Koval walked into his office the following morning when he realized something was strange. He couldn't really pin-point what it was but something was definitely not right.
He pulled out his disruptor when the chair he usually sat on swerved around to reveal a smirking Cretak with her leg draped over the arm of his chair.
She eyed him up and down with intense satisfaction as she chuckled, she had never seen him look so completely defeated and it brought her tremendous pleasure.

"Good Morning Koval; I see you finally made it to work this morning."

"Kimara; I would like to know how you managed to get past my security." He stated rather calmly, almost too calmly, as a matter of fact; Cretak had found it extremely strange that he had not set his goons out to get her the minute he discovered that she had been the cause of his dissolved relationship with Comfort, as the days passed, she realized she was going to have to seek him out to get her answers.

"Surely you remember that I have my ways when it comes to guards." She ended with a playful smirk. "So, now you're going to run to Praetor Neral and tell him all the awful things I have done to you to have me removed from the Senate." She said as she eyed him with intensity, if she were lucky, they would be back together and kissing passionately over his desk by the time the conversation was over. Koval needed to learn once and for all that he couldn't escape his destiny, she was his destiny.

He didn't say anything, he came around, put his things down and grabbed another chair that was across from where she was and moved it so that he was sitting beside her. He folded his hands on his lap and looked at her face with much seriousness. "Kimara; I owe you an apology."

Her jaw dropped. She couldn't have possibly heard right, was he for real? Her eyes narrowed as she looked at him, but Koval was not a man who joked, and she knew right away that he meant what he was saying.

"In the past I made you believe things that were not true. I made you believe that you and I could come to form a relationship, and led you on to such a degree that you developed strong feelings for me, feelings that I simply never could reciprocate." He looked at her shocked expression and continued.
"I tire of these games Kimara, it might have been fun and thrilling at one time, but it's not anymore, and I really believe that you need to move on and find a good man that will value you for the strong, and admirable woman that you are."

She was still staring at him in complete shock when she finally replied: "She's made you soft Koval, you really do love her don't you?"

"Yes, I love her Kimara, I can't even tell you how it happened but it did, and she is the only one I will ever want."

In that moment, she got up and picked up his heavy chair with her superior Romulan strength and threw it against the wall so hard that it was a wonder she didn't knock a hole through it.

"You belong to me Koval!" She said as she walked towards him and cradled his face in her hands, but he didn't look at her, he kept his vision towards the floor.
"We belong together Koval, nobody understands you like I do, you could learn to love me like you love her, you just need to give it time, give us time!"

He looked up at her finally, stared into her eyes, eyes that weren't teal, hair that wasn't brilliantly red and almost sobbed. Kimara noticed this and her eyes grew wide.

"For years Koval, you had expressed your disdain towards humans, talked of them as if they were the lowest of life forms and now look at you, in complete disarray over one."

"I love her…" He whispered, then looked up at her again. "She is the only woman I will ever love."

Kimara stood there for several moments before she finally turned around and left.

Koval stayed seated for a few minutes, his mind running with various thoughts, his heart and mind in complete agony over everything that had been transpiring. The girl up till now had showed absolutely no interesting in getting in contact with him, and he began to fear that she really would never speak to him again. Unable to withstand it further, he got up out of his chair and left his office.

Three days later Comfort was checking her messages that morning, she had set her computer to block anything that came from Koval but he must have sent it from another computer because that morning she got a message from him with the title: "My Last Message"

Immediately she felt her heartache and that nauseous feeling in the pit of her stomach as she opened the message with trembling fingers.

"Dearest Comfort,

I write you this note to inform you before you hear it via the press that I have tendered my resignation as Chairman of the Tal-shiar.
Initially I had planned to strategize a way to make you see, make you understand how much you mean to me, but it is only recently that I have come to realize that maybe the only way I can do this is by setting you free of me once and for all. I do however want to make you aware of the fact that I did and will always love you, and I thank you for having allowed me the pleasure of knowing what love is, even though it was extremely brief.

We got off at such a regretful start, and it seems that I only served to bring you pain and grief and for that I apologize. You are an excellent female, and you will go above and beyond. You shine so brightly Comfort, that even the most narrow-minded Romulan in existence was able to see it, and feel drawn to it.

I will be leaving Romulus tomorrow and I don't know when I will return but before I leave, not only did I wish to apologize, but also to tell you that I will never forget you. I hope that someday you can find it within you to forgive me, and come to believe that the time that we spent together were the most cherished for me.

I will always carry you in my thoughts and in my heart,.

~Koval "

After Comfort read his letter for what must have been the fifth time, she broke down sobbing.

Yes, she was still angry, yes she was still hurting with regards to what had happened with Cretak, but she wasn't ready for this, she wasn't expecting for him to leave planet and maybe never return.
She didn't know what to do or what to think. A part of him thought him a coward for running away from the problem, but then there was the fact that she was totally and completely ignoring everything he attempted to do. Here he was, even resigning from his job, something he had worked so hard to accomplish. He had told her once of how he had struggled, he didn't go into details but she understood that it had taken years to achieve everything that he had.

She was still trembling when she closed out of the message, and another one popped up on her screen with the headline: "Senator Kimara Cretak seen with human doctor, Julian Bashir."
In the picture, she had her hands all over him while he was grinning at her. Comfort cocked her head to the side and thought about the conversation they had had, she had made it sound like she was in incredible agony over what Koval had done to her and yet, here she was, her hands all over this other man.

It was then that doubt started to settle into Comfort's mind all over again, she couldn't focus on anything else even though she tried to do her homework. She looked up at the time in her room, it was late, and by tomorrow Koval would be gone, maybe forever and she realized that she couldn't live with herself if that happened because after all was said and done, she wasn't done with him, she was still in love with him, and if they didn't at least talk this last time, she would never forgive herself.

Having made up her mind, she quickly got up and out of her room and went to the living area where she found Bea sitting on Letant's lap as he read a chapter from the Jane Austen classic, "Sense & Sensibility"

"I uh.. I'm sorry to interrupt but I need someone to drive me somewhere."

Bea looked up and immediately from the pitch of her voice and the look in her eyes, she knew where she needed to go and she quickly jumped off Letant's lap. "I'll drive!"
Letant sighed in turn. "Fine, I might as well come along too."