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The three (understandably) confused servants looked up at him, mouths open and ready to drown the young boy in questions, when he dismissed them, along with Tanaka.

"Mey-Rin, would you stay behind for a minute?" The sudden question froze the poor maid to her spot, and her face grew red enough to rival her frizzy locks. Calming herself, she turned around and bowed her head down as she took a step away from the door she had previously sprinted to, along with the other troublesome servants.

"Y-yes, my Lord?" Her hands grasped her maid's apron, anxiously awaiting a reply, eager to escape the small room before the estate's butler returned.

"About your new spectacles, I will have Sebastian arrange the appointment with someone, or perhaps have him do it himself, assuming you still wish to receive a new pair?" Of course, Ciel had planned on Sebastian carrying out the vision-test from the start, he didn't want too many people to know how amazingly farsighted his servant was.

"Appointment, sir?" the question was blurted without a second thought and the red-headed girl blushed, hating herself for being such a terrible servant. Although she had been working at the Phantomhive manor for multiple years, she still had trouble remembering her manners around the Young Master and his butler. Silently, she scolded herself; although Ciel would likely leave her be (and perhaps let Sebastian know later that he needed to work on fixing the other servants' mannerisms), if said butler had overheard her questioning the young Earl she would have been in for a load of trouble, and she knew it.

Slightly irked, Ciel sighed.

"To test your vision? Or would you prefer if I just randomly guess?" voice dripping with sarcasm, Ciel rolled his eyes. He had tried to resist being so rude to her, but at times the three newest servants could be incredibly dense.

"O-oh. Yes, of course sir! I knew that, yes I did!" Her face remained beet-red, having been continually embarrassed ever since the conversation began. She once again mentally punched herself, knowing that's exactly what the raven-haired butler would have done had he been in the room. Paranoid, she glanced over her shoulder at the door, assuring herself that he wasn't over-looking the entire exchange.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes again or reply with a scathing insult, the bluenette instead dismissed her, and watched as she almost slipped in her attempt to escape.

Mey-Rin walked nonchalantly into the hallway used by the servants to get from place to place within the manor quickly and efficiently. She timidly looked both ways down the hall, checking and double-checking that Sebastian wasn't almost upon her.

She blinked hesitantly upon walking into her bedroom, as it was hardly lit at all, and as her eyes adjusted to the darkness, she was hardly shocked to learn that she wasn't the only one in there.

"Mey-Rin, what was the young master asking you about?" Finny's curious voice popped up from no less than three feet in front of her, his innocence leaving him completely unsuspicious.

"Yeah, what was that all about?" Faintly, she saw Bard's form lingering farther into the small room, at the foot of her bed.

"Aren't you going to light up the room?" the maid shut the door behind her, allowing the room to momentarily be flushed into darkness until Bard lit a candelabra, the flickering flames more than enough to illuminate the small room.

"Are ya gonna answer the question?" Bard raised his eyebrow, but this was countered by his characteristic grin that left his cigarette tilted at an odd angle. Mey-Rin almost giggled, but upon remembering the question, decided that it would not be in her best interest.

"I need new glasses so I can see better and not be as clumsy," she blushed lightly as she said this. Although they had all accepted their faults, she was currently admitting that their master had noticed hers and thought her bad enough that he needed to resort to extra measures to fix hers.

Before Finny could reply, Bard winked at her and murmured a comedic and suggestive "uh-huh". He of course knew that both his master and his friend were at relatively close ages, ages at which they began to notice and take interest in the opposite gender. He knew that Mey-Rin had a thing for Sebastian, rather, he would think any girl that didn't insane, and was actually rather jealous of the butler's perfectly sculpted looks and somehow charming personality. However, he also knew that she thought that the young boy was rather cute and his intelligence seemed to appear endearing to her, rather than intimidating.

Blushing harder, she forced herself to ignore the chef and instead focused her attention on the petite-looking gardener frozen half-way into whatever he was going to say.

"That's okay Mey-Rin! At least you only mess up because of your eyesight, and that's not your fault! And if you're getting new glasses then you'll be able to see better, right? So you'll be better than me and Bard!" Finny's earnest face leaned slightly towards the girl in his excitement, and she sighed as she moved over to the wall, and turned so that she could look at both of the men at the same time.

"I wouldn't say it was just me eye-sight. I'm just very clumsy, and I don't think that seeing better will change that. And it's not your fault, either!"

"Well, no, but I still need to learn to control my strength better…"

Bard rolled his eyes and laughed, apparently the only one who noticed the sheer absurdness of the argument.

"Neither of you have anything to fret about, yeah? Nobody could really manage to control that kind of strength anyways."

Upon hearing this, the other two fell silent, staring at him and only increasing the awkwardness of the situation. Whereas they had almost no control on the issues dragging them down, his was simply a result of his inability to release his mind from his previous military perspective. For quite a while he had no choice but to adapt to harsh conditions, to toughen up. He needed to heat up everything as quickly as possible, or he couldn't eat, so he used fire, even if it meant burning his food. This habit was hard to drop when his survival had once depended on it.

It was at this point that the head butler of the Phantomhive estate entered the room, all eyes immediately snapping to his.

Caught unaware and unprepared, the trio was slightly slower than usual in snapping into an attentive and polite posture, the only one fitting of a Phantomhive servant.

Sebastian simply pretended as though he hadn't completely snapped a rather tense atmosphere, for they what sort of servants were they if they let personal problems interfere with their performance?

"Miss Elizabeth will be visiting along with the Marchioness of Midford and Lord Edward this evening, so we must begin preparations immediately. Finny, tend to the gardens, no chemicals are needed, simply trim the overgrown bushes and trim any weeds. Mey-Rin, start cleaning the stairwell and in an hour begin preparing the dishes for tonight's meal. Bard," At this the raven-haired butler sighed into his hand, "I suppose you can gather the ingredients for tonight's meal, I have a list already in the kitchen."

As he finished, his glare hardened, something the other servants found astounding, as his previous glare was enough to possibly kill a small mammal (in reality he was capable of much more, but they of course did not know this), and the trio nodded.

"Yes sir!"

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