Beca's POV

Jesse gets his own apartment which isn't too far from yours and the two of you start up your uneasy friendship once again. It's most likely a doomed friendship because he won't give up on you and you can't give up on Chloe.

What if you can't forget her?

What if you spend your whole life just waiting for Chloe, and it never happens? What if you are destined to be alone and empty forever? Can you handle that? As always, the answer lies with the music. In your down time you sit in your studio at home with clunky earphones over your head. You close your eyes and you imagine a place much simpler than this. The moment your fingers touch the knobs and switches on your controls, you know what to do.

Chloe's POV

It's set in stone, nothing will change Chloe's mind. She's going to marry Jake and that's final. Even Aubrey's shrieks over the phone assuring her that she's making a "huge mistake" do little to deter her. Jake will be the perfect husband, doting and kind, but not patronizing or submissive. This is the happy ending she's always wanted. So when Jake asks her for a date, she replies, "As soon as possible." Nothing will change her mind.

Even Aubrey coming to see her in person (which indicates that Aubrey thinks such drastic measures are necessary) doesn't change anything. The blonde is disgustingly nice to Jake, dripping with such a fakeness it makes Chloe want to puke. It's not hard to see that Aubrey's here to drill Chloe about the marriage, but she really doesn't want to have that conversation.

However, the moment they're in private, the blonde pounces on her, "Chloe Beale, are you seriously getting married to someone you don't love?"

"Don't see you, Aubrey, I can't be with Beca!" She's not sure what's so hard to understand about it.

"Why not, damnit?"

"Because she doesn't make me a better person. I've become someone I don't even know anymore because of her. I- I lie, and cheat on my boyfriend, and deceive people that I love."

Aubrey grips her wrists hard and shakes her, "Don't you understand, you stupid girl? You're not doing those things because of Beca. Everything you've done is because you refuse to let yourself be with her. You can't blame her for your own actions."

"I know," Chloe breathes shakily. "I'm blaming Beca, because I don't want to take responsibility. I know."

"Then what's the real reason you're marrying Jake?"

There's a long silence as Chloe struggles for an answer. "Maybe I'm afraid that even after we're together, that I'll mess something up and she'll run away anyway. I don't know, I just can't. See with Jake everything's certain and safe. Do you understand?"

"It's your choice in the end, Chloe," Aubrey's tone is flinty and her expression hard. "If you won't regret it, go ahead."

"I'm marrying Jake." It's final.

Chloe is offered a job as an aid at a prestigious private school in Atlanta where she'll have the chance to work with kids who have mental and physical "disabilities" (she's not sure why the principal puts quotation marks around that word). She accepts after much debate and she officially moves in with Jake who lives about ten minutes away from the school.

School's out for winter break, and she dreads the long vacation she has ahead of her. Idleness breeds discontent. So she focuses on doing household chores such as sweeping and mopping (things that she finds herself quite adept at). As she dances to the radio, Chloe tries to find something else in her spotless kitchen to keep her busy.

Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars?
I could really use a wish right now

It's a familiar song, and she finds herself singing along softly. But it's been a long time since she last sang, and she can feel how rusty she's become. Suddenly, the song changes and morphs into another song that she recognizes.

I won't run, I won't fly
I will never make it by
Without you, without you

For some reason, she just knows. Maybe it's because it's David Guetta, or maybe it's the seamless flow of the two songs, but she's never been so sure of anything in her life. It's a mix by Beca. As a third song joins the mix, Chloe shuts the radio off immediately. Titanium. The silence in the room is overwhelming, only punctuated by her shaky breaths that sound more like deep gasps than anything else.

Why are you everywhere? Her hands grab onto the small plastic radio and she yells, loud and piercing, her vision blurring. Vaguely she hears a crash, and as her sight slowly comes back, the radio is in pieces on the ground and there's a sizable dent in the wall.

"Chloe?" There's panic in his voice as she feels strong arms coiling around her waist, pulling her to her feet. "Chloe!"

She's realizes with a shock that she's crying, her make up running. "I'm okay."

Jake's fingers run through her hair gently as he examines her expression, "Why won't you tell me what's wrong?"

It figures that he can believe she's in love with him, but she can't convince him that she's alright. "Can we move the wedding to the end of next year?"

"Of course," his arms close around her comfortingly, and she snuggles closer to his warmth. "Anything for you. Is that what you're stressing about?"

"Yes," Chloe breathes shallowly. "I just want it to be perfect."

"It will be," Jake assures her with a tender kiss to her temple, "It already is."

Everything's perfect. The more she says it, the less true it feels.

It wasn't just fate that caused Chloe to hear Beca's mix on the radio. Ends up her mash-up of Airplanes, Without You, and Titanium (unofficially referred to as Titanium Airplanes soaring Without You) rockets to the top of the charts and gains more and more radio plays. So it's not just Chloe that's hearing the song, it's everyone in the United States and Canada (and if she's heard correctly, the majority of Britain and Australia as well).

It might be fate, however, when Chloe loses the remote to the TV while an interview with Beca Mitchell airs.

"So Ms. Mitchell, how do you feel?"

"Not bad," the brunette drawls, reclining against the blue sofa that she and the interviewer are sitting on. At the sound of her voice, Chloe's heart twinges a little. "Can't say that having a hit song doesn't feel good."

As Chloe upturns things from the coffee table, searching for the remote, the interviewer laughs with Beca, but adds on a more serious note, "But it's just such a genius mix."

"Thank you."

"Here's what one music critic had to say about your mash-up: 'Ms. Mitchell has weaved a masterpiece together with such careful attention to detail that the result is breathtakingly flawless. She has an uncanny ability to match beats and melody, but more importantly, she ties together the lyrics to create a heartbreaking story of yearning."

Beca has the decency to blush, and even though she's on TV, Chloe can tell the girl is genuinely embarrassed and flattered. "Wow, that's just…I'm so honored."

"Why don't you tell me the story behind this mash-up?"

"There's not really a story," the brunette smirks, the tense motion betraying her lie, but the interviewer persists because it's her job, not because she can tell there's a story. Chloe sits back, her search for the remote fruitless, and while her brain tells her to leave, her heart tells her to stay and watch. Her eyes greedily drink in the sight of Beca sitting at ease.

"I find that hard to believe though! You can really feel the emotion, honest and clear."

The DJ looks down at the ground for a second before acquiescing, "Well, the song is obviously about the emotions you feel when you fall for someone. Without You is used as a base and is almost constantly heard throughout the song. It signifies the underlying and continued longing, but more than that it describes the emptiness you feel when you can't be with that person. It's saying, 'I'm nothing without you.' The first thing we hear is Airplanes though, and it's about wanting to go back to when things were easier. Shouldn't love be easy? Well obviously, no."

The interviewer seems to find that hilarious and chuckles, "We all wish it was though."

"Precisely, so Airplanes is really saying, 'If I could have one wish, I would use it to make things right between us.' But, what really makes the mash-up is Titanium, because the other two songs combined make a mix that conveys need, but with the third song you get a sense of the real conflict. In context of the mash-up, Titanium represents the fear, the vulnerability of love. What it says is, 'You can't hurt me, don't even try. I am made of titanium.' But when you mix these three things together, Titanium's meaning changes, it says it is invulnerable, but it truly means, 'Please don't hurt me.'" Beca's cheeks are flushed with a tint of pink, both from excitement and a bit of embarrassment. "I feel like I've just gone on this irrelevant tangent. This is seriously going on TV?"

However, the interviewer seems truly in awe though of her words, "No, it was a very insightful look into your mind. Was a very good explanation. So is there a special someone this song is about?"

"Possibly," Beca gives a purposefully mysterious smile.

"Well I see you'll be tight-lipped about this, I won't pry, dear. So, why do you think your song has gained so much popularity? Well-deserved popularity, of course."

"I guess it's just relatable, you know, everyone knows the fear that comes with wanting something so much that you forget everything else," Beca gestures with her hands as if they'll help her explain. "But I think it ends on a positive note. In the end, when the singer, whoever he or she may be, is finally willing to take the leap of faith to just love, well they truly are made of titanium then."

By the end of the interview, Chloe is shaking violently from head to toe, her search for the remote begins again as the mash-up plays on TV. When it's evident that she's not going to find it, she can feel herself losing a grip on reality again.

The idea that the song might be about someone else makes her jealous in a way that she cannot fathom. Rationally, she knows it's about her, and it's for her and no one else. But right now, her life is on a perfect track for the perfect future with the perfect husband, and with the song playing in the background, it has never felt less real. The only coherent thought she can form is that she needs to get Beca out of her mind.

When the cloud lifts, she's swaying dizzily grasping something sharp in both hands. The infernal song has stopped playing, but the television's screen is shattered and the cords connecting it have been ripped and torn. Chloe's eyes stray down to her hands and sees red, literal red stained on shards of glass that she's clutching desperately. Her brain can hazily connect the dots, her furious assault on the TV, but she sits in shock in front of the broken machinery.

An unknown amount of time passes as she sits staring at the wall, her eyes dull and lifeless. The only thing that breaks her reverie is a sharp cry from Jake as he arrives home from work. "Baby, please tell me what's wrong!" His hands are gingerly trying to stem the bleeding from her wounds. "What's wrong?" He's so desperate there are tears rolling freely down his face. Everything feels so detached as she looks into his eyes.

"I slipped."

Beca's POV

The fame unexpectedly sweeps you on an amazing journey full of screaming fans, invasive reporters, and a chance in the spotlight. You really hate it most of the time, but when you receive letters from fans thanking you for expressing all the things that they feel, you don't feel so alone, and that makes it worth it. However, after awhile going around giving interviews, talking to fans, collaborating with other artists, it's tired you out quickly. It gets to you in a way it shouldn't, and you just feel so empty at the end of the day. So you withdraw into a more recluse life, taking an unofficial hiatus.

You've relocated to a bigger, more expensive, and more extravagant apartment, which really just makes you feel ten times lonelier than before. Although you occasionally talk to Jesse, you've fallen completely out of contact with Stacie and Cynthia Rose. Fat Amy, on the other hand, has gained a sort of fame of her own as a stand-up comedian. You've seen her at a few parties and the two of you exchange pleasantries, but that's the extent of your connection. Facebook friends aside, you really have no friends that you talk to on any sort of regular basis.

It's a complete and utter surprise when you get a letter from the president of some big-shot technology company. You don't know what to expect, and you completely miss the name of the company in big slanted letters.

Ms. Mitchell,

It is incredibly difficult to get ahold of you. However, I have a matter of grave importance for your ears only. My phone number is attached to the back of this letter.

Aubrey Posen
President of Posen Technologies

P.S. Don't even think about not calling me. I'm doing this for C.

You're not even sure how long it's been since you've last seen Aubrey. Is it five or six years? Part of you is very resistant against the idea of calling her, but the letter C burns into your mind and it's all you can think about for the better part of three days.

"Hello?" Your hands are shaking.

"Aubrey Posen speaking."

"Hey, um, it's Beca," you curse yourself for sounding so awkward even after all this time. There's a long silence.

"What the hell took you so long to call me?"

"I'm calling now, aren't I?"

"I'm in L.A. for four more hours. Come meet me at the Hilton on Twenty-third and Broadway."

"Why should I?" Damnit, really, you're twenty-four, you shouldn't be sounding so petulant.

"Like I said, for C."

"Is she there with you?"


"I don't have time for games, Aubrey." When you sigh, you swear you sound fifty.

"She's getting married."

"What?" But the click followed by the tone signifies the end of your conversation. "Shit," you swear out loud. It's not worth it. You've buried Chloe inside underneath your mash-up and layers and layers of defenses.

You're okay with her marrying someone else.

Damnit. "Carl?" You call your driver. "Hilton, Twenty-third and Broadway. Can you take me?"

"So," you begin before you even take a seat. For some stupid reason, Aubrey's decided to meet you in this huge conference room that seems to dwarf you even more. Why she thinks she needs such a big place for just the two of you is something beyond you. "What do you want?"

"Chloe's getting married."

"Yes, I heard," you snap in annoyance. "Hence my actually coming here."

"To a guy she doesn't love."

"What do you want me to do about that?"

Aubrey looks at you unflinchingly, "Drop the fucking act, Mitchell. Don't act like it doesn't hurt every single day. That mash-up that's made you a big shot is drenching with Chloe's name."

"Not a good enough reason to use the word drenching," you snark and you're on your feet on your way out.

"You do this over and over," she shouts at your retreating form. Now you understand why she's chosen such a big fucking room. It's so it takes you longer to get away from her. "You run and run and run. You know she's in love with you, right?"

That stops you. "She's not."

"You're so blind, ugh!" Aubrey stands, waving her hands in frustration. "Chloe is the easiest person to read, and yet even with all the signs pointing to the obvious conclusion, you still manage to miss it."

"Did she tell you she l-loves me?" For some reason your tongue trips all over that word.

"She didn't have to," the blonde says seriously, "I could see it all in her eyes."

But you've seen those eyes of hers. Sparkling blue and completely unreadable. You laugh and continue walking away.

"You know, you go on TV and say all this stuff about how you end on a positive note. That maybe the singer realizes in the end that in taking a chance, they become invincible. But you're a coward, Mitchell."

That makes you grit your teeth, and you whirl around to stomp back to her, ignoring the glint of triumph in her eyes, "Really, Aubrey? Really? You think that I haven't tried so hard? You don't think I've put myself out there, dropping my heart in hopes that she'll reach out and catch it?"

"You're not afraid to tell her you love her, I'll give you that. But you are so insanely afraid of what happens after that you run away. You don't give her a chance to tell you anything." There's a clever and witty response to that, but it escapes you. Aubrey plows on, "And you're both so scared to be happy and I have no idea why. Chloe knows she's not in love with Jake, but she's marrying him because she thinks it's safe. You know what doesn't make her feel safe? You fucking running away!"

"How do you know she wants me, then? Besides the look in her eyes, give me something so that I can feel safe!"

The blonde stands, her back straight and posture perfect. "You of all people taught me, if you don't succeed the first time, change your attitude and try again."

"So no guarantee really," this whole conversation is leaving a bitter taste in your mouth.

"Is love about guarantees, Beca? Or is it about something else?" Your mind flies to Titanium and your famous interview. "And would I have bothered if I wasn't sure?"

Chloe's POV

Chloe can see the worry mounting in Jake's eyes and tense posture, and she's given him good reason to be this way, but she thinks she's getting better. The doctors stitching her hands had recommended them to a psychiatrist who she politely declined to see. Jake's insistence nearly made her reconsider, but in the end she tells him that she's learning how to cope. And she is.

It's a few months after that they finally decide a date for the wedding, February 24th, as good a day as any, she thinks. The many preparations for the wedding keep her occupied and for the first time in a long while, Chloe feels something akin to content. It figures that the feeling isn't supposed to last.

Jake gets called away to a three day conference in Flagstaff, Arizona, and she has to finalize the wedding invitations. So when the buzzer of the apartment rings on a Saturday afternoon, Chloe gets someone she doesn't expect.



The single word sends a tingling racing down her back. "Who is this?" But she knows who it is. Even through the crackling of the intercom, even after how long it's been, the voice on the other side is unmistakable.

"It's Beca."

"Uhm, come on up," Chloe says, hoping her voice doesn't betray the frazzling emotions she feels. "Oh my God."

She can hear the clunking of Beca's combat boots (the ones she wore in the interview) before she sees them. When the brunette turns the corner and sees her, Chloe can't breathe. It's like nothing's changed, the dark makeup, the darker look, the slight smirk, everything is just as she's remembered. Beca stands in the doorway awkwardly with her hands in her jean pockets.

"Come in," somehow her voice manages to keep a chirpy quality, like nothing is wrong. "Let me give you a tour!" The two women fall into their previous dynamic, Beca withdrawn and reserved, Chloe outgoing and eager to invade her space. "This is the kitchen," she gestures, "And that's the-"

"You've kept your hair blonde," Beca notes quietly, her fingers curling around a strand. "I miss it ginger."

"I've been debating letting it fade back to red," Chloe replies, her hand instinctively coming up to cradle the other woman's hand.

"That's your bedroom?"


"What would you think if I said I really wanted to fuck you in the bed you share with Jake?"

Chloe's face flushes red and she opens and closes her mouth a few times, no answer coming out. "Well…I…."

Beca seems to be searching her face for an answer. "You know I just said that to see your reaction, right?"

"And what was my reaction?" Two can play a game right? Only, Chloe's not sure this is just a game.

"I'm stuck between speechless or appalled," Beca shrugs. "I can never read you."

It figures, the only people who can't read her are the ones who she can never seem to tell the whole truth to. "Can't I be speechless and appalled?"

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Yes," Chloe says, and she hasn't felt this alive in many years. It dies quickly though, "But maybe I shouldn't be."

"You're happy with Jake?"


"Why are you marrying him then?" Beca's shoulders are incredibly tense, like it's taking all of her energy to not walk away.

"Because I love him," the answer is automatic, coming to Chloe's lips without much thought.

"But are you in love with him?" The conversation is punctuated by long silences in between the questions and answers. For the first time, Chloe allows her unease and doubt to show clearly. "Are you?" She really does try to summon something up, but there's nothing. "Well, I'm in love with you, Chloe Beale." When Beca realizes Chloe still isn't able to say anything, she continues, "First met you when I was 18, took me about a year to finally clue in and see that maybe Jesse wasn't what I wanted. You know it scared me completely, just how much I wanted to be with you. So, I ran when I thought you might not feel the same. For the longest time I thought that was the problem, that you didn't love me back and I would have this unrequited crush forever." Beca's fingers trail delicately along her jaw, "But now I realize, that my fear wasn't of rejection. It's just me, afraid of taking a chance and maybe being happy."

As the brunette's fingers trace her lips, Chloe finally finds her words, "You deserve someone better than me. I have done nothing but make the wrong choices all along. I've hurt you and Jake and myself. I'm not that good person I thought I was." She's pleading now, her hand clutching Beca's sleeve desperately.

"But I only want you, Chloe. I have wanted you for so long. Forever."

Chloe feels herself losing control again, but in a different way. Her knees buckle and Beca rushes to support her, as tears flow freely down Chloe's face. Her mind is surprisingly clear as Beca supports her and guides her to the bed where the two of them lie down. As she feels her mind drifting off into slumber, Beca's fingertips draw light pictures and fantasies across her skin.

The next morning, Chloe wakes up in the warmth of comforting arms, and upon realizing Beca has not left, she knows what she must do.


"Hi Daddy, it's me," Chloe leans against the railing of the balcony, phone pressed to her ear, preparing herself.

"What's up, baby doll?"

"I can't marry Jake," it's the hardest thing she's ever had to say to her father, and yet when she does, something in her chest lifts and she feels like she can fly for one incredible moment.

"Why, what's happened?"

"I'm not in love with him," the truth weighs leaden in the air, "I love someone else."

"Are you sure?"

Chloe laughs bitterly, "It's the only thing I'm sure of anymore. I am in love with Beca Mitchell." There's a long pause, "Daddy, please, say something, anything."

"Chloe, baby," his voice is low, rough, and disappointed. It must be serious, because he's using her full first name, instead of a regular nickname. "It was never about the prince, it was always about the princess. About you. Your mom and I didn't want you to marry the perfect man, we just wanted you to have your happy ending."

"Thank you," she's saying through tears, "Thank you." After a pause, "What do I tell Jake?"

"Tell him everything."

"Here, at the airport, Chloe, really?" They're sitting in one of the private lounges, it's not that spacious and it's not really the ideal place, but she didn't want to wait another minute. "How could you do this to me?" Jake's never raised his voice, or lost his temper, not through all the insanity she's put him through. But this is his breaking point, and Chloe knows that it is well overdue. "You've led me on for so many years."

"I will never be able to make this up to you," her voice trembles and her gaze wavers as she backs away slowly. "I lied to you, I lied to everyone, including myself. It was incredibly selfish and unfair of me. You've put up with everything, my crazy, my highs and lows, and I want to be in love with you so much."

Jake's expression is torn between livid and heartbroken, "Chloe, I love you more than I have loved anything in this entire world. But I can't forgive you this."

"I'm so sorry, Jake." He removes his ring and places it on the table. "I love you, but not in the way I should."

"Please don't," he chokes out. "I don't want to hear anymore."

"I'm packing, I'll be gone by tonight," she informs him.

Jake gets up and gathers his bags, "You know where I'll be." Maybe a part of him thinks she might run after him saying it's all a mistake, but Chloe knows it's not. This is the first right thing she's done in many years.

On her way back to her apartment, Chloe passes Chattahoochee River and promptly tosses both of their rings into it.

When she arrives back, slamming the front door, she calls out, "Beca?" After looking around the apartment, there's no trace of the girl. Chloe's head spins wildly as she tries to make sense of things. This is definitely not how she had planned it, but things never go as planned when it comes to Beca.

Beca's POV

When you wake up, Chloe is missing from the apartment, and you think that maybe Aubrey's wrong. Even staying, you can't win her over, she's set on marrying Jake and there's nothing you can do to change her mind. As if on cue, your phone rings.


"Don't you dare think about leaving, Mitchell," comes the unmistakable voice of Aubrey Posen.

"How the hell do you know- wait…how the hell do you have my number?"

"Really, I'm the President of one of the largest technological companies in the United States, you think it was difficult for me to get a simple phone number?"

"You're seriously freaking me out," you say as you nearly trip over a small stool in the bathroom.

"Listen to me," she dismisses your concerns, "Chloe can talk herself into doing anything, but she also can talk herself out of anything. She needs someone to snap her out of it sometimes. She needs you, right now."

"Okay, Aubrey," you figure your whole trip was just on a whim that Aubrey set in your mind, so if you're gonna do this, you should do it all the way. "You're one hell of a persistent wingman, you know?"

"You'll thank me one day."

There's nothing in the kitchen that you think you should touch, but you're starving, so you get your jacket and head out to get a bite. When you get back and open the door, you see Chloe faced towards the sofa.

"Hey, you didn't have food so I went out to get-"

She turns around with a look of pure relief as she bounds to the open door and wraps you in a too tight embrace. "You're still here."

"Of course," you laugh, a little surprised, "You thought I'd left?"

"I thought, maybe you realized you made a mistake."

"A mistake of coming here?" You ask, your hands smoothing across her shoulders. "It might be, but-"

"I'm a brave person," Chloe announces to you suddenly. "I will go bungee jumping, I will burst into your shower uninvited, I'll even tell Aubrey to come at me when she retches everywhere. But when it comes to love, I'm not that brave at all." You don't even know what she's trying to say. As hard as you tell yourself not to hope, your heart decides to do just that anyway. You know her next words will either make you or break you. "Take me with you to L.A."

"What?" Your breathe comes in short ragged staccatos, your heart jackknifing in your chest, not quite believing what she's just said.

"I've called off the wedding," as your fingers trace over her hands, noting that she's not wearing her ring anymore. "I told Jake, I told my dad, I gave my resignation letter to the school I was working at. Take me with you back to L.A., please."

"You did all that?" It's hard to believe that she's suddenly done all that, what with all the mixed signals you've gotten from her since day one. "Why?"

"Because I'm not in love with Jake. Because I'm done with being unhappy, I'm done with crying so much. I want to be happy," Chloe leans closer to you, her forehead resting against yours. "I'm in love with you, Beca. Ever since I saw you at the activities fair, ever since I sang Titanium with you in the shower, ever since you joined the Bellas, ever-"

You cut her off with a kiss that leaves a tingling around your lips. "L.A. it is, then."

A year later

Things aren't always easy being with Chloe. Sometimes you're still convinced she'll wake up one day and regret her decision to choose you over Jake, that maybe you've tricked her into thinking that she loves you.

Regardless, the two of you fall into a comfortable routine easily, you spend the weekdays DJ-ing at a club for celebrities, and Chloe (her hair faded back to ginger) takes up writing short stories for children. While she's not an immensely successful author, the cute occasional fan-mail from a little kid out there somewhere makes up for it. Honestly, you think Chloe prefers the anonymity since your fame is quite too much to handle anyway. When the two of you had first landed back in L.A. a year ago, somehow the paparazzi had caught wind of it and followed the two of you back to your apartment. The next day there were articles in gossip magazines speculating that the "mysterious blonde" accompanying you home was the "Titanium Airplanes soaring Without You girl". Frankly, you let them think whatever they want; she is the girl obviously, but they don't need to know that.

When things are going well with Chloe, you feel like you're on the top of the world, like nothing can touch you. It's a feeling that still frightens you, because when things go even a tiny bit wrong, it feels like the end of the world. You've never considered yourself a particularly emotional person, but the little things that she does cause such waves of emotion in you. In bed, when her fingers thrum against your spine, your eyes threaten to spill over with tears of love, and when you accidentally snipe at her after a long day, the scrunching of her face makes you instantly remorseful.

After a particularly stressful and trying day, Chloe ignores your bad mood and tries to cheer you up, only worsening your temper. You get your hoodie and leave the apartment, the door slamming shut on your way out. You don't plan on stopping for anyone or anything, but as you get halfway down the street-

"Wait, Beca!" You turn around, surprised she's come after you. As you prepare yourself for an ultimatum, a break up or something, she clasps your hands in her own, her fingers sliding to get a grip. You feel something cold slip between your digits and you look down to see a simple metal band. You look at it confused. "I know it's not always easy being with me. I can see it in your eyes sometimes, that desire to run, and it scares me more than anything. But I think the reason you run away from people is because you want to see who will actually think you're worth it, and chase after you."

"Holy shit," you get it now. "Are you proposing to me?"

"Yes," her tongue flicks out to wet her lips. "Yes, but it's not to ensure that you'll stay with me. It took me so long to figure things out, Beca. Too long. You kept running away and I should've known that I only had to run after you. I still have my doubts that you're the one, the one that I'll be with forever, but I love you. Only you. I've been so in love with you ever since I set my eyes on you. And even though I'm scared, it's alright because I'm-"

You cut her off, holding the ring up, finally understanding, "Titanium."

Please don't hurt me.

She nods, relief that you've got it, "Yes."

"Yes," you say, nodding along with her. Her face breaks into a heartbreakingly beautiful smile as if she had expected you to say yes all along. "Yes."

I won't.

Chloe's POV

Chloe Beale is not a liar. So she can't say that being with Beca isn't the scariest thing ever. But she can say that it is the most exhilarating, exciting and wonderful thing. And marrying Beca doesn't guarantee her happiness, she knows, but she still feels safe with her wife-to-be's hand over her own.

When they get married, in front of friends (Aubrey, and the rest of the Bellas) and family (her father stands in the crowd with such an expression of joy, it might surpass her own), she feels invincible. Even the mandatory bad ginger joke from Fat Amy ("I guess God decided he'd punished you enough by making you ginger that he decided to give you a happy ending.") barely dampens Chloe's mood. Jesse comes to congratulate the two women, and while she recognizes the look in his eyes, she knows she has nothing to worry about. Frankly, Jesse may never get over his love for Beca, but Chloe knows nothing can change that.

At the reception, their audience demands a dance between the two of them, so they head to the middle of the ballroom, shrouded in white and wait for the song. Surprisingly, Aubrey asks the band to stop playing for a moment, and the former Bellas (Stacie, Cynthia Rose, Fat Amy, Lilly, Jessica, Denise, and, Ashley) follow her onto the stage. With the first notes of Just the Way You Are, Beca laughs incredulously, both of them knowing where this is headed.

Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shining.
Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her tryin.
She's so beautiful. And I tell her everyday.

Chloe begins to sing with them as she twirls her wife around and around with a huge grin on her face. For her part, Beca doesn't seem too mortified, and even joins in with Just A Dream.

Uh, Uh, I was thinkin' bout her, thinkin' bout me, thinkin' bout us, who we gonna be
Opened my eyes, and it was only just a dream.
It was only just a dream.

Their voices mix together flawlessly with the rest of the Bellas and it feels amazing.

"I'm glad it wasn't just a dream," Beca whispers into the redhead's ear. "Maybe it took us far longer than it should've, but still."

"Masochism," Chloe's voice is light and teasing. "You and me both. Refusing to be happy, but it's what we've wanted all along."

Beca's POV

"Speak for yourself," you reply jokingly. Then as you watch her twirl around, dressed in white with red curls flying everywhere, you think that maybe you are a masochist. Because she's so perfect, that watching her physically and emotionally hurts, but it finally hurts in a way that's so good. And you think, hurting like this isn't so bad after all.

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