When Sesshomaru Smiles (Positive)

An: This is something me and my bff Joeykatoey came up with :) What happens when Sesshy-kun smiles MIRICALES OF COURSE! lol its rare shiz. She made negative things that happen I made positive XD based on our personalities you think it be backward rite?! THE IRONY neways enjoy

When Sesshomaru Smiles

1.) Rin smiles.

2.) All female Dog Demons in the World go into heat.

3.) Fairies get their wings.

4.) Crack turns into Pixie Stix ( XD )

5.) Miroku's groping hand breaks.

6.) Santa stops being a pedo.

7.) Obese people become slim

8.) A child with Cancer is Cured

9.) Angel's learn to Fly

10.) Bald people get hippie hair

11.) The whole word smiles back

12.) Kagome fogets about saying Sit

13.) Kikyo explodes.

14.) Emo's become Peppy

15.) Goth's become Class Clowns

16.) Nerds get a Cheerleader Girlfriend

17.) Geeks dunk Jocks head in the toilet

18.) A rare Gem is found

19.) Millions win the lottery

20.) Homless men find checks

21.) Naraku stops being a pussy and comes out of hiding

22.) Jaken becomes momentarilly straight.

23.) Girls learn to Fangirl without making ears bleed

24.) A Super Baby is Born.

25.) A blind man see's

26.) A death man hear's

27.) An orphan is reunited with their parents.

28.) An abused animal grows wings and flys away

29.) Abused children become invincible

30.) Kittens stuck in a tree float to safety

31.) Homework evaporates

32.) Teachers are replaced with subs permanently

33.) Schools burn down

34.) Summer never ends

35.) Parents can not take electronics away

36.) Kagome and Inuyasha kiss *fangirl*

37.) All demons become HOT

38.) Inuyasha becomes Human ( so hot~!)

39.) Dora falls down stairs

40.) Families become rich

41.) It rains money

42.) School turns into a place of Eating Ice Cream and Candy

43.) Authors Update really good stories

44.) Fangirls faint

45.) Bedrooms will get clean and stay clean by themselves

46.) Woman never get old

47.) Teens run the world

48.) A Godess or God is Born

49.) People fall inlove

50.) Babies take their first step, say thier first word, and become beautiful

An: 51.) I update my other stories...lol neways yeah thats it check out the negative version of this by Joeykatoey. XD