When they arrived at Koval's estate, it was unusually dark and eerily quiet. They all exited the hover car and looked around before Letant whispered; "It almost looks as if nobody is even here."
He pulled out his comm but had no success in contacting him. They knocked on the door, rang the doorbell, and still had no success.

"You don't think he's already gone do you? He said he wasn't leaving until tomorrow." Comfort said shakily. She was beyond anxious and unnerved at the fact that the estate looked so deserted, and she couldn't even think of where to begin to look for him, it was possible that he might be settling his final affairs at his office, and then the thought crossed her mind that he might have already found someone else to replace her, but she quickly shook that thought out of her mind before she ran too far with it.

Bea was looking through the window, and Comfort didn't like the look on her face. "It's empty inside, all the furniture is gone."

"Wouldn't it be humorous if it turned out that while we drove out over here, he was on his way to our estate?" Letant chuckled.

Comfort's eyes grew wide with even more anxiety as Bea gave Letant a playful shove. "Honey, she's worried sick, don't say stuff like that." Letant let out a hearty laugh, he knew it probably wasn't the most appropriate time to do so, but he could vividly picture a love-sick Koval running hastily up the steps to his estate and ringing the doorbell like a mad-man only to be told that they had already left to go to his house.
He wiped his eye and was turned to where Comfort had been standing only to find that she wasn't there anymore.

"Comfort?" Bea turned around as well. "Where did she go? She was right there."

They both looked towards the gate and saw her climbing over it. They both let out a loud gasp.

"You crazy girl! You better thank your human luck you weren't electrocuted just now!" Letant yelled.

"I just need to check one last place!" She yelled back before she jumped on to the other side. She landed hard on the grass and stained her face, but she didn't care, all she cared about was finding Koval. She had a gut feeling that she knew where he would be; the gazebo, the place where they shared their very first kiss.

She was running at this point. The plants and shrubs a blur as she ran past them until the gazebo finally came into view. At first her heart sank when she didn't see anyone there even though it was hard to see because it was so dark, but as she got closer, she could make out a form sitting on the bench there; it was him.

He was hunched forward and looking towards the floor, in that moment Comfort was overcome with such an array of emotion that it took all her self control to keep from yelling his name at the top of her voice.

Koval was in fact thinking about their first kiss. Nothing had ever been so perfect, nothing had ever taken his breath away in such a manner, and nothing ever would. He never believed in the notion humans had of having a 'soul mate' in his mind it was just another one of those insignificant human expressions that were devoid of meaning, but now… It was very different.
A part of him realized that what he was doing was lunacy, and in fact; many people told him this on various occasions, but he just couldn't stay residing on a planet where every single thing reminded him of her; it was just far too painful for him to bear. He understood why it was that sometimes humans had been known to die for what they called 'a broken heart'. If he who as a Romulan was physically and mentally stronger than a human could hardly withstand the pain, he did not know how a human was able to cope with it.

He heard footsteps approaching and immediately looked up; it was Comfort, standing there in her jeans and plaid shirt, she loved plaid shirts, she had several in a wide variety of colors.
His dreams were very vivid for it almost seemed as if she was really there looking at him with tears in her eyes.

"Koval" She whispered.

He closed his eyes and shook his head, it would not do to dream of her in such a manner.
When he opened his eyes again she was so close to him that he gasped and would have fell had he not already been sitting.

"Comfort…Are you really here?" He asked as he immediately cradled her face in his large hands. He felt her tears as they pooled around his fingers, he wiped at a stain on her cheek and realized it wasn't a dream.

"Yes Koval; I'm here." She replied.

"You came back…" And when realization finally dawned on him, he picked her up off the ground as if she weighed no more than a dry leaf and spun her around before he crushed her lips with his own with such intensity and passion that he felt as if his chest were about to explode. Comfort reciprocated just as ardently and his impulse to claim her completely took over as his fingers hastily began to unbutton her shirt, but she grabbed him by the wrist and looked into his deep and dark eyes before saying: "Be careful my Koval, I do not wish to escalate things further than what you are ready for."

He couldn't help but laugh for she had used the same line he had said to her when they had first starting becoming familiar with one another.

"I want you Comfort" He said in between kisses. "All of you; I will never let you go, not tonight, not ever." He took her curls in his hands and inhaled her scent before kissing her again.

"So, you're not leavin' planet tomorrow now?" She whispered after they had been kissing for a while.

"Of course not, and I will not ask to be placed back as head of the Tal-Shiar although I have a feeling they already had a replacement the moment I gave the formal resignation.

She eyed him with concern. "Koval, what will you do now? "

He caressed her lips with his fingers before kissing her again. "I have obtained much financial wealth over the years Comfort, made wise investments and in reality; I probably do not need to work and we could live extremely well, but since you are an up and rising scientist, I have several ideas that we can discuss." He kissed her again, and looked into her teal eyes before he leaned his forehead against hers.

"I beg your forgiveness Comfort, for everything that you had to go through and for making you doubt me. I understand why you felt that you could not trust me. Had it been me in your position I would have done the very same thing, if not worse."

"I want no secrets between us Koval, I want you to trust me with anythin' and everythin', even if I don't agree with it, I reckon we can work it out somehow."

"Oh how I missed your voice and that lovely Louisiana accent of yours." He said as he cradled her face. He couldn't get enough of her plump pink lips and pointy nose that he would sometimes peck with his lips because it made her giggle; she was just so kissable that she made him completely undone. It was a good thing they were alone, any Romulan would be shocked beyond measure if they saw how he was acting now, he could be described as giddy; the complete opposite of how he ever allowed himself to be viewed in public.

"Koval, why don't you stay over at Letant's place tonight, that way I can fix us up a nice spread in the mornin', you look like you lost some weight there." She said as she pressed against his sides and felt his bones.

He laughed and held her tightly to him. "I would love nothing better." He replied and took her by the hand as they walked to the front of the house where they found Bea and Letant sitting on the steps of the house looking over pictures of their last vacation.

"For some reason, Bianca says she wants us to go to Nua Breizh for our next family vacation, I'm not sure why she specifically wants to go there." Bea said. Letant shrugged; I am not familiar with the place, maybe some friend of hers told her about it and now she wants to go, you know how children are."

The sound of footsteps alerted Letant specifically and they swerved around to see Comfort and Koval walking hand in hand. The sight of their swollen lips, and glazed eyes was enough for them to know that they had officially made up.

"Y'all don't mind if he stays at your place tonight do ya?" She asked with a wide smile on her face.
Letant chuckled. "So long as I don't have to go into work tomorrow so I can spend the day with my Bea; you're still the boss until the resignation goes through tomorrow Koval."

Koval laughed in turn. "Only Letant would scheme up such a plan, fine, we have an agreement then."

"And I would like to be added as part of the Louisiana committee before you resign Chairman." Said a new voice. They all turned and found that Vreenak had been hiding behind a tree the entire time and only now just jumped out.
They all looked at him with wide eyes. "What? Everyone gets a happy ending except for me! My human female Jan is on Earth and I'm still here! In all candor, how would you feel if you were in my position?" He said as he angrily crossed his arms.

Letant waved Vreenak over. "Why don't you join us too, Comfort can whip up some of those greens you're so fond of."

Vreenak's eyes lit up. "Collard greens? Really?" He asked and looked over at Comfort to confirm she was in agreement.

She shrugged. "Sure, I'll whip us up a nighttime treat."

They ate, drank, and talked until the wee hours, and eventually Comfort and Koval fell asleep in each other's arms on the large chaise lounge that was in the living room.

"Just leave them there." Letant whispered to Bea as they got up and finally retired for the night.

It wasn't the morning light that woke both Koval and Comfort, but the sound of giggling and whispering. They both opened their eyes to find the kids gathered around them, their cheeks a greenish hue as they covered their mouths with their hands.

"Whatcha guys doin' sleepin' in our living room?" Bretant asked.

"We must've fell asleep here." Comfort said as she sat up. Their response was to giggle some more.

"Are you guys married now?" Lentak asked, and that made Comfort blush, but Koval triumphantly answered: "We will be very soon."

"But she doesn't have a ring." Bianca said in a confused manner. "You're supposed to give her a promise ring, that's what daddy did for mommy."

"Really?" Koval said with sincere amusement for there was obviously yet another human custom he was going to have to research.
Bianca nodded. "Uh huh, it's a symbol of your loooove, and she has to get you one too!" She said as she pointed at Comfort, the boys were giggling and extremely amused with regards to seeing that they apparently knew more about such matters than grown adults.

"Kids! We're going to be late if you don't hurry! Daddy is coming with us today." Bea called from the other room.

They waved goodbye and left in a hurry.

Comfort giggled when they left, realizing how odd it must have been to find their father's boss and her sleeping in the living room together. Koval on the other hand was deep in thought for it seemed that he was going to have to pay a visit to the jeweler's again very soon.

Ahhhh, kids say the darnest things :-)