Chapter 2:

Kate let out a groan as the alarm went off beside her. She reached out with her arm, punching the clock to shut the alarm off. Her sleep-befuddled brain was confused though when the alarm let out a groan of pain rather than plunging the room into silence. In a second attempt to shut the alarm up, Kate was more than surprised when the alarm called her name. She opened her eyes, expecting to be looking onto her bedside table and her alarm. Instead she was looking into the very angry, brown eyes of Mike. Confusion swept through her mind at to what exactly Mike was doing in her bed. "Why'd you punch me?" he muttered, leaning over her. Her face screwed up in confusion, "What are you doing in my bed."His own face screwed up in confusion before his face cracked into a grin. He gently shook her shoulder, "Kaitie, wake up. "She stared at him, "I am awake. "He shook his head, his smile widening, "You're in my bed." "Did you get me drunk last night? How could you do that when I have a meeting with Commander White?" Mike couldn't help himself anymore and dissolved into laughter, collapsing back onto his side of the bed.

Kate continued to stare at him, wondering what exactly had spurred her old friend into behaving so erratically. She moved to climb out of the bed, realising she was in Mike's bed and even more, she was sleeping on the right side. Everything came back to her and she laughed at herself for her own stupidity. She shuffled back into the bed, falling back against Mike chest. "I'm an idiot." "I am not denying that" he said as he watched her lean over him to see the alarm clock "Crap its 8:30" 'don't worry you meeting is at 9:30 and after that I have a meeting at 10 so I will drive you' he said " breath it's okay we will stay here before we have to get up'' he said as she put her head back on his chest.

…30 mins later

Lieutenant please come in and take a sit.