I remember when I first met Chloe. It was the activity fair, I was trying to avoid my dad, and look for somewhere to DJ. There was a sign that said DJ, but it was just some Deaf Jews. They should really make that clearer. I was just walking along, when I heard someone say "Hey, would you like to join the Bellas?" I was about to just keep on walking, but I looked up. And then I noticed her. Her red hair, and her icy blue eyes. I mean, you could just ignore that. So I talked to her, for a bit. She explained about acapella. But I explained that I didn't even sing. At least not in public, I though to myself. So I walked away.

I saw her again when she burst into my shower. She demanded I sing Titanium for her. She said it was her lady-jam. Though I think that might have been a bit too much information. We started singing together, I do admit, we did sound good together, even while we were singing I was just looking into those eyes. She was truly beautiful. I couldn't help but have a look. I mean she was naked in my shower! What was I supposed to do?! She said something about being confident about 'all this' And I told her "She should be." I mean, she looked amazing, she had all the curves in all the right places. I learned her name was Chloe. She said I had to agree to come to auditions, which I did. Then some guy came in, and she left. Of course she was with a guy. What did I expect? She wasn't into girls.

I saw her again at auditions, and at initiation night. She came over to me, being a bit drunk, and she pulled me so close, we almost kissed. I could help but flirt back to her. But then she left, and I saw her making out with that guy from the shower. I should have know. I can't get attached to her. I'll only get hurt again.

We quickly became close friends. Over strenuous Bella rehearsals, and she actually was interested in what I did with mixing track. But there was one moment that really stood out for me.

We were in my truck. I needed something to drive around in, and truck was pretty much the cheapest option. It was quite battered already. Chloe insisted on taking me somewhere nice after the riff-off. I don't really understand why. She insisted on driving as well. I don't know why I let her drive. I liked having my truck in one piece. But yeah, she drove.

She was doing pretty okay to start with, it had been about 10 minutes, and she hadn't killed anyone yet. I just remember looking over to her, and seeing her concentrate so hard, trying to make it look like she could do it. I thought she was amazing. I had to keep reminding myself about that boy. I wonder if Chloe was in a serious relationship with him. I had to ask, I mean she'd been with him twice, that I saw.

"Hey Chloe, that boy, the one in the shower, and that you were making out with during initiation night. Is he anything serious?" I was dreading the answer, I didn't know what I'd do if he was. Maybe I just have to accept that Chloe will never be mine.

"Not really. He's just a fling. A regular one at that. But we both know it's not going to going anywhere." I was so relived to hear that. Maybe we did have a chance after all? I just looked at her. She was so beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

Suddenly I got jolted forward. "Crap!" I heard Chloe scream out. She was such a pretty and innocent girl, I never expected her to ever say something like that. I'll never forget it. Thinking about it now, I can't even remember what she ran into. She quickly Covered her mouth with her hands, and started turning red. I could tell she was so embarrassed about crashing. I wanted to be mad, but I couldn't. She had just put a huge dent in my truck, and she nearly gave me a heart attack. But her cheeks began to turn the colour of her hair, and I just thought she looked so cute. I couldn't stay made at her, not while she was looking like that.

She started blurting out things like "I'm so sorry Beca" "I can't believe I did that" "Oh my God, Beca." I couldn't even act like I was mad. So I just said "It's okay, just next time, I'll drive, yeah?" and flashed her a smile. We both just burst out laughing. After our little giggle fit, we swapped so I was driving. We both thought it was better if we went back to campus, we'd had enough drama for one day. I remember glancing looks at her, she looked so innocent. I just wanted everyday to be like this. Us laughing about some stupid joke and being comfortable with each other. And her just being there. I saw her hand, just floating there, and I wanted to take it, to hold hands. But she didn't feel that way about me. Besides I had to still look like I was the hardcore Beca. And I couldn't get hurt again. I just couldn't. I swore to myself I'd never let anyone in again.

But I'll never forget that moment.

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