"Yes Young Master?" Tickle.

"All this paperwork is suffocating me. Bring something sweet."

"Young Master, we talked about this. You must stick to eating the correct meals in order to stay healthy." Tickle. Tickle.

"Just do it. Don't hassle me."

"Yes Young Master." Tickle. Tickle. Tickle.

Sebastian could barely contain the cough that was forcing it's way up his throat. As soon as the door shut behind him, he coughed into his sleeve as quietly as he could, sighing with relief as the tickle that had been driving him crazy subsided for the moment. That was the third close call that morning. The poor butler was getting more and more frustrated as the day progressed.

Sebastian checked his watch, it wasn't even noon yet. He knew if his case was just a cold that it could last for up to two weeks with no harsher symptoms than he was already experiencing, but he was going insane with just them alone. If this was worst than a cold, he would truly be facing his match.

Around the time when he was preparing breakfast about two hours before, he had started to encounter dizzy spells. His vision would blur for just a few seconds before it righted itself again, nothing he couldn't handle, but annoying non the less. That was also the last symptom of the cold. If he got another one, he would have to figure out a plan that might involve drastic measures.

As Sebastian prepared a small cheese cake for his Young Master, he thought about his escape route if he did indeed have DS03. The medicine to cure the sickness was not something easily acquired. He knew that if it came down to it, he would be sick for up to two to three months, and would have to turn to the reapers, as they shared sicknesses with demons. Sebastian was sure he could ask The Undertaker if he had to, but even then it wasn't a sure deal. Also, dealing with the symptoms of DS03 was a messy job, one of which he wasn't sure he could handle on his own in his condition. Sinking to the point of asking a reaper for medicine was one thing, but he most certainly wouldn't stoop to letting one care for him. His pride simply wouldn't allow it. No human who didn't know of his real nature would be able to, as they would indubitably be suspicious by the symptoms of the illness, as they weren't all human. That left his Young Master as the only one able to take care of him, which he also refused to let happen. It wasn't just because of his duty to be the perfect butler, or to hold a strong front before the young earl. It wasn't even about his pride, because in his book, having a human care for him was better than a reaper. No, the only reason that came to his mind was because he simply didn't want Ciel to see such a hideous side of himself, not that he knew his reasoning for that either.

But alas, all the butler could do for now was hope for the best outcome. It was only a matter of time before he found out anyway.

Sebastian's thoughts were interrupted by the bell to the study ringing behind him. His Young master was getting impatient. He took the sweet he made upstairs, and knocked on the door twice before letting himself inside. Ciel was already glaring in his direction when he stepped through the door.

"You took to long." Ciel said, narrowing his gaze.

"My apologies." Sebastian smirked slightly at the sheer bossiness of his master. He had always found it amusing. In a second he was setting the plate down in front of Ciel, who eyed it for a second before looking slightly satisfied. "I've prepared Strawberry cheesecake with hand made cream. I hope it's to the lord's liking."

Ciel took a bite and said nothing, but he kept eating the pastry, a sure sign that he approved. Sebastian was nonchalantly watching him eat, pleased to be done with the task, and thinking up a lighter dinner than the one planned. Ciel wouldn't be able to finish one of usual size now that he ate at two o'clock. Speaking of which, it was almost tea time.

"Then, If the master doesn't need me, I shall prepare the tea." Sebastian said, already turning around to exit the room.

"Wait." The butler stopped suddenly at the command, and all of a sudden the room started to spin. He knew it was just a dizzy spell from moving to quickly, and cursed himself for being so careless. A couple seconds later, it hadn't ceased, and Sebastian started to become alarmed. He could hear Ciel call his name in confusion as to why he hadn't turned around but his heartbeat was loud in his ears and he couldn't find the voice to respond. His body unwillingly backed up a bit before he hit the desk behind him where he leaned against it.

Finally, Sebastian's head cleared and when he came to completely, he was met with a confused, slightly alarmed Ciel and a headache. One hand was gripping the desk and the other was gripping his head. He could tell his face showed alarm, and he was panting slightly. Sebastian immediately but carefully straightened up and continued as if nothing had happened.

"Yes Young Master?"

"What the hell was that?" Ciel practically yelled. Sebastian mentally winced and the throbbing in his head.

"What was what?"

"You, you...swayed a bit...Sebastian. Come here." Sebastian silently did as he was told, going around the desk and standing next to Ciel's chair. The young boy turned, reached up and placed a cool hand on his forehead. Sebastian unwillingly sighed a bit at the touch, it was cold on his surprisingly hot skin.

"Sebastian, your burning. Are...are you sick?" The butler couldn't lie.

"Im...afraid so..."

"...Sebastian. You let this get in the way of your job. Theres no choice. Go rest. I'll check on you later to give you further instructions and you are going to tell me exactly whats going on." Ciel looked angry but Sebastian noticed it wasn't hostile like many of the other times he got angry, but kinda scoldingly, like a mother to her child. The butler couldn't help but smirk. Oh, how his Young Master was full of surprises.

"Yes, My lo-lor-lorchoo~!" Sebastian quickly wiped his nose, surprised by the random sneeze he had not felt coming. "Please Excuse me." He stated immediately after. To his surprise, Ciel merely laughed; a small chuckle.

"Get going Sebastian, before I make you work as you are." The young earl said smirking a bit. He was already having fun with this, seeing just the bit of humanity his Butler was showing made Ciel feel unnaturally happy. He almost felt superior to the nearly unbreakable demon and he just couldn't hide his mirth.

Sebastian grimaced, aware what Ciel was so pleased about. He quickly exited the room, making his way to the servant's quarters.

Sebastian barely used his room. Though it was rather spacious and adorned with everything a normal human needed, a demon such as himself didn't need such things. At night, the butler was usually busy, and the rare times he had some free time, he usually found something that piped his interest for a while before he was busy yet again. A demon didn't need sleep, it was something he could do for the luxury, but thats it, and he's never quite enjoyed dozing off as he was never got tired like a human did. The only real thing he used his room for was housing the occasional stray cat he found wandering the grounds, though they never stayed long.

However, when Sebastian stepped into his warm abode, he found himself drawn to the bed. Opening the window to try to cool the room a bit, the butler began removing his coat and shoes and sitting on the mattress. It sunk under his weight, and before he knew it, he was laying atop it, not bothering to cover his body. His mind drifted, and he felt his eye lids grow heavy, a feeling he hadn't experienced in a long time; he was actually tired. The demon weakly tried to fight the growing need to sleep in vain, and before he finally yielded to it, he vaguely wondered if his Young Master would actually come check on him.