too! It's very funny, how she acts as a boy; I think her voice is perfect though. Her voice makes me happy. I like being happy. Mother says I shouldn't worry so much about Onee-chan, so I try to be happy instead.

Yesterday, my friend, Mai-chan, told me about a boy in her class. Mai-chan said he has perfect hair and perfect eyes and is really nice to her. She said she doesn't talk to him much, but she really, really likes him. It's funny; I would never expect her to talk about a boy like that. She acts like one herself, a lot! I think she's growing up. I'm not. I have to use push-up bras when modelling. I think they make me look prettier.

Mother says it's time to go to bed, or I'll be tired in the morning. We're having a party at work!