A short chappy.

This chapter was inspired by the book: "A year in provence" written by Peter Mayle, it is in a word: "Excellent" and you should make every effort to read it. Thanks to ByaSouthernLady for having recommended it to me; love ya girl! :-)

Also, there will be a guest character in this story *looks at Jamille Shane and smirks*


Comfort and Koval did not leave for Romulus right away. He had stated to Comfort that there was actually a place on Earth that he had been curious about visiting with her and asked if they could stay a few days.

"Well… When does school start on Romulus? I was supposed to start up classes again five days from now here on Earth." She said with some concern.

He admired her sense of responsibility, and he was always amazed at her maturity level despite being young, she was admirable in many respects and it solidified all the more his desire to make her his wife.

"Take Comfort my Comfort; I assure you that will be taken care of." He replied with a grin, she laughed out loud in turn.

"Why Koval! I do declare that you're buildin' a sense of humor!" She exclaimed with bright eyes. It was good to see her in this way given the episode they had just had with her parents. Koval could effectively say that he never thought that he'd ever have an Earth shot gun pointed at him in the middle of the Louisiana Bayou while being blamed for haven taken a young human girl's 'goods'. If only the father had known that despite his past, he would not dishonor the girl in that way, he would wait until she was ready despite the delicious little temptation she was.

They took a private shuttle that flew over vast oceans. Comfort was excitedly looking out the window. "Where are we goin' Koval?

"I will give you a hint." He was with a closed-lip smile. "You made notes of the book with the title of the city in your chemistry journal."

Comfort seemed to think about it for a moment before her eyes went wide. "Are we.. no… way…. "

He nodded. "We are going to a little place called Provence, France; I do hope that is not an inconvenience."

"I … I can't believe it! Koval, really? Please don't joke with me about this; it's always been a dream of mine to go to Provence. I've read 'A year in Provence' dozens of times, always dreaming of maybe being fortunate enough to go there for myself one day."

"It would seem that your wish has come true then." He replied.

She opened her mouth to reply but closed it immediately. Her eyes became watery and she breathed in loudly as if trying to control her emotions. Koval wrapped his arms around her and kissed her soundly, she didn't need to voice how she felt, he already knew.

They arrived at a European style cottage with a vast acreage of land. There were rows of lavender, other herbs, and what seemed to be grape vines planted in the back yard. There was smoke coming out of the chimney and what smelled like roasted meat and freshly baked bread. Comfort felt her stomach rumbling, and patted it lightly. They went inside the cottage with two Romulan guards while the remainder stayed outside.
Immediately they were greeted by a warm and friendly woman wearing a bright red apron.

"You must be Chairman Koval!" She said as she stuck her hand out to him. He looked at the hand and then at Comfort, watching her nod before he himself brought out his own hand for the lady to shake vigorously.

"Such a pleasure!" She exclaimed as she now came over to Comfort and gave her two kisses, one on each cheek as was the Providence way. "Oh! magnifique cheveux!" She exclaimed as she caressed Comfort's red hair. "ees it natural?"

"Uh.. yes, it is." She replied awkwardly as her hair was being flipped around.

"But where are my manners! My name is J'Mille, I welcome you most warmly to our humble abode."

Our? Comfort thought to herself, and immediately wondered who else lived there but had her mental question answered when a rather plump blonde man dressed in Romulan clothing emerged with a boisterous laugh and wide arms as if he were about to embrace the Chairman.

"Koval you sly old dog! You really went and did it didn't you! And I can't say that I blame you, she is a beaut!" DeSeve said as he eyed Comfort up and down. He then gave the Chairman a playful shove and whispered in his ear: "Bet she will keep you busy on those long, and cold Romulan nights!"

Koval's cheeks became slightly green as he fidgeted slightly, it took him a moment to compose himself and continue. "Comfort, this is Stefan DeSeve. He lived on Romulus for many years and then suddenly decided to come back to Earth."

"And now I live here in Provence with my beautiful wife J'Mille in the most wondrous place on Earth!" DeSeve exclaimed happily.

"We shall show you to your rooms shortly but first, we must eat!" J'Mille exclaimed as she led them to the dining room.

"Now we're talking!" DeSeve said as he clapped his hands together and licked his lips.

Immediately they were seated and the dishes began to be brought out. Roast lamb with rosemary, and garlic surrounded by roasted potatoes, beef burgundy that smelled so incredibly good that it made Comfort's stomach growl again. There was also some kind of small game birds surrounded by red cabbage, there were also sides of roast carrots, shallots, and zucchini, a large tray of freshly baked yeast rolls, not to be outdone by the numerous bottles of wine, and non-alcoholic cider which DeSeve ensured would be the absolute best that would ever go past their lips as the grapes were grown from their own back yard.

The beef burgundy had been so incredibly moist and delicious that Comfort had helped herself to three servings. The little birds turned out to be pheasant which were exquisitely shot by DeSeve earlier that morning, or so he said.

"We would have treated you to frog legs, but unfortunately now is not the season for it." DeSeve said.

"That's ok, we eat frog legs in Louisiana too, but I'm not particularly fond of them." Comfort replied.

"Frog? Is that the amphibian you threw on me that time in the chemistry class?" Koval asked.

"Yup, that's a frog."

Koval made a horrified face. "You mean.. Humans actually consume those things for nourishment?!"

"I wouldn't knock it Koval, they are delicious creatures. You take their little legs, add some seasoning, bread them, and deep fry them.. OHHHH Delicious when dipped in garlic cream sauce!"

Koval did not seem convinced, and Comfort couldn't help but laugh at his reaction.
After dinner, J'Mille brought out two large pear tarts. "I marinated the pears in wine overnight so that's why it's taken that burgundy color you see." It had been one of the best desserts Comfort had ever had in her life. She sat back sleepily as she took in the surroundings of the roaring fireplace and the comfortable earth tones and Renaissance paintings. Koval looked at her direction and patted her gently on the shoulder. "Do you need Mrs. DeSeve to show you to your room?"

"Yes, yes!" J'Mille exclaimed as she rose out of her chair. "I will show her to her room, of course! You all must be so tired after that long journey from Romulus!"

Comfort kissed Koval goodnight and went upstairs with J'Mille while Koval and DeSeve remained downstairs talking.

"So… you're really going to go through with it? It isn't a prank or some kind of political scheme like the press has made it seem." DeSeve asked.

"This is legitimate Stefan, I plan to make the girl my wife." Koval confirmed.

"I must say that the news came as quite a shock to me Koval. We all know how you felt towards humans. I think the only reason why you tolerated me was because I shared in your ideals, and then I met my lovely J'Mille and life just seemed to guide me into another direction."

"A similar incident occurred with me Stefan. I came to Earth with absolutely the lowest expectations, but I was desperate, for you well know that up until recently; Tuvan syndrome was incurable, and I had been cursed with it."

DeSeve shook his head. "No one would ever think by looking at that girl that she would be capable of being the one to have discovered the cure."

"But she has, and she is an incredible being, unlike anyone I have ever met."

Stefan laughed heartily and filled Koval's wine cup to the very top. "So whatever happened to that Kimara Cretak? I mean, obviously you're not together anymore."

Koval's face suddenly became serious, and Stefan raised his hands up. "Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to upset you."

"I am not upset, I was simply remembering, for things as you know ended badly between us."

"She was crazy about you Koval; thought Romulus revolved around you." Stefan said with a raised brow as he drank more wine.

"I know, but I could never return her sentiment. We disagreed on so many points, and she was a harsh, and sometimes very cruel woman, especially to me but I now realize that she did it as a way to make me pay for not being able to demonstrate back what she felt for me."

"As most Romulan women are." Stefan smirked. "I can see why things are different with the girl, she tempers you Koval, and you are not the same harsh man when she is around, she allows you to love and appreciate things for what they are, and I can see how you're probably at a point in your life where you need that. Human women also have the ability to be honorable and trust-worthy beings, and the one you've chosen in particular is exceedingly attractive; you will have very handsome children."

The thought of children made Koval smile.

Stefan lifted his glass towards Koval. "Just don't forget to invite me and the Mrs. To the wedding."