Chloe had been my girlfriend for the past 2 weeks. We hadn't really announced it to everyone, but we weren't really hiding it. And by the amount of times we end up holding hands in Bella rehearsals, I think the Bellas all know. They're just too polite to say anything. Me and Chloe had gone on a couple of Dates since that one where we went for dinner, and never really got there. It had mostly been simple things, going round to each other's apartments, going out for dinner. It was mostly what we did before, except now there was a lot more hand holding and kissing involved. Chloe had asked me out on another date tonight, I was just going over to her place.

I arrived at the door to Chloe's apartment and rang the bell. Chloe opened the door and greeted with with a kiss. I still hadn't got used to it, kissing her was so amazing, and it's such a clique but every time I do fireworks go off inside me. She told me that we were going to watch a movie. I sighed, I really didn't like movies, they were too predictable, you know? She insisted and said it would be fun. I didn't really mind, I got to spend time with her after all, and there could never be anything bad about that.

We laid down on the sofa together, and started to watch the movie on Chloe's TV. I'm not really sure what happened in this movie, I wasn't really paying attention, I just wanted to make Chloe happy. I was really paying more attention to her. Her hair was just falling perfectly and framing her face to make her look like the most beautiful person in the entire world. Her eyes were sparkling because so was so interested in the movie. A smile was across her face and I swear I could see her lips moving, just to mutter the words to the movie under her breath. She was adorable, and I couldn't really think anything else.

I could tell Chloe knew I was staring at her, and not watching the movie.

"You could at least try to pay attention!" She said, giving out a small giggle. Even her laugh sounded beautiful, I don't think I could ever get used to this girl being near me all the time, and actually wanted to be there.

"I could," I replied. "But then I wouldn't be able to look at you, and notice how you are stunning without even trying." Chloe laid for a moment, with her mouth slightly open.

"You are such a romantic!" She said, pushing my arm.

"Shh! Don't tell anyone! You'll ruin my Bad boy street cred" I told her, winking. She just smiled at me, and buried her head into the curve of my neck. I put my arm around her, wanting to stay like this forever.

The movie must of finished about 10 minutes ago, but Chloe still hadn't moved. My arm was stuck behind her, it was starting to get all numb, and it was actually quite hurting. I looked at her and whispered "Chloe." She didn't respond. She must have fallen asleep during the end of the movie. She just looked so innocent, laying day. I could feel her chest moving up and down with each breath that she took. She looked like an angel. My arm was hurting even more now, and I really needed to move it, but I know if I did, I would end up waking her up. I didn't want to, She look way too beautiful like this for me to wake her up. I just ignored the pain in my arm, and took in the sight of her, knowing that I never did want to forget this moment.

I just thought, about all these little things that she did, and she didn't even have to try. They just made me fall in love with her more and more each day. She doesn't even know that she's doing them, because they're so natural to her, and they're the things that make her who she is. But those are the things that make me love her. And I could really deny it any longer. I was in love with Chloe Beale. I was in love with the girl who had burst into my shower, made me join the Bella, and make me put myself out there, and make some friends. I loved her, I loved her, I loved her.

"I love you" I whispered to her.

"Hmm?" She said, half yawning. I didn't even notice that she had woken up. I didn't really mean for her to hear it. What if she got all freaked out and left? But then I heard,

"I love you too, Beca Mitchell." and my heart stopped. She had said it back. She loved me back. I smiled and tucked her hair behind her ear, and put her head on my chest, letting her go back to sleep. Chloe probably wouldn't remember this, or it would seem like a dream to her. She wasn't really fully awake. But I knew that I would never forget this. Ever.

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