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Everything's gone, was all that ran through Max's mind as she surveyed her surroundings. Fang and Dylan stood behind her, taking in the destruction of a place that once was the beautiful planet Earth. Now it was destroyed, the apocalypse leaving almost nothing besides ash and rubble in its wake.

They stood on a cliff high above any nearby land. Behind them lay a once lush forest that had been reduced to a pile of ashes. Far below, the ocean crashed against the rocks, slamming against them as if it was trying to recreate the apocalypse that happened only the day before.

"What are we going to do?" asked Dylan. He stepped forward and looked up at the sky, which was a sheet of gray. Fang, as usual, said nothing. He just looked at Max.

Max turned to face the both of them and spoke, "First thing's first, we find the rest of the Flock. Search the tunnels and see who you can find." Fang nodded, then leaped off of the cliff, soaring towards the tunnels below.

Dylan looked at Max, concern in his blue eyes. "What if we can't find them?"

Max's gaze hardened. "We will find them. We have to. Now go." Dylan did as Max said, but not without glancing back at her.

Max paced on the cliff, then dove off herself. She flew between boulders and skeletons of trees, towards the entrance of the tunnels. After a short venture into the tunnels, she came across a small girl curled up against the wall of the tunnel.

"Angel?" Max said quietly. "Is that you?"

The girl's head popped up, her limp blond curls flying in all directions. "Max!" She bear-hugged Max, white wings protruding from her jacket. "Where are the others? Are you okay? Are they?"

A smile threatened to overtake Max's face. The small girl hugging her at that moment reminded her of the polite six-year-old that Angel was before this whole mess started. "Fang and Dylan are looking for everyone else. And I'm fine."

Angel hugged Max harder. "I thought you were dead."

"It's okay. I'm not."

Angel let go of Max, then a worried look engulfed her face. "I had a vision of the world ending and my Voice said that one of the Flock would die."

Max winced, then shrugged the premonition off. "Voices aren't always reliable."

"But mine was right about everything else it said."

Max shook her head, partially to clear it of pessimistic thoughts. "Stop talking like that. Watch, everyone'll be alright." She then started walking down the length of the tunnel, Angel in tow.

Light bombarded them as they exited the tunnel. The clouds were clearing and the sun was returning. A good sign, Max thought as a smile pulled at her lips. Despite Max's newfound happiness, Angel's brow deepened.

"Max." Max whirled to see Fang standing behind her with Nudge and Gazzy. Gazzy's face lit up as he saw his sister, and Nudge smiled to see the both of them alive.

"Dr. Martinez and Ella are in a cave about half a mile from here," Fang reported. "I suggest we camp there." Max nodded in agreement.

After a short flight, they arrived at the cave and were instantly greeted by Ella, who hugged Max. "I'm so glad you guys are okay!" she exclaimed. Then she frowned. "Where's Iggy?"

"We were hoping he was here," Max said.

"No, we haven't seen him." Dr. Valencia Martinez came out from the corner of the cave. "Fang is the first person we've seen since the apocalypse."

"Maybe he's just wandering around, trying to find us," Ella suggested. There was a small spark of sadness and fear in her eyes, for she cared about Iggy.

"I have a feeling that that's not it." Everyone turned to see Dylan standing in the mouth of the cave, his expression stern. "There's something you guys need to see." He then turned and exited the cave, the flock, Ella, and Dr. Martinez following him.

They traveled past a barren stretch of dirt and ash, then up a hill dotted with piles of cinders that were once buildings until they reached the top.

They were now on a cliff, surrounded on three sides by charred forest. The fourth side was open air, showing an expanse of the ocean's waves. Here, the sky was clear and blue, as if it was the most joyful day in time. It was anything but.

Burned into the cliff face was a large, circular scorch mark. In the center of the mark, there were two unburned spots in the shape of sneakers. Lying on the scorch mark was a small pile of ash.

Dylan walked over to the ash pile and plucked something from the top, holding it for everyone to see. Gazzy and Nudge gasped, tears welled up in Ella's eyes, and even Fang had a look of sadness on his face.

This was because the object that Dylan pulled from the ash pile was Iggy's necklace. It was a small, silver locket in the shape of a heart. Iggy had recently found it and taken a liking to it, wearing it quite often. Bits of ash clung to the locket, yet it seemed unharmed.

"I told you that one of the Flock was dead," Angel spoke, her tone cold and somber. "Iggy is dead." The group of them paused and observed a moment of silence for their dear, departed friend.

Little did they know, Iggy was the reason that the world ended.

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