~ Unosydney ~
~ Daemon Black's POV - Intro ~

The following stories are my thoughts on what Daemon Black from the 'Lux Series' by Jennifer L. Armentrout. The Lux series if you have never read it is about a young girl named Katy Swartz who moves into a small town in west viginia where she meets her neighbor Daemon Black, A hot, arrogant, sexy young man who at first does nothing but piss Katy off. Its when an accident happens and Daemon stops a truck from hitting Katy with just his hands things begin to go crazy. Daemon Black and his sister Dee Black are aliens placed in the town by the DOD to keep their eyes on them. What else? Theres more aliens than Katy knows there to be.

Armentrout actually does post Daemon's point of views for one chapter in each book at the end of each book, however they are never the chapters i want to hear from him! So this is where I come in. For those select few who are fans of this series im going to post some POV short chapters for the chapters Armentrout didn't post because its satisfying!