The Disease that Killed Love

Final Chapter 24- Eriol

Spinel was right. Things did get interesting. Mostly because when Mimi limited it to the little guys, we faced a pretty big problem that lasted until Nakuru and Kaho came back.

Both wanted to go with Syaoran.

Neither wanted to leave their masters.

So what resulted was a huge argument between Kero and Spinel. If Syaoran had known about this, he would be laughing in that silent way of his until he doubles over and his stomach explodes from the pressure.

Kero wanted to go with Syaoran as much as Spinel and the rest of us do. The problem was he wanted Sakura to be with him and that was not to be. Spinel did not want to leave my household when he realized there were very few books in that realm which he could understand. We all know his love of books.

Both wanted to go with the witch and wizard for the food.

Both want at least some sunlight.

Knowing them, Sakura and I decided that we should not let them settle it among themselves because neither one would yeild. So we agreed to separate the two and discuss it ourselves, without the guardians at all.

Tomoyo thought that Kero was a good choice because he has a talent of lifting spirits. Xuyan disagreed. He said that Kero also had a disagreeable temper and right now Syaoran is extremely sensitive. I thought Spinel would be unhappy in the wizard's realm because he could not pass his time with his favorite activity. Sakura thought Spinel would enjoy the food and thought Kero needed to go on a diet.

This dilemma went on until Kaho and Nakuru came back from their trip with another sorceror named Sergei Lukiechkov. He was a tall man, around thirty years old that would have passed for an albino if he had any genetic problem. Indeed, his hair was white, his skin was whiter, but his eyes were dark blue instead of pink. He was a rather pleasant looking man, a little to the lanky side but extremely strong.

Not to mention he is the descendant of Clow's best friends.

When Kaho heard our problem she started laughing.
" It's definetely Spinel." She said. Then she told us why.
" Sakura and Eriol both have two guardians. One of Sakura-san's guardians went to college. Eriol has both guardians, which means he could sacrifice one of them and still be safe in case something goes wrong. If Kero goes away and Sakura's alone with trouble, she'll have no guardian to protect her."

So it was decided. Spinel should go with Syaoran.

After Jingxi left with the wizards and Spinel, Sergei told us the exact same thing the witch told us.
" Tell that Moon guardian to come back as soon as he can." He said.
" Why?" I asked.

To this Sergei did not answer. " It is necessary that he should be with Syaoran now." He said. " If you want to part without regret."

I was use to being able to know everything and keep secrets from everyone else. But this time I had absolutely no clue what he was trying to tell me.

Nevertheless, Sakura and I wrote a letter to Yukito-san and told him to come back as quickly as possible and to stay here as long as possible. We also told him that the wizards took Jingxi away to their world for a reason unknown to us. Although the letter had been urgent, Yukito did not come back right away. Whether it was because he didn't have time to read it or because he was held back he never told us.

He came back the night before Syaoran came back with Spinel. There was a great change in Syaoran. He seemed stronger, probably because of the food. He looked much more happy. As for Spinel, I can only say he had gained a lot of weight. Which wouldn't have been a bad thing if it interfered with his flying, which it did.

One day I came home from school to find my home smelling of sweet herbs.

It was actually Xuyan. The other year Sakura had performed the spell with the cards that created the silk bag filled with something mysterious. That bag was never opened because Xuyan wasn't there.

Perhaps Spinel and Nakuru showed Xuyan the bag and Xuyan was the talisman. So when Tomoyo and I came home we found Syaoran up and around, seeming quite strong. He was still blind, and mute, but he seemed energized and we were all pleased.

What they did with that silk bag Xuyan and the guardians never told me. That same day Yue went out with Sergei to a place neither of them told us. I had a suspicion they went to the Prophetic Cave. Whatever Sergei made of it he did not tell us. He only murmured something about " going in circles."

That night Yue and Syaoran went out. They never told us what they were doing but I think they were flying. Syaoran wanted to go out. I could understand. I couldn't understand why they were starting to keep secrets from me. From Sakura.

George, Mimi, and Si Pyung visited often.

" Glad to see that something was working," George grinned at Syaoran, who couldn't see him.
" Thanks." Syaoran said in English or rather, mouthed. George chuckled.
" Well, King of the Dead!" He said to Xuyan.
" It seems the future looks brighter." Si Pyung wrapped his arms around Jingxi's thin shoulders. " See?

In the end,
Come to cherish in the sun and
Wake in the morn so now
Be brave,
For the night is not yet come to pass,
The moon has not risen and the sun not set
Whence the wind comes?
Blowing softly never falter
Listen closely to its words..

A ma ne, je ni ke dou
Sei na ye, lehuinei,
Ya sufa, gona misha
Shala teya fei tu ka?
A ma sei sa lai tu mei fou douke re ma la tu ka,
Tuk in mila fa, fa su pei..."

I started at the song. It was the song that I sang to Syaoran in that cave a year ago. Syaoran seemed to start too. Si Pyung, heedless, went on.

" Let the sun,
Rise as it will glory find,
Courage mourning deep in sorrow,
Night may not be as dark as day,
Clouds may not be as gray,
Whence the wind comes?
Blowing softly never falter,
Listen closely to its words...

Shi ma ye, Sai ne yie dou
Mou laka te yi sale,
En shale, ante lama
Fro leyei me se tika.
Shala teya fei tu ka?
A ma sei sa lai tu mei fou douke re ma la tu ka,
Tuk in mila fa, fa su pei..."

The same trance that fell upon Syaoran before fell upon him now and he slowly sank to the ground like a lifeless doll.
" Did you have to murmur that?" Mimi snapped. " The Dragon falls asleep that way! It's the lullaby!"
" Gomen." Si Pyung mumbled. " How am I supposed to know?"
" Now he's asleep." George lifted Syaoran easily. " I'll carry him upstairs."
" Sure." Si Pyung looked up pleasantly. " Greetings, Sergei."
" Greetings." Sergei answered, quite amused. " So you do exist."

The wizards and witch seemed to find this amusing.
" It seems like it is the same everywhere." Mimi laughed.
" Hai!" The two boys agreed. " What fun!"

End of Book II