Chapter title based on: The Cure- Friday I'm in Love

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Hamilton's POV

The summer before my first year at Rawley was easily the best year of my life. I had spent the first 15 years of my life watching Rawley boys come in and out of the school and saw them all having the time of their lives. I had always wanted to be involved, but was always just a "little brother" type- the tag along kid whom nobody wanted to hang out with, but felt they had to, because I was the dean's son. Well, I'm still the dean's son, but now I'm a part of something bigger. I finally actually one of the students at Rawley and, more importantly, I am totally in love.

At first I thought I was gay and in love with a boy, but Jake is actually girl, which means I am straight and have never been happier. Of course, Jake, or Jacqueline, as I should say, ended up getting kicked out of Rawley Boys, but I had my mother convince my father that he should allow her to attend Rawley Girls, because her behavior was all just a ploy to get her mother's attention and not intentionally horrible; plus she's pretty brilliant, if I may say so myself.