Baby Naruto crying and the Kyuubi roaring. These two disturbing sounds were the last things the Yondiame heard. However, the last thing he saw was far more so. As his strength fail, his legs collapsing beneath him like overcooked ramen noodles, he saw the hand holding his writing brush swipe across the seal he had just drawn on little Naruto's stomach, a neat thin line appearing right though middle of the seal. Suddenly, the shrieks of rage from the Kyuubi turned into howls that made it seem to be saying, 'Fine I'll go, but I'm not going to like it'. Before the Yondiame could worry about what that meant, the darkness that had been lurking at the corners of his vision closed in.

As the eyes of the Fourth Hokage closed forever, the eyes of his son open for the first time. The first thing he saw was the moon, or lack thereof. It was the dark of the moon that night. As Naruto closed his eyes again, fur starting to sprout on his newly-opened eyelids. The furs colour was a mix of red and brown, although it was more red that it was brown. This fur was sprouting all over his body and the rate at which it was growing was steadily increasing. Then, the growth rate exploded, and his bones started rearranging, making him seem more vulpine than human.

Then, with a roar, Naruto sprang to his feet and ran off, leaving the villagers, who had just noticed him, stunned. As stunned as the villagers were, they were able to piece together the clues. The fact that these were the front lines, combined that the Yondiame was here laying on the ground unmoving with his special sealing brush in hand and the rumor that the Yondiame had brought a child with him to battle, plus that child-turned-monster who had just ran off, they were able to piece together who Naruto was, and what was sealed in him, and ran like hell to the Sandiame, who was now in charge.

As the Third Hokage was questioning the villagers and sending out ANBU to find Naruto, said newborn was wreaking havoc among a ragtag group of tired ninja. There were crashes, and shouts of 'Stop that thing!' until he reached Tsume Inuzuka. As he scurried between Tsume's legs, she reached down and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. She then proceeded to bring him to her nose, and sniff.

"Well, well," she said, bringing him away from her face. "What do we have here?"

Naruto's only response was to hiss and spit while thrashing around.

"Well, aren't you just the cutest thing?" The whole group sweat dropped.

"I hardly think he qualifies as cute, Tsume-san." remarked one ninja in the group.

As Tsume was crooning over Naruto, an ANBU with a fox mask Sunshin'd into the middle of the group.

" Inuzuka-san!" cried the ANBU. "Do not hurt him! He is the son of the Yondiame!"

Tsume's eyes widened. "The son of the Yondiame? I could tell he was human by his scent, but I never dreamed he would be that important!"

"Hai, well if you would follow me please Inuzuka-san, and Yondiame-sama's son with you"

As he Sunshin'd away, Tsume conversed with her partner, Kuromaru.

"(Tsume, be careful with that child,)" Kuromaru said in canine speak. "(He may smell human to you but I can pick up traces of the demon we were fighting earlier.)"

"Really?" asked Tsume, "I'll keep that in mind Kuromaru. Thanks." And off she went, following the ANBU's path, all the while cooing to Naruto as he hissed, spat, tried to bite off her fingers and scratch her face. When she finally caught up with Fox, the ANBU, she had tried to converse to Naruto in canine speak, to her regret.

"(What happened to you Otou-san little one?)" she had asked at first. What she got in reply was disturbing and very gargled. Disturbing because no child should know those kind of profanities, especially a newborn, and garbled because he was speaking in the vulpine dialect of canine speak. This is what he said:

"(I don't arf a *bleep* *bleep* bark and grrr… yip *bleep* *bleep* yap bark arf arf)"

This impressive, while some what disturbing, display of language knowledge was repeated over and over until it got to the point where Tsume just ignored it. At this time, she was had made her way to fox, and his new companion, the Sandiame.

"I see you have found little Naruto here, Tsume." Said the Sandiame. "Has he said anything you could understand yet?"

Tsume sweat-dropped. "You could say that…"

"Good, good. Fox, you may leave us."

"Hai, Hokage-same." Said the ANBU, and Sunshin'd off.

"Hokage-sama, what happened to this child?" asked Tsume.

"Well," said the Sandiame. "From what I understand, Naruto here had the Kyuubi sealed in him by his father, and the seal was either broken, or his father made a mistake, which is more likely seeing as how he is not the size of the actual Kyuubi."

"The Yondiame made a mistake?!" exclaimed Tsume, "I thought he was a genius with seals?"

While they were talking, the sun had started to rise. As the darkness receded, so did the fur on Naruto's body. Tsume and the Sandiame continued talking about how he k this was Naruto, and other such matters, oblivious to Naruto's change, when Naruto started to cry.

"And Sandiame, I-" Tsume broke off, wondering whose baby was crying. Then, she looked at Naruto, and, surprised, she stared. "I may be hallucinating, but I coulda swore I was holding a furry animal instead of a naked, pink newborn." Said Tsume.

"Hmm…" said the Sandiame. "Tsume, I hate to impose, but would you be willing to take in Naruto – in case he exhibits the animalistic side, that we saw tonight, again?"

"You mean adopt him?" she asked incredulously. "You would trust me with him?"

"Of course. I not only trust you, but think you are the best choice. You and your clan have the most experience animals and/or children with animalistic traits, incase he 'Kyuubifys' again."

"I can understand your logic, but can I think about this please? I already have a pup. He might complicate things."

"I understand your hesitation, but he needs a mother, not to mention a family. Plus, I know nothing about babies, or children. He probably wouldn't even make it through a night with me." It was true. Even though he had had three children, he had always employed a nanny to take care of them, until they got older, of course. Then, he took care of them. As in, trained them.

"Well, I guess I'll take him for the time being, but if he complicates thing, well, lets just say that you should have a back up family – just in case."


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Yondaime-Fourth Lord

Kyuubi-the nine-tailed fox

-san - a Japanese honorific for an aquaintance

-sama - a Japanese honorific for some one above you in social status

Sandiame - Third Lord

Otou-san - Japanese for father