Heyo chicky-pies!

So yeah, this is a fuckin beastin killa colab with my friend Super Pan-chan (check out her profile here: u/4059492/). So me and her are talking about the episode where Sesshomaru smiles. (screams bloody murder) so we decided that we make to fic about the good and bad things when Sesshomaru smiles.

She does the "positive"

I do the "negative"

We are both gonna upload at the same time so you can read both!

So here it is!

I do not own Inuyasha (DAMNIT!)

When Sesshomaru smiles...

1) Grown men lose their "girth"

2) Women's uterus breaks.

3) A puppy gets brain damage.

4) A kitten gets stuck in a tree.

5) A pixie gets its wings torn off.

6) Kikyo comes back to life. AGAIN.

7) A child is born with a face of fear

8)Jaken hides

9) Jaken dates women

10) Jaken builds a bomb shelter

11) Several men die..SEVERAL

12) Inuyasha goes demon

13) His dad pisses himself from beyond the grave..

14) His mother smiles

15) Kagome's bike falls down a cliff

16) Kanna cries (..holy shit)

17) Rin attracts a demon.

18) Koga kidnaps Kagome

19) Inuyasha loses a fight

20) Miroku accidently sucks in a baby

21) Kagome's grandfather dances to "I'm Sexy and I Know it" in a speedo

22) Naraku comes out of the closet

23) Inuyasha loses a testical

24) Kagome leaves without a jewel shard

25) Kagome becomes a man

26) Men have miscarriges (HOW?!)

27) Children become blind

28) The country goes into recession..(lol delayed reaction)

29) Chuck Norris dies. (LE GASP! IMPOSSIBLÉ!)

30) Poloticians become morons. (-_-' to late...)

31) School become 7days a week, 365 day long (*brings gun to head*)

32) The apocolypse.

33) Tetseiga gets broken.

34) Kagura falls off her feather.

35) A new born keeps crying even after birth

36)Demon's become human

37)Naraku becomes good

38)Sesshomaru's tail grows longer (O.O)

39)Shippo gets his tail chopped of.

40) Somewhere in the world a bomb went off

41)Jaken loses Rin

42)Rin becomes confused

43)Sesshomaru's mother wants grandchildren

44)Inuyasha gets his ears clipped..(Inuyasha: AAUGH!)

45)A dog gets nuetered

46)A cat dies choking on a hair ball

47)An old man loses his retirement fund

48)Sango gets a sex change

49)Myoga gets trapped in a vegetable cart.

50)The world stops and stares...a meteor than crashes into it.

Duuuude finally done! Again, please read the "positives"at Super Pan-chan's profile! u/4059492/