Months Later

In the distant community of Dias and Yun children, kids could be seen at play. Mothers visited their daughters with fathers who hadn't bore them, but loved the girls like their own. A little girl gave a drawing to her visiting Mom of the family she had back home. The mother hugged her and didn't cry before her daughter, just grateful enough to be allowed this time. A surrogate Dia mother spoke to the Dad about her growing and promised everything was progressing just fine. Around the perimeter of the settlement where the little village broke out into a pass, the Zyk sentinels stayed mostly hidden, but there in case trouble arose or if anyone tried to make off with a baby. No one did. Visiting privileges were allowed frequently by good behavior. A few Yun mothers had learned early on not to tempt that bond; they didn't escape, and were always found if they had. The Ragnarok echo left a trace where women couldn't hide their babies.

So, they stayed peaceful in a state of gratitude just to have the chance to see and play with their children and half-sisters and babies. Trouble rarely disrupted the community for this reason, but trouble was in store today.

Beyond the peaceful play and interaction of child to parent on the outside of the village, one particular Yun inside a house was in pain.

"No penis," one of the physician's remarked. "Cut her cord."

"She has another coming." Summer screamed in delivering her second baby. The first physician attending quickly handed off the girl to Sky, the tending father to the pregnant woman.

"Summer," Sky told, holding the baby in her arm, Summer's hand in the other. "We'll get to keep her."

Summer panted, eyes watery with tears in her delivery. She only gazed upon her a moment before the pains had her pushing again. She squeezed so hard over Sky's hand and screamed.

"What about this one?" The overhead Umbra asked anxiously. "How is she? Is she equipped?"

Sky stared at the tall, red-covered Umbra hatefully, but Summer and her babies drew her attention foremost. Summer lay panting in complete exhaustion and still managed to croak in asking. "Is she…?"

"Penis," the physician remarked, sending Sky's heart diving.


"Excellent," the Umbra woman said cruelly. "Take her away."

"But— " the physician started, "We usually give the mother time with— "

"I said take her away!"

"My baby," Summer panted, reaching for her second child who the physician started to walk away with the baby to the Umbra's order. "She's taking my baby! Sky!"

"What are you doing?" Sky snapped. "Let us hold her!"

"And grab the other one, Techne. Ragnarok is strong in her; I can sense it."

"What?" Sky snapped, holding in the child close to her chest in startled astonishment. "She doesn't have a penis! You can't use her!"

"Take her for the breeding." The Umbra said, widening Sky's eyes in realization.

"Sky," Summer cried weakly and whispered. "Run."

There was no match. Before Sky could even take a step, she was lifted off her feet, baby removed from her arms and gone with the third Umbra before Sky could fully blink. Summer was crying and Sky's heart, near stopping. "Where did you take them?!" Sky demanded, charging to the short-haired black-covered one and swung at her. She was pinned on the floor in a second with the tall Umbra looming over her, easily trapping.

"This one's feisty," she said in amusement, smile playing over her lips. She reached down and took Sky's painful erection in her hand. Sky choked.

"Please," Summer sobbed, weak on the operating table. She tried to move and get up. "Please, leave her alone."

"Summer, stay down!" Sky ordered, as she'd have no chance of supporting herself. And indeed, when Summer didn't listen, she collapsed to the ground with a cry as soon as she tried to put any weight on her legs.

"Please!" Summer begged. Sky hated seeing it; she hated the Umbra and Ragnarok more than anything, but worse above everything for how helpless she was, unable to even move under the Umbra, to get to her mate.

"SUMMER!" Sky screamed and tried to reach for her.

"I like this one," The Umbra claimed, stroking a hand through her long, black hair, naturally streaked a cool, deep blue.

"Then keep her," the first red-colored one shrugged.

"NO!" Summer screamed, sobbing. Sky reached for her fingers.

"Summer— "

"I'll get a Zyk to carry her back to Paddra." The red one said. Their fingers barely scraped.

"I love you," Sky told her while she still could.

"I love you," Summer panted in a rush, "I love you!" Sky was lifted away. "Sky!" Summer cried, and Sky could feel her own tears streaming.

"I'll come back for you." Sky cried after her as the Umbra lifted her easily and started to carry her away. "I'LL COME BACK FOR YOU, SUMMER!" The door shut, and Sky was taken away.