Another entry from the morning after the events.
(Sorry, it's the time where I get the most quiet.)

And it suddenly got shorter...

Diary Entry 6

Nothing very interesting has happened lately. A new magazine has come out with me on it, but that's not very interesting. Oh, I can actually think of two things.

The first one is that I've been asked to act in a television advert! It's for a new type of toy, and some other models have come. I think I'm going to it on Wednesday, after school. It's not very interesting though, but it's my first advert. I hope I get to wear something pretty.

The second is that I've invited Nao-kun to my house. Youko might come too, but I think Mai-chan is busy. We have decided to get him to dress up in some of my dresses! He'll look so cute. I've decided yellow will suit him, and maybe pale blue or white. I'm not sure that they will fit him.

My tutor is just in the other room, and we have guests later, so I have to write this fast. He is teaching me mathematics. Somehow, when he is teaching even the most boring topics ever, the lesson is fun. I don't tend to get a lot of work done at the beginning, but he's very patient and I end up doing lots.

I just noticed today, my tutor has really long eyelashes.

Onee-chan has just started a new show! She was telling me about it, she said she's really excited, but is sad because it's her last one. I don't understand how it's her last one, but I hope she does get to do more work after. I asked her if she would like to come to my house to meet Youko and Nao. She said she might be busy but she'll try and try and try to get to come. I can't wait! It will be so much fun!

Oh, he's coming back. I have to hurry and pretend that I've finished my work and haven't been writing here! Goodnight!