A Sportasteph Love Story

It was a normal day in lazytown, everybody was out and about doing there own thing, kids playing and adult working and a certain blue above average hero was working out in his airship,he was just about to grab a bowl of sports candy when he heard some one scream and his crysal started to beep and glow he ran to the door of his ship and looked out the telescope he looked all over lazytown untill he came to one window of a girl that liked pink way to much,it was stephanie she was on the floor cluchin her Sportacus saw this he instantly got worried.

"Ladder"He yelled and made his way down the ladder to the meanswell rushed into the house to stephanie got there and stephanie was still on the floor cluching her head, but now that he was close enough he could see blood dripping down her kneeled down on the floor next to her and slowly picked her up, he started to move toward her bed ,slowly put her down she was crying and sobbing.

"Shh shh it alright…..stephanie what happened" Sportacus said trying to calm her finally stopped sobbing but she was still crying.

"Stephanie what happened" Sportacus asked look up at him and began to talk.

" I was climbing up on the chair and I forgot it had wheels so when I tried reachin for my jump rope that was on the top shelf of my closet it started to move and then I banged my head on the shelf and fell, I hurt really bad and uncle millford isn't here he left this morning with bessie" Stephanie said in a soft quiet voice to sportacus

"Well it doesn't look that bad and you shouldn't of did that you could of really gotten hurt and your uncle asked me yesterday to look after you while he and ms. Bussybody go on a buisness trip, im going to take you to my ship so we can take care of that cut" He then wrapped her in her blanket and picked her up and walked outside to his ship, when he got to the ladder he made sure he had a tight grip on stephanie and then yelled "ladder up" and it pulled both of them finally made it to the top and walked in he made his way to his bed with stephanie still in his arms he gently layed her down and took of her shoes.

"Sportacus im tired"stephanie said in a sleepy voice, after sportacus cleaned her cut.

"Go ahead steph "he said getting up to leave but he was stopped by a small hand and whimpering

"Don't leave me please,sleep with me please" Stephanie said sounding like she was about to was surprised by stephanies actions ,he really didn't think it was a great idea to be sleeping in the same bed as her but it also broke his heart that she look so vulnerable so he slid under the cover next to her.

Stephanie put her head on sportacus hard chest and close her eyes and listened to his heart beat. Few seconds later she was asleep.

During all that he had this feeling in his stomach ,it felt like butterflys flying didn't know what that meant but he kind of liked it,and minutes later he was asleep with his arm wraped around stephanie.

In the middle of the night you could here a quiet sob in the air ship ,that woke sportacus up, he look down at his chest and found it was stephanie cryin so he slowly started to sit up on the bed .Then he asked her.

"whats the matter stephanie"In his icelandtic voice

"I have to go to the bathroom but its to dark and I don't want to go by myself"She said in a scared voice

"Why didn't you just wake me up I would of took you, come on"He said getting up,taking her hand .She got up with him and they walk to a place across the yelled bathroom then it appered

"Thank you sportacus can you stay right here till im done pwesse."stephanie said

"Sure Stephanie,"sportacus said as she walked in. It only took a couple mins till she came back out