Chapter 1:

She walked into the pub and her ears were meet by a large group of men and women cheering loudly and then she saw a hot smoking guy at the bar ordering drinks so she fixed her navy blue sequined dress that fell just above her knees so the chocolate brunette walked pass all the people dancing in the room toward an empty bar stool and waited for her friend. The bartender asked her what she wanted she decided that on glass of red would not hurt as she had a meeting with commander white tomorrow. In the background she could her the men from that sound group making bets on who could take me home I mean couldn't they think I could hear them they were drunk and so loud I wasn't going home with anyone tonight as I had to be in the commanders office by 9:30 to be find out about my deployment on a patrol boat. But I was brought out of my thoughts when a guy asked if the seat next to be was taken, when I looked at him I could see his dog tags "navy" "how did you know" "dog tags" 'ahh can I get you a drink?'' The man asked "nahh I am good" I said taking a sip of my wine "were you stood up?" "No I am waiting for a friend she is meant to be docking at 6" as I looked at my watch it was 6:15. "buffer" his name was called "sorry got a run by the way my name is Peter" "Kate" "cya" "bye" as I looked back I could see a guy handing 10 dollar's to peter. "Hammersley" was cheered and the I saw that hot guy at the bar again ordering. Then the bartender told me that the guy said to order what ever I wanted but I looked towards were he was standing before but he was gone.

… Hammersley table at the bar….

"Sir it your turn to go and talk up that hottie at the bar" said 2dads

2dads she looks pretty hot but I have a meeting with commander white tomorrow to get our new Executive Officer."

"Well sir she turned me down cos she is waiting for a friend who is in the navy who's docking at 6 but sir its 6:20 now" said peter

"Well if it makes you all happy I will go!" said as Mike he got up and worked towards the bar

… The bar….

Ahh I sighed as I heard foot steps I turned my head and then it hit me "crap" "Mike what are you doing here?" "Katie What are you doing here?" as I got up I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek "I am waiting for a friend as I pulled his dog tags and it said 'Royal Australian Navy' "your navy" "yeah, let me guess your navy to" I gave a nod and a small smile. ''Its been a while'' "yeah" ''want a drink?'' 'Yeah red would be nice' as he signalled for the bartender who came.

….. After a lot of talking and a lot of wine and beer Mike and Kate went home.