Warnings: Strong Language and Harshness from Cas's Mind Voice Person

Chapter Two

Dean had decided to get lunch for him and his new best friend, Cas, at McDonalds. When he arrived back, he said hi to Anna, who was another patient there, along with a few nurses who knew him because he hung out with Cas daily, and Rachel, his caretaker.

When he arrived back to Cas's room, he heard screams. He went into panic mode, and rushed in there, seeing him clutching his head, mumbling things along with his screams.

"CAS!" He yelled, running over to what he realized now was his crush.

"Dean...?" Cas asked.

"Yea. It's me." Dean said. Then realized all the cuts and bruises he had, including one that could kill him. He gasped, and took off his jacket.


"Don't move." Dean said, and started patching up the younger boy, good enough to where he wouldn't lose that much blood.

"I'm getting you some help."Dean explained, picking Cas up bridal-style. The duo blushed at the contact, but Dean stayed focused. He carried Cas out to the nurse's station.

The nurses gasped at the sight, "What happened?"

"I went in there and he was on the ground clutching his head and bleeding severely." Dean explained as Cas finally went unconcious. He glared at the nurses. "Where's your hospital wing?"

"Third floor. I'll call ahead." One said.

"Good. Thanks." Dean said, and rushed to the elevator.

When he reached the wing with Cas, Dean realized everything was in slow motion to him.

As they rushed Cas into the room, the doctor came out.

"So," he said "your friend here has a very rare blood type: Type Z. So unless you know someone with that blood type, we cannot do anything."

"I have that blood type." Dean said. "Take as much blood as you need."

"The amount we need to take is enough to get him to the point where his cells can take over, but that'll wipe yo to the same condition as him."

"As long as I get to be in the same room as him, I'm good with it. Just let me call my bro to let him know what's going on."

"Very well." The doctor said, and walked away as Dean took out his phone to call his brother, Sam.

"Hello?" Sam's voice asked after a few rings.

"Hey Sam. Im in the hospital. My friend, Cas, had a little episode."

"Okay, and?"

"He needs blood, and it's my blood type. I'll be here for a few days because with the amount their taking, it's gonna make me have to have bedrest here."

"Okay. I'll call if dad gets back before you're back."

"'Kay. Love ya. Call ya later."

"Okay. Love ya too."

And Dean hung up on the way back to the doctor.

"Okay, Doc. I'm ready."

Cas woke up, very weak. He realized that he was in a hospital room. He had a blood pouch on a stand next to him, as well as and IV pouch. He looked around in confusion until it all came back.

You're weak Castiel. You're vulnerable. You always have been.

Cas ignored the voice, and looked at the occupied bed next to him. He gasped.


"Dean?" Cas asked, sitting up painfully.

"Hey Cas." Dean murmured.

"What happened?"

"I was the only one here with your blood type, so they had to take alot of blood."

He's in here because of you, Castiel. I told you, you are useless.

"Shut up!" Cas exclaimed, shutting his eyes, and clutching his head.

"Cas?" Dean asked, and Cas heard worry in his voice. He couldn't answer because of the voice.

You're a slut.

You're a whore.

You're a hoe.

You're a pimp.

You're a piece of fucking shit.

"SHUT UP!" He yelled, and lights started flickering, threatening to explode.

You can't control your powers.

You're a dumbass.



Lights exploded. Windows broke. The wind was strong. It was suddenly raining. It was thundering.

You are a fucking dumbass bitch.

Dean hid under the blanket. Cas was fucking scary. When he heard everything calm down, and sounds of crying, he uncovered himself. He looked over at Cas, who was leaning against the pillows on his hospital bed, knees up to his chest, hands around his legs, and head in between.

Dean was suddenly sad. He took off the blanket, yanked out the IV, and got out. As he tried to stand, he almost fell. He grabbed surfaces on the journey over to Cas's bed, and finally reached his destination. He sat down, scooted so he sat fully on the bed, and sccoted over to Cas. He pushed Cas to one side, and sat on the other. He put his arms around Cas, and pulled him into a hug.

"Shhh..." Dean said. Cas looked up with tears in his eyes.

"Were you scared?"

"No. Trust me, Ive dealt with worse." Dean said, chuckling.

"Shut up!" Cas yelled.
"Cas, who're you talking to?"

"No one." Cas said coldly. Dean flinched at the coldness.

"Cas, I know this probably isn't the time, but I gotta tell ya something."


Dean sighed, and breathed deeply for this was going to be long, "Cas, I wanna help you. You are my best friend. No one is going to take that away. I havn't had a best friend. Ever. I just wish I didn't move around a lot. That fucking sucks. Anyways, I guess what I'm trying to say is... And I guess I do suck at telling my feelings... I want to help you escape. I want you to come with my dad, brother and I. I know we've only been friends a week, but Cas... I think I'm in love with you."

Cas sat there, stunned.

Dean looked away, ashamed. "I guess this is awkward now, isn't it?" He asked. "I bet you hate me now-"

Dean was interrupted by Cas's lips upon his own. At first Dean was surprised, but quickly snapped out of it, and started kissing Cas back. Their lips moved in sync perfectly. Like they were meant to be. They broke after about a minute, and their foreheads touched.



"I'll go with you."

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