Author's Note before diving in! Okay, this is the NEW version of Two Worlds, One Sky that I mentioned before. I hope you all enjoy this one as much as the original and I can't wait to share this new version with you.


Chapter 1

A light breeze ran through the many trees of the Davenport homestead. Bright sunlight filtered through the branches as Connor stalked toward the stables. He wanted to hit something, and his heart was dropping closer and closer to the ground with every step.

He never imagined that his first confrontation with the Templars would be over his home.

All of his nerves seemed to be on high alert as he saddled his horse. The mare's coarse, buckskin hairs seemed to be even rougher than usual against his fingertips as he fastened the straps of leather.

Connor leaped up into the saddle after he was sure all of his bags were in place.


Connor glanced toward the manor to see the old man hobbling toward him. He gently kicked his mare toward the old man to shorten his walk.

Achilles held out a small note, which Connor quickly grabbed. "What is it, old man?"

"That is a list of locations you can find people who are friends to the Brotherhood. They will assist you if you ever find yourself at a loss or in need of a point in the right direction. I trust them with my life and I hope you'll do the same. Make sure to visit the Johnstons before returning here."

Connor quickly glanced at the list of various streets and shops on the paper. Luckily, he had been to Boston enough to recognize most of them. "Thank you. I shall seek them if I need to."

He kicked the mare, taking off down the path. His entire focus was now on finding Sam Adams.

Johnson had to be dealt with.

A white, ominous hood could be easily seen over the crowd near the docks. Connor turned his shoulders to avoid brushing against a colonist as he stalked down the street. He was at a total loss, even after he tried searching the area where he first met Adams, hoping to see him again. The heights of the many church steeples did not reveal anything to him, and there was no news of Adams from the town criers.

It seemed that luck was not favoring him that day.

The list Achilles gave him suddenly came to mind and he pulled the slightly crumpled piece of paper from one of his many pockets. He quickly made his way to a nearby bench, scanning the crowd to ensure that no Regulars were near.

He took a seat, slowly unfolding the list. His head tilted in curiosity as he scanned the list of areas, trying to find a location nearby. The name of a general store he recognized was on the list and he couldn't hold back a smirk, finally feeling successful.

Standing up, he scanned the crowd once more. The now familiar sound of the Regular's drums reached his ears, causing him to stiffen. He dashed into the alley nearby, deciding that he would have better luck avoiding them through the twisting turns instead of the street.

Connor stepped into the general store, frowning in confusion. There was no one else there except for him and the man behind the counter.

He studied the various shelves, peeking over at the man. Glancing at the list, he saw instructions he never bothered to look at toward the bottom of the slip of paper. Taking a deep breath, he finally mustered up the willpower to walk over to the counter.

The man's brow rose as he studied him. "May I help you?" he asked.

Connor fidgeted before setting his left arm on the counter, showing the Assassin symbol.

"Oh, so you're the new one? The Johnstons told me to expect you," the man said with a kind smile.

He began to walk toward the back room. "Follow me. Its best we talk 'bout this without any unwelcome ears."

Connor followed him, looking around warily. Could he really trust this man? He tensed his forearms, making sure that the hidden blades would be ready at any moment.

The back room held many other supplies that have yet to be shelved. A small, simple desk covered with papers sat in the corner of the room.

"Now, how can I help?"

Connor looked around warily once more. "I am trying to find Samuel Adams. Do you know where I could find him?"

The man nodded and opened one of the many drawers on the desk. He pulled out the bottom of the drawer to reveal a secret compartment, pulling out more papers. "I received news that he and other respectable men in the neighborhood are meeting. I believe you'll find him near the shoreline in the central district."

He held out a paper toward Connor. "This is also a map of all of the places Achilles probably mentioned to you. Try to visit Peter Johnston after your business with Adams. He and his wife can probably help you find William Johnson more quickly than you could on your own."

Connor looked at the man, trying to hide his surprise.

The man smirked. "It's obvious you're here for him. He's been skulking about more than usual."

Connor nodded and took the map. "Thank you…"

"The names John. John March. I've known about your brotherhood for some time now. I wasn't keen on joining, but I wanted to help. So, here I am," John replied, holding out a hand.

Connor quickly shook it, looking down at the map again. "Thank you, John. This will help."

John stood up and straightened out his shirt. "Good. Now, you best head out and find Mister Adams. Johnson cannot wait."

Connor nodded in agreement and quickly made his way toward the door.

A young woman quickly made her way down the crowded street, shivering as the bitter wind bit through her cloak. A piece of white on the side of the tailor shop made her stop in her tracks. She glanced at the side of the shop, pouting angrily.

She didn't know who was on the poster, but she would recognize the hood anywhere. She stomped over to it, seeing that it was an Assassin. Looking around to make sure no Regulars were nearby, she quickly tore it down.

"Blasted printers," she grumbled, making her way down the street again.

A shrill scream stopped her in her tracks once more. "What the devil?" she muttered.

Before she knew what was going on, a blur of blue and white flew by her, almost knocking her down.

Men with muskets came right after him.

"After the bastard!"

"He'll wish he never been born!"

The woman stood up on the tips of her toes, gasping when she saw the hood. So, this was Master Achilles' student?

She looked around, watching him turn around at the end of the street and sprint back towards her. Regulars were now on his heels. It seemed that they just happened to be walking by as he was fleeing.

The woman quickly looked around, grinning when she saw a tunnel entrance in a nearby alley.

She waited until the Assassin was closer before hollering, "Connor!" That was his name, wasn't it? She would have to apologize if it wasn't.

She hurried toward the alley, knowing he would catch up if he wanted to. The heavy sound of footsteps, followed her and she quickly threw open the hatch. "Get in!"

He leaped in and she quickly followed him, closing the hatch behind her. Well, it seemed that she wasn't going to buy the new fabric she and Mrs. Johnston wanted after all.

Connor leaned back against the wall, waiting for the sound of running men to cease. He glanced at the woman standing next to him suspiciously. How did she know his name? He knew the name Achilles gave him was common, but he doubted this woman just happened to guess his correctly.

Connor carefully crept forward, pressing his ear to the door for a moment. As he peeked out, he could hear the girl ask, "Is it safe?"

Nodding, he opened the hatch. Connor got out cautiously, tensing when he heard a shout from a nearby vendor. He glanced around. Did this woman lead him into an ambush? Did she work for the enemy?

Connor held to door open for her and she climbed out. "Goodness, that was interesting," she grumbled, dusting off her skirts.

Connor tilted his head as the woman took off her bonnet.

She was around his age and had to be the shortest person he had ever seen. He doubted that the top of her head could barely reach his chin.

Her light brown, wavy hair was pulled back with a ribbon and her dress and cloak gave away the fact that she was in the upper middle class, most likely. Her dark green eyes flashed at him as she put her bonnet back on. "You're lucky I was around. Those Regulars would have stuck you like a pig," she huffed.

Connor twiddled his thumbs, deciding that she was not an enemy. He did not know why, but he suddenly felt like he did when Achilles would scold him. "Yes, and I am grateful. Who are you?" he asked, deciding to discover who this was. Was she one of these Johnston people? She had to be. She did call out his name in the street after all.

"My name is Ellie. Your name is Connor, correct? I was worried that I would call out the wrong name," she said, giving her skirts a final dusting.

She beckoned to him over her shoulder as she walked down the alley. "Follow me. Where is your destination?"

Connor quickly caught up with her, looking around. He knew it was not safe for a woman in the alleyways. Many urchins and drunkards found their way here frequently. Suddenly remembering something Achilles mentioned to him once, he stepped a little closer to Ellie. The old man had made it clear that he should respect women and offer them aid and protection whenever he could.

He assumed that Ellie did not need as much looking after as other women, but that did not mean he should not try to anyway.

"Adams and Molineux are waiting for me at Molineux's tavern. I must speak with them immediately," he answered.

Ellie looked up in thought for a moment, tapping her chin. Her face suddenly brightened. "You're in luck! We're not that far," she paused, glancing up at him, "How did you manage to get yourself into that big of a mess anyway?"

Connor sighed. "Those tax collectors were harassing an old couple at their home," he mumbled.

Ellie cocked her head slightly as she studied him once more. The action reminded him of a curious cat. "Yes, they have been on the prowl even more than usual lately."

Connor twiddled his thumbs again. This woman confused him. She did not seem fazed by the fact that he was being chased by Regulars. Achilles had told him that colonial women did not take things such as this very well. Ellie actually reminded him of the women in his village, which was the last thing he expected to see amongst the colonists.

Ellie also did not do what most people did when they first meet him. She did not ask about his heritage right away or give him a disapproving glance along with any question of the sort. Perhaps she was different from other colonists.

"So, I assume you're here to deal with William Johnson?"

Connor nodded.

"Well, I would suggest going to the docks where that huge shipment of tea just came in. He's most likely going to be checking on his merchandise. That will be your best opportunity to reach him," she advised, tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear.

"How do you know this?" Connor asked.

Ellie arched a brow. "I assume you have heard of Peter and Eliza Johnston by now? Well, I am their assistant. I receive all of the messages from the other Assassins and their contacts then relay the information to you and Achilles."

Connor's eyebrows rose in surprise. "That is impressive."

Ellie grinned. "Well, at least someone thinks so."

They walked back out onto the street and Connor could see the tavern Adams mentioned in the distance.

"Well, this is where we part. If you need any more help, just go to any of those contacts on the list Achilles gave you or come straight to us. I believe we're on there," she said, looking up at him.

Connor nodded. He made a note in his head to memorize all of the names when he was not preoccupied. "I will be sure to do so."

Ellie nodded in satisfaction. "Connor, we are glad that you're here," she said with a smile before walking away.

Connor stared at her retreating form. He barely knew her. Why would she and her companions be thrilled with his presence?

He decided to think about it later as he made his way to the tavern.

He had a Templar to find.

Ellie quickly moved toward the nearest general store. Now was time to inform all of other contacts of Connor's appearance. Hopefully, Connor will not have to prove who he is from now on.

She made it to the Johnston's townhouse, quickly walking through the door.

"Ah, Ellie! You're back. What fabric did you get?" Eliza Johnston's voice said from the sitting room.

Ellie hung up her bonnet and cloak, tucking her gloves in her dress pocket. "I did not get fabric."

Eliza peeked from around the entryway. Her silver bun sagged a little as she frowned. "No fabric? Was John out?"

Ellie shook her head. "No, I had trouble run into me near the store."

Eliza arched a brow. "What trouble? Did the Templars have anything to do with it?"

Ellie sighed. "Yes and no. Templar taxmen and Regulars."

Eliza hobbled out into the hallway. "Now I need to hear the story behind this."

Making her way to the office, Ellie shook her head with a wave of her hand. "I was minding my own business when the new Assassin Achilles trained almost barreled into me. The taxmen were right on his heels and the blasted Regulars started to chase him. I had to lead the fool to a tunnel before he was shot."

Eliza chuckled. "Well, more Regulars have been walking the streets ever since the tax increase. It's hardly a surprise that they would get involved. What did you find out from Adams?"

Ellie thought about who she was visiting before she met Connor. "The Sons of Liberty are planning on striking this night. They aim to destroy the new shipment of tea that has docked this morning. I have a feeling Adams will want to use Connor's abilities to aid their cause."

Eliza frowned. "Let's just hope the poor boy realizes that they just want to use him as another one of their tools. Achilles did tell me he was a little naïve."

Ellie didn't find that hard to believe. But she also believed that Connor could prove to be very capable. Master Achilles believes in him, so she didn't see why she shouldn't.

"So, let me guess, they're going to have the poor boy draw the Redcoats attention to him while they destroy the tea?"

Ellie put her hands down on the desk, looking at the recent letters she was going to have James deliver. She pushed them to the side and picked up a pencil, grabbing a new sheaf of papers. "It wouldn't surprise me if that was their plan."

She knew Adams was not the most prejudiced man in the world, but she also knew that he wouldn't hesitate to use other people's prejudices to his advantage. "Connor's presence may cause some people to believe that the natives are involved."

Eliza snorted. "Dear, that would have been the case twenty years ago, when the war had everyone hoppin' around. Now, I believe the British will point their fingers to the colonists before the natives."

Ellie thought about how big, angry and brutish Connor looked. But, she also saw the true concern in his eyes when he was walking her through the alleys. "Perhaps you're right," she mused, writing down her new message to John.

"Of course I'm right! I've seen more days than you, girlie," Eliza huffed. "Make sure you get the assassin's description to the other contacts."

Ellie rolled her eyes with an amused grin. "I'm already on it, Eliza."

Connor looked around warily. He had memorized the list Achilles gave him by now and he was trying to find the Johnston's home. It was time he met these people.

He finally found the house and took a wary glance around before knocking on the door. The sound of drums in the distance caused him to tense.

The door finally opened to reveal a dark skinned woman with big, doe-like eyes. "Can I help you, Sir?" she squeaked, looking frightened.

Connor inwardly flinched. He knew his size and appearance was suitable for his missions, but he did not like how people like this woman reacted to him. He held back a sigh when she inched behind the door a little. Perhaps he should ask Achilles how to not be as intimidating toward people like this woman.

"I am here to see Peter and Eliza Johnston," he said as softly as he could. He did not want to frighten this woman further.

"I am sorry, Sir, neither of them are here at the moment," she barely squeaked.

Connor suddenly remembered the short, green eyed woman he met a week ago. "Is Ellie here?"

The woman seemed a little surprised at the question, but she let him in. "Will you please wait here, Sir?" she asked in the foyer.

Connor nodded, feeling a little uncomfortable with the title the woman gave him.

She scurried away and Connor was left alone.

He fidgeted a little and looked around. Many cloaks, hats, and other outdoor apparel were hanging on pegs on the wall near the door. Footsteps warned him of the woman's return.

Connor suddenly frowned. If these people helped the Assassins, why did they own a slave?

"She'll meet you in the sitting room, sir."

Connor followed her into a room with multiple, plush armchairs, a couch, and many bookshelves. It reminded him of the library in the Manor.

"Connor, how can I help you?"

Connor looked to see Ellie standing in the entryway. She made her way toward the couch, gesturing to one of the armchairs. Connor took a seat, feeling out of place.

"Achilles told me to visit you before returning to Davenport."

Ellie nodded in understanding. "Ah, and I know why too. Wait here." She quickly walked out of the room and Connor could hear many doors opening and closing as she moved around the house.

She returned downstairs with many envelopes, taking a seat on her couch again. "These are the names of people who can point you toward Templar spies. And these are messages for Achilles," she explained, gesturing to each envelope in the pile.

The dark skinned woman from before walked in, carrying a tray. Ellie looked toward her with a smile. "Thank you, Abigail."

"You're welcome Miss."

Ellie rolled her eyes. "Abigail, how many times have I told you to call me Ellie?"

"Multiple, Miss."

Ellie grinned and shook her head in amusement. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a small purse. "Here, how about you go and see if you can find a new book for us to read?"

"But Miss-"

"You need to practice, Abigail! Besides, John March told me he had one of Charlotte Lennox's books in his store right now. You can make it if you hurry."

Abigail's eyes widened and she took the purse, practically running out of the room.

Ellie grinned smugly. "She loves to read. It doesn't take much to persuade her," she chuckled.

Connor was confused now. Was Abigail like Surry then? "Is she a slave?" Connor asked softly.

An appalled look came across Ellie's features. "Good heavens no! Peter and Eliza bought her and James a year ago and freed them. They are paid and live here with us."

Connor nodded in understanding. Abigail was just like Surry. "Is that why you are making her call you by your name?"

Ellie sighed, suddenly looking dejected. "Poor thing. She was in a very bad situation before us. She has only just started speaking a couple months ago. I've taught her to read a little and she's slowly starting to tell us more about herself. James is her brother. He made sure they were never separated."

Connor could see that Ellie was slowly becoming more upset so he decided to change the subject. He looked at the envelopes in his hands. "Ellie, thank you for the information. I will ensure that it is put to good use."

Ellie nodded and clasped her hands in her lap. "So, did you not have a chance to reach Johnson at the docks the other night?"

Connor shook his head. "He was there, but there was no need to kill him. The tea was destroyed, so he has nothing to buy my people's land with."

Ellie cocked her head, narrowing her eyes. Connor had to stop himself from fidgeting under her stare. She reminded him more of a wildcat than a cat at that moment.

She finally sighed, standing from her seat. "Well, let's hope you made the right decision. Tell Achilles that you both will be the first to know if we catch him sniffing about again."

Connor stood as well, tucking the letters into his pocket. Ellie walked him to the door and held it open for him.

"Travel safely, Connor," she said with a smile after he walked out.

Connor nodded and walked away.

He felt more at ease knowing he had Ellie and the Johnstons helping him and Achilles now.

Connor tugged on his bow in irritation as he made his way toward the March's general store. Every other store he had visited so far had refused to trade with him, despite the fact he knew that most of the pelts he was willing to trade would give them a good price. It did not help that he needed to trade these said pelts for nails and other things to help fix up the Manor.

He was walking out of his room at the manor a week ago when the floorboards beneath him gave out. Luckily, Lance, Terry, and Godfrey were willing to help him and he volunteered to travel to Boston to buy the needed supplies for the job.

He just hoped that John March had the tools he needed.

"Come on, hand it over!"

Connor halted in his tracks and narrowed his eyes at the group of armed men surrounding a merchant's stall. He recognized the merchant to be one of Ellie's contacts on the list she gave him. He also assumed that these men were part of the gang Duncan warned him of.

He stalked toward the stall.

The hiss of the hidden blade coming out was the leader's only warning before it went into his back.

Ellie blew some wayward strands of hair from her face as she quickly walked along.

March had sent her news of Johnson and she knew she would have to investigate it right away. She let out a yelp of surprise when a man suddenly ran by her.

"Shite! Why am I always in the wrong place at the wrong time?!"

A woman ran by, holding a parcel close to her. "He's a madman!"

Ellie arched a brow in confusion and wondered if she should run too. She cursed her curiosity and made a beeline toward the commotion. Peering around a stack of crates and barrels, she had to hold back a sigh.

There was Connor, surrounded by not only the gang members of the area, but by soldiers as well.

He's such an oaf, she thought, pinching the bridge of her nose. When is he not in trouble?

Connor slashed his way through the crowd of thugs and managed to sprint toward an alley nearby. All of the men were on his heels.

Ellie waited a few moments, checking to see if the coast was clear before picking up her skirts and going into the alley as well. Blast her curiosity. She also wanted to make sure Connor got away in one piece.

She froze when she heard the shouts of many men. Peeking around the corner again, she gasped when she saw a tall man swing an ax toward Connor's head.

Connor, luckily, rolled away and managed to hit another man in the lower back with his tomahawk. He quickly stood up and swung his tomahawk toward the man's ax handle.

Ellie knew the move well. Her father used to teach the men under his command the same move when facing a larger, more trained opponent.

The man was prepared, though, and was able to swing his ax before Connor had a chance to disarm him.

Connor let out a shout of pain before quickly regaining his balance. He pulled out his pistol and shot quickly. The man fell with a loud thud.

Ellie looked around to make sure no more soldiers were coming before hurrying toward Connor. He was slumped against the wall and his chest was heaving.

"Connor! Are you alright?!" she asked, looking at the damage the ax caused.

A long, thin, and unfortunately deep cut ran from the top of his right shoulder to the lower part of his ribs on his left.

He started to slide down the wall.

"No no no! Stay with me, Connor!" Ellie yelped, moving to throw his arm over her shoulders.

He grunted in reply and helped hold some of his weight, barely.

Ellie helped him through the twisting alleys as well as she could, trying to hold his immensive weight. She was sure she was going to be even shorter now thanks to it. She looked at his wound fretfully the whole time.

Luckily, John March's store came into view, and Ellie made Connor stop, letting him slump against the wall and slide down to the ground. "Hang on, Connor," she said, tearing off a strip of fabric from her cloak. Ellie wadded it up and pressed it against his chest.

She saw his jaw clench, but other than that he didn't make a sound. She quickly tore off another, long strip and wrapped it around his torso, holding the wad of fabric down. "I'll be back. We're right behind the March's home."

He nodded and Ellie quickly ran to the store's back door. She knocked fervently, praying that John was there.

Thankfully, he was.

"Miss Ellie! How can I help you?"

Ellie stepped aside and gestured to Connor's now unconscious form. "Help me get him inside, John."

John didn't ask any questions and quickly stepped into action. Somehow, they both managed to get Connor's large frame into the store.

"Set him on that table. Gentle, now," John said, helping Ellie pull Connor onto the table.

John patted her arm. "Do what you can right now. I'll go get Beth," he said, hurrying out of the room.

Ellie quickly discarded her cloak and moved to grab some bandages. Hopefully Beth had the other things she needed to help Connor. She walked back over to the table and started to pull at the various buckles and buttons on Connor's uniform. She finally managed to tug it out from under him, leaving him topless.

She winced at the wound, quickly pressing down on it with the bandages.

His skin was quickly losing color, despite her efforts. This can't be good, he's lost too much blood, she thought frantically. She took a deep breath and calmed down.

It was a good thing Ellie helped her mother, who used to be a healer, do this many times. She knew that she would have been like a chicken with its head cut off if she didn't.

Beth finally walked in with the things needed to clean and stitch the wound. She let out a small gasp, her bright blue eyes widened with the action. "Goodness! Let's go, Ellie dear. We can't lose our only Assassin now."

Ellie nodded and picked up the brandy.