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Goats, Sheep, and Chicken belong on a farm, not in the middle of all this blood, death, and destruction!

I told everyone the end was near but no one would believe me! 'It's Just a Myth Nana'; they all~ said and would laugh in my face.

Volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis appeared out of nowhere. Everyone either burned to hell or drowned. Everyone except me and my friends that is...Myu, Kota, and Nyu. (An: I dont like Yuka *glare* she died no one cares lol LUCYXKOTA 4EVR!)

We had cheated death by using my vectors to climb over the hot boiling Lava.

I watched in despair as the poor Goats, Sheep, and Chicken cried for help because they knew death was upon them.

I cried three tears (J3T 4EVA! {Member of a Kick ass Band Hollywood undead } ) as they slowly burned from the flaring hot magma. I would have saved them. I should have saved them but...If I let go for one second or get distracted to long...My friends would surely die a firey death.

Wonta whimpered as Myu held on a little too tightly as she cried in fear.

"Dont Cry~ Myu!" I tried to sooth the young girl who was now thirteen.

"How?! Where all going to DIE Nana! It's ov-!" Myu yelled biting back more tears that threatened to fall.

"WHERE NOT GUNNA DIE!" Kota yelled denying the said truth

"Kota...die?" Nyu said as tears formed in her eyes.

"...No Nyu! I'm not gunna-"

Nyu cut him off by bursting into tears "KOTA GUNNA DUE! NYU DON'T WANT KOTA TO DIE!"

"Death is inevitable, we must except it..." Nana said in w monotone voice as the realization came to her.

"EVERYONE STOP ACTING EMO! WE WILL GET THRU THIS!" Kota yelled not believing his ears.

"We mustn't fight it..." Nana whispered ( Words of my Emo Friend, Emo Panda )

She stared at the Lava that seemed to be calling her name. And just let go~

Her and her friends fell to their death.

Nana woke up with a jolt; covered in a cold sweat and painting heavilly.

Myu who shared a room with Nana sat up and rubbed her eyes "Are you okay Nanna?"

" okay Just a bad dream..." Nanna said realizing none of it was real

"It wasn't real dont be brave just try and go back to sleep." Myu said in a soft voice; she yawned layed back down and fell into another happy dream about Wonta.

"Yeah...Be Brave...for Papa~" Nana laid her head back down and closed her eyes.

She sighed "For Papa." She smiled softly as memories of her Papa took over her mind.

"Only for him..." She then fell into a peacful slumber.

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