This is an authors note, chapter I guess. I'm done. I'm not writing anymore. There is too much going on for me to try and continue writing this anymore. I'm sorry if you wanted an end and a plot and good writing, but I am not writer. I'm just an engineer who failed English class. Writing was never my thing, but something I wanted to try. Try I did, and failed. I have one last fic, one last thing I want to write. Not a story of violence and hate, but a story about growing up. I doubt it will be written for some time, but maybe someday I will write it.

I'm sure that some of you will want closure to this story, so I will tell you what was supposed to happen: Celestia disapproves of Luna's handling of the situation so she sends in a team from the ESDF (Equestrian Special Defense Force) to handle the problem. They are killed off one by one by the wildlife and Vaas. Shining Armor and his team are taken out as well. The Doctor is shot through the head. Thunderlane is dissected alive and then crucified. Vaas hangs his body on a hill overlooking the schoolyard. Lyra goes insane and lives the rest of her life in a mental institute. Shining Armor survives a direct encounter with Vaas and retreats to Ponyville to rest up.

Fluttershy is continuously tortured by Vaas psychologically until she, by chance, breaks free from the forest. She joins Shining Armor and Lieutenant Steel in an attempt to kill Vaas. This proves unsuccessful and costs Fluttershy her wings and Shining's horn. Steel is killed.

Shining swears a vow to kill Vaas, but isn't fulfilled because Celestia herself grows tired of the chase and looks for Vaas herself. When she finds him, she grants him immortality and regeneration, then banishes him to the sun forever, where he has to live forever as he feels his body constantly burn and grow back an instant later.

A crappy ending to my shitfic, just what it deserved.

Until next time, if there is a next time, this is TheAnalogKid113 signing off.