Ok, please let this work. i am kinda playing around with this because i did somethhing wrong again. here is (hopefully, the real first chapter. it is short i know, sorry.

"What is going on!" A particularly angry guy screamed.

"Where are we?!"

"Calm down kk." muttered his friend.

"I will not calm down until someone explains!"

"I believe we have arrived on Earth.'' said a mysterious looking girl.

"Uh, i think we better find out what is happening though." said yet another boy nervously.

"Ehehe calm down karkles." cackled a girl.

"Stop calling me that!"

"I require a towel!" cried a sweaty boy with rippling muscles.

"When do you not need one!"

"Purrlease stop fighting!" a cat-looking girl pleaded.

"Everyone just calm your tits and slam a motherfucking faygo."

"I will not slam a faygo! That shit is horrible!"

"Oh my cod, will you just stop fighting!"

"Whatever." grumbled a fish looking boy with an odd accent.

"For now I think we should find the details of our predicament."

"Pawllux do something!"

"What thould I do!?" a boy lisped.

"Oh, hey Tavroooossss." smirked a girl that had eight pupils in one eye.


"Leave Tavbro alone motherfucker!"

"Calm yourselves!"

"Where the flying fuck are we!"

"I think I can answer that question." a new voice announced over the yells of the twelve others.

The odd kid's heads all turned to the sound.

"Welcome to Avengers Mansion."

That was the first chapter, I hope you liked it. More shall be coming very soon i hope :)