Koval Gets Comforted- By BewilderedFemale

That's right kids, another Romulan humor tale, with a Romulan that is sufficiently arrogant to have a love story dedicated to him of course ;-)

Will feature some characters from "Senators Vreenak and Letants Adventure to Earth" check it out if you haven't read it already.

Comfort was born and raised near the banks of the Louisiana Bayou. A simple girl who grew up in a very humble house hold. They didn't have much money, but there was always plenty of love to go around in her house. She had an older brother who had married and taken house at the tender age of 17.

During her youth she had been a bit of tomboy. Running with the guys after school, proving that she could carry her own weight when they played baseball, or played hide-n-seek in the swamp which they had been warned not to do but Cyrus had double dared her to prove that she wasn't yeller and she never backed down from a dare.
As a trick, one of them threw a bull frog at her one day thinking that she would scream and run away, but she grabbed the frog in mid-air and took a good look at it before she stuck it in her pocket.

"Thanks guys, ya'll just got me my new pet; I think I'll name him Jeremiah." She had always had a pet frog ever since that day.

Luckily nothing had ever happened to them but then old man Bo, one of the town's pig farmers got himself killed out in the swamp one night while he was coon hunting, and news spread like wildfire that the swamps were haunted by old man Bo so they had stopped after that.

When Comfort graduated from high school at age 16 due to her impressive grades, she had blossomed into quite the lady. She had curly red hair that reached the middle of her back and large teal eyes that would make any man get down on his knees and thank the good lord she was single. Her parents thought it proper she marry and settle down but she had applied and been accepted for a science scholarship and was currently a freshman at LSC.

Trouble was that Comfort wouldn't make for a good wife in the eyes of several of the men in her town what with all that studying she carried on with, just wasn't necessary when all she needed was a good strong back to withstand house work and pregnancy and a cooks hands to have supper on the table when the man got home.

"What are we in the dark ages? We got em people from outer space visiting the College next week and my mind is set on giving them a proper welcome, as well as showing them the results of my Earth's infectious diseases project." She told her parents one night.

"Meeting space fellers and workin on a project aint gonna give me no grand babies Comfort." Her mother replied. "Look at your brother, he's already on his third child, when is your time to come?"

"When I'm good and ready!" She would reply before locking herself up in her room to study.

And then the day arrived. A group of Romulans were stopping by LSC to see some of the science labs, but particularly because Comfort had recently discovered that the swamps in Louisiana contained a bacteria that could possibly cure Tuvan Syndrome based on a project she had entered into the annual science competition.
It was said that because of that, they would be seeing a lot of them Romulans in Louisiana, and Comfort was extremely excited, she didn't get out much so this was a rare treat to have people of another world come to her school.

The day finally came and Comfort had been chosen as one of the students to present their projects to the Romulans, she was nervous but she was also very excited.
She put her curly hair back in a ponytail with a large purple bow and wore her nicest looking jeans, ankle boots and purple plaid button up shirt, she walked proudly into her class and was greeted by her friend Rosemary.

"Why look at you Comfort; you're lookin mighty classy today."

"Yeah; I'm presentin my project to them Romulans; I thought I'd look presentable; I have to admit I'm kinda nervous though."

"No need to be darlin; they're nice people once you get to know them."

Her expression caused Comfort to raise a brow. She had heard rumors that Rosemary was going steady with one of the Romulans.

"Is that experience talkin Rosemary?"

The blush she gave in turn was all the proof she needed. "I don't want the folks to know though, I don't think they'd take kindly to the news that I'm datin a Romulan."

"Who cares?" Comfort replied. "We're all living and breathin beings in gods eyes, what should it matter?"

"Wish my folks were as open minded as you Comfort. I'm afraid they wouldn't react that way if I told em."

This caused Comfort to come up short, her parents probably wouldn't take kindly to the news either if they were to find out she were going steady with a Romulan, but it was unlikely that she'd ever fall for one of them in a romantic way, she was just curious about them was all and wanted to learn more about them.

"By the way, did you ever find out who are the one's we've got to present to today?"

"Oh yeah, I even have their profile pictures and everything." Rosemary replied as she handed her PADD over.

Comfort flipped through and saw one Senator Letant, he had a toothy smile that just screamed mischief and scheming, it was even more interesting to find out as she read on that Letant was married to a human! They have three kids and reside on Romulus- now there was an idea, living outside of Earth, the idea both scared and excited her at the same time.

She flipped over again and this time Scientist Kutunah showed up. He was big and beefy with a grave expression on his face. He apparently had vast knowledge and although his status read single, it was crossed out and replaced with: "In a relationship" Okaaaay...

Comfort read on and this time a hideious looking man showed up, one Chairman Koval.

It was obvious to her that he was a no nonsense kind of man, and even though he wasn't attractive by normal standards, Comfort found that she was immediately attracted to him, her teal eyes twinkling at the sight of his turned up mouth and pointy ears. He was tall, standing at 6' 3" according to the data, and his status read single. Comfort wondered why such a man had not found a woman to marry and the prospect of actually meeting him made her a little more nervous and excited than she was already.

"How did you get this information?" Comfort asked in amazement.

Rosemary smiled; "Let's just say I have my connections."

Comfort was handing back her PADD when Billy Cormack walked in, an arrogant Junior who had been after Comfort for a while now with less than honorable intentions but he of course tried to convince her otherwise his favorite line being:

"I've got a lot of love for ya Comfort, you'd make a fine wife."

But Comfort was no fool, and she knew of his reputation, having gotten Elizabeth-Jane pregnant during his Sophmore year and then not taking responsibility for it. He instead accused her of being easy and that the child wasn't his. A paternity test was conducted and while it came up as negative, (Probably some scheme on his part) everyone knew that he had had her as well as several others so even though he was physically attractive, she didn't see him as such, on the contrary; he was probably the ugliest guy she had ever laid eyes on.

Billy came in looking as confident as ever winking at Comfort while she turned her head away.

"They're waiting for us, they told me to come in and get you fine lookin ladies."

As soon as they walked into the room, Comfort's eyes fell on the chairman; he was more handsome in person she had decided albeit he did look like he was under the weather as opposed to his picture on the PADD.

He didn't even look up at them however and busied himself with the computer in front of him.
The Dean of the college was present of course and he introduced them, Letant was very friendly and charming, while Kutunah strangely enough only seemed to go be looking at Rosemary and Koval didn't even look up for three seconds together.

"We need to get this underway as soon as possible." He barked. "Time is of the essence."

The Dean nervously bowed, "Yes Chairman, we'll get started right away." He then waved anxiously at the students and they made their way to their stations where their projects were already set up.

Comfort had several vials stacked up as well as a mini video presentation of how she used the helicobactori bacteria obtained from the swamp on a series of other bacteria that caused infectious diseases and in each one the helicobactori bacteria killed all three infectious diseases.

While she was presenting her theory of how this bacteria could be used for medical purposes, Letant and Kutunah's eyes practically bulged from their eyes and when she was finally finished, they stood from their chairs and applauded her efforts. Chairman Koval however did no such thing and kept his head down the entire time she gave the presentation and while it gave the impression of being uninterested, he was in fact listening to every word she had said.

The others gave their presentations, Billy in particular made a mock hollywood film complete with graphics and designs that to the untrained eye would've seemed like a masterpiece but the Romulans were not impressed. It was all show and no information, they didn't come here to Earth to see human art, they came to find a cure to a disease that was growing increasingly out of control. Only Letant clapped at the end of his presentation out of courtesy, being married to a human, it was a trait that he picked up.

At this point Comfort's opinion of the chairman was beginning to lessen and even more so when at the end of their presentations, both Letant and Kutunah showed avid interest over her theory and he made a point to not even look at her. She frowned as she watched his pompous face look at the assignments and activities that were posted on the college calendar, he raised his eyebrow in disgust and mumbled something about "inferior humans"

"Hey!" Rosemary said as she snapped Comfort out of her thoughts. "You did amazing!" She said.

Comfort turned back around and smiled at her. "Thanks! I was so nervous!"

"Didn't look it, you did excellent, I think they're going to ask you to go to Romulus."

Comfort's eyes grew wide. "Do you really think so?"

"Very possible, they're talking about you." and as to prove her point, she pointed towards Letant, and Kutunah who were speaking with the Dean and they could over hear Letant say: "We can bring her and then have her give the same presentation to our medical board."

"Oh my gosh! But I'm nothing! I'm just a freshman attending a state college no less, its not even a University for goodness sake!"

"Why do you discredit yourself? You're really smart and you worked your butt off to get the results they need to save their people."

"You should not lie to her." Came a deep and sinister voice from behind them. It was the chairman who was looking at Rosemary, completely bypassing Comfort.

"Her presentation was mediocre at best, and we were not demonstrated any solid proof that this helicobatori will have the same effect on Romulan disease; this whole trip was a complete waste of time." He sneered.

Comfort's hopes were completely bashed to pieces by his statement. She felt numb from the head down, her eyes began to water but the fieriness in her took over immediately and her crushed feelings were suddenly blinded by anger.

"It's too bad the chairman should feel that way," She said as she directed herself to Rosemary, completely ignoring him.

"I wonder why he even took the trouble to come here if he was just going to insult our kind. Surely if his people are so great they would've found a cure by now, wonder what he's even doin here."

The chairmans eyes grew wide and for the first time since he had arrived at the lab, he took a good look at Comfort, and blinked rapidly as he was suddenly taken aback by how physically attractive she was, but she was still human and she had just spoken ill of him, and nobody ever did that and got away with it.

"If you want to direct yourself to me, you will do so by looking me directly in the eye!" He barked angrily, causing the Dean and the other Romulans to pause their conversation and look at them.

"Just like you did a few seconds ago?" She said as she folded her arms in front of her, she wasn't afraid of him, and she suddenly didn't care if she did get in trouble, who did he think he was talking to?

"You will talk to me with respect human!" He demanded.

"Like my pa always said; you gotta give to receive. Ever since you first walked in here you been actin like you're too good to be here with us, nobody is askin you to stick around. Seems to me like if you don't like what you heard, you might as well leave." She said, and her teal eyes wide with anger but yet she managed to stay cool and calm.

"Miss Comfort!" The Dean finally spoke in shock. "That's the Romulan Chairman you're addressing!"

"I don't care if he's president of the galaxy! He's rude and condescending; I didn't work for five straight months on the helicobactori bacteria and stay up nights sometimes only getting four hours of sleep to be insulted as thanks for my efforts. I'm sure there will be others interested in my findings so I'll just be on my way." and with that she grabbed her project, Kutunah making a sorrowful face as he saw a possible cure yanked out of his reach thanks to the disagreeable Chairman Koval.

Comfort turned around and exited the lab leaving everyone including Chairman Koval in shock.

"You can really be relied upon to mess things up Koval." Letant sneered.

"Of course you would come to the humans aide." He sneered right back.

"Her species has nothing to do with the fact that her studies hold merit. We could have a major breakthrough and thanks to your arrogance and conceit we can kiss it goodbye." Kutunah yelled.

"You watch your tongue Kutunah! We all know that like the good Senator here, you too are messing around with a human! Such a disgrace when there are strong and beautiful single Romulan women. We need to strengthen our empire! Not weaken it by interbreeding with humans!"

"Says the man who's never been able to hold a week long relationship with a Romulan woman." Letant replied with a smirk and a knowing sparkle in his eye. "Kevraa, Zurta, Leeta, Frikaa, all left you within days, shall I continue?"

"They were all trying to use me! Let's not forget that I am an important man, and my job comes first!"

"This is all beside the point." Kutunah interrupted. "We need to contact that girl from LSU. You heard what she said; she's willing to take her findings elsewhere and we can't let that happen."

"You heard that Koval, I think that means you need go apologize to the girl." Letant said with a knowing smirk.

"I will never apologize to a human." He replied with a lift of a brow and chin.

"Fine." Letant replied smoothly. "Rot in your own flesh, we all know that you suffer from the Tuvan disease, if anyone should be kissing that girl's feet, it is you, and of course I will be making a full report of what transpired; I will not be held a fault when the ask why we were not successful in bringing back the findings."

The following day, Chairman Koval was waiting outside of Comfort's advanced chemistry class. He almost laughed at the scowl that formed on her face when she saw him standing there, and while he was use to women scowling at him, she in particular brought a sensation he was unaccustomed to. He thought it a weakness in his character that this slip of a country earth girl should bring out such emotions in him.

"I require your assistance." He began to say as she walked by, but she completely ignored him and opened the door before slipping into the classroom.

He followed right after her of course, nobody ignored him. She walked into her station, she was early so nobody else was there yet.

"I believe I was talking to you." He said as she was bringing out her things out of her backpack, it was torn and obviously wouldn't last for much longer. He took a second to view her attire and saw that it was a lot different from last night. Her jeans were very worn out and slightly ripped at the ends, her shoes were going in the same direction and it dawned on him given the full research he had done on where she lived and where she had grown up that she was very poor. Her high intellect by human standards were what allowed her to go to college at all.

She was still ignoring him. "Why do you not answer me you infuriating human?" He barked.

She still didn't answer and was putting on her lab coat, she dug into her torn up bag and brought out a container of sorts with lots of little holes on it. She looked up at him and locked eyes for several, his own stare keenly drawn on her peculiar eyes and pale skin, she was very attractive, he had finally admitted.

"Close your eyes and hold out your hands." She finally said in a soft voice that made him twitch slightly.

"What?!" He scoffed.

"Just do it." and he did, maybe she was giving him the vials of helicobactori that way he could just leave with it and not have to bother talking to her anymore, although a part of him didn't like that idea, but he still miraculously did what he was told without putting up a fight.

He didn't expect to feel something cold and squishy in his hands, and when he opened his eyes, he fell backwards as a large earth amphibian was "ribbiting" loudly in his hands, even going as far as leaving a few droplets of urine in his hands.

The frog dropped on the floor, hopping back to Comfort where she put him back in the box and quickly pushed it out the classroom window and thus disposing the evidence of what she had done.

Koval had fallen backwards bringing down a torrent of glass vials and beakers down with him. Immediately the chemistry professor along with several students came inside hearing the commtion, the professor in particular red-faced and exceedingly angry.

"What is the meaning of this?!" He barked out in anger.

Comfort innocently shrugged at her professor, her eyes teary and looking like she had been frightened out of her mind

"I dont know, he followed me in here demanding I give him my project and then when I wouldn't, he started breaking stuff and threatening me." She sobbed.

"I did no such thing!" He replied in shock of Comfort's devious ploy; it was almost Romulan worthy! The dastardly human girl was more cunning than he could have ever imagined!

"She threw a disgusting earth toad on me!" He exclaimed. "look, it even peed on me!" but when he showed his hands, they were dry as the frog had only left a few drops.

Comfort looked at her Professor as if Koval were out of his mind and the professor in turn pressed a button on his desk and called security.
Not five minutes later, three guards were escorting a very angry Koval out of the premises while he yelled that he would have them all arrested.

Comfort watched from her window as security practically dragged Koval out; a smile of satisfaction on her lips.

"Nobody messes with this country gal."