Patricia POV

I walked into the living room and sat dowm at the table in my usual spot.

"Hey Nina" I greeted the american as she sat down


"Nina, when are we going shopping? I need more goth clothes soon, before Amber turns my whole wardrobe pink?" I pulled a face as she laughed

"Today if you want."

"I am so excided i am going to buy a new tracksuite to train with Mick" Joy smiled, I still can't believe she and Mick started dating

Jeromes POV

I walked into the living room in utter silence

"Hayy Jerome!" everyone at the table greeted. I smiled

"Patricia can we talk?" I asked the goth pixie as I reached her side.

She nodded and she started following me out of the room.

Eddie's POV

I think Jerry has a thing for Patricia I need to stop him, I thought

"Hey Yaker, I need to tell you something really quick" I said quickly

She sighed "Ok one sec Jerome" she said before following me to my room.

"Ummm, Patricia, I just needed to tell you... I like you" I looked at her shocked face

"Bu-" is all she said before I kissed her, only for a second. She reeled away and slapped me. It was then I noticed Mara was right there before she ran upstairs crying. We are dating now, but I think now after I did that she going to hate me.

Patricia PoV

I stomped out of the room in a huff, how could Eddie, he knows I like J- wait I am not going to say who..

I walked into Jeromes rooms and what he said blew my mind

"Patricia I..I...I like you alot" he stammered quickly

I smiled "I like you too slimeball."

Then after that I kissed him. I couldn't believe it, I was kissing slimeball

"Will you go on a date with me?" He asked after we broke apart



We walked into the living area hand in hand, sending meaningful glances at each other every now and then.

As we walked in, Amber was the first to notice our hands intertwined with each other and her smile grew to the size of that of the Chessire cat.

"OH MY GOD FINALLY!" she squealed, running up to me and smothering me in the biggest bear hug ever, and most frankly the most unconfortable.

"Amber...air!" I choked, letting go of Jerome's hand and falling back slightly from the blonde's weight.

She noticed me gasping for air and quickly loosed the embrace and stood back, her smile was still huge.

"See Alfie, I told you they would get together. You owe me a quid," she laughed, placing her palm flat out infront of him, Alfie flicked a pound onto it.

"Congrats mate," Fabian smiled, giving Jerome a high five, as did Mick and Alfie.

We both grinned, what a great day!