Warnings: Strong Language

Chapter One

"Cas, time for bed."

"I will not be allowed sleep, and you are aware of that currently." Cas said.

"Well, at least try." Rachel said. Cas said and did nothing, just kept staring at the stars.

Castiel was a black haired blue eyed man. He was currently sixteen. At least his 'vessel' as he called it was. Castiel sighed. He was supposed to be watching over the earth, not be on the earth. Why he sat here in this room on the windowsill was what he did not know.

He sighed and watched as the night started turning into the day.

Cas roamed the halls, receiving looks. He was new, and everyone who was anyone in there knew. Cas sighed. They also knew what he said his case was. It was then he heard the voice.

"DEAN Winchester! Not SEAN Winchester!"

Cas was surprised. That voice did not fit the mans appearance, just like his did not fit with his.

The boy was about an inch shorter than Cas, about seventeen, and he had dirty blonde hair, an AC/DC shirt covered with a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and boots.

"Right, well the mop and bucket are in the closet, you will find water in the bathroom, and you will receive your uniform for the next month at the end of the day, seeing as today will be very busy." Nurse Crawford said. The young boy-Dean-nodded, and turned, and was freaked out to see Cas standing in his personal space.

"Can I help you?" Dean asked, breathing hard.

"You can see me?" Cas asked.

"Yeah... Why...?"

"Most of the time people do not see me."

"Well, I can see you clear as day."

"My name is Castiel."


"I heard. I am very sorry. Nurse Crawford is half-deaf."



"So.. uh... Cas. What are you doing here? And can you show me the way to the bathroom and the closet she was talkin' bout?" Dean asked awkwardly. Cas nodded, and started leading the way. Halfway through their walk, where Cas explained what happened, another Nurse, Nurse Jones, stooped the duo.

"Cas, it's time for group therapy." the nurse said. Cas nodded, giving Dean final directions, and then left with Nurse Jones to his therapy session. Dean smiled.

The rest of the week came and went, and Cas and Dean became best friends within a couple days. They were both enjoying the other's company.

Cas was currently sitting on his bed during lunch time,waiting for his friend, pondering his thoughts about the one known as Dean Winchester. He smiled as he realized he had a crush on the teenager.


Cas gripped his head card. Not this again.


That damn voice was annoying to Cas. He put his hand on either side of his head, covering her ears.


He opened his eyes, unaware that they were closed. He then saw everything go blurry as he rolled off his bed. The walls were closing, and quickly.


Cas panted, attempting to get up, only to fall again.


Cas layed apon the floor, back down, front up. He closed his eyes, for he was exhasted, but opened them again as the voice and his head got worse.

Castiel... You are fuckin useless...

"No..." he muttered to the voice.

Yes you are... Don't listen to that dumbass of a boy...

"Don't talk... about Dean... like that..."

Or what...? You'll stop me...? You cant win...

"Win... What...?"

This.. this.. awesome event... the apocolypse my dear friend...

"Shut.. up... bitch.."

And your friend and his brother are in the middle of it...


Yep... So say...


Any who, this was inspired by Grace. I hope you don't mind me using the idea! I just really liked it. I know I skipped alot, but I really wanted to get to this part.

Any who, I have wordpad, and it doesn't tell how many words so if there are short chapters, I am VERY sorry about that.

Any who, I hope you guys enjoyed!


P.S Next chappie will be longer!