~ Daemon's POV ~

~ ' I love you Katy, Always have always will' ~

~ Last Chapter of 'Opal' ~

I knew that no good backstabbing piece of trash could not be trusted. For a second Biff or whatever stood on the other side of the door, the darkness around him creeping forward. He held the piece of Opal in his hand and I felt Katy beside me go stiff. Without meaning to I drew in a short breath and snarled. The Arum took form around Blake and looked towards the group.

They ignored Blake... They let the son of a bitch go!

Watching him leave sent the anger burning inside me up into my throat and as the first Arum moved forward I let go of Katy's hand and sprang into action. No way would I let him get away with this again... Brad was going to die!

Meeting the first arum head on I gathered the source inside of me and used it to power my strength behind it. Even though the onyx still effected my strength in the blow the Arum let out a hiss of pain. Glancing around quickly to see where Katy was i noticed Dawson shoving Beth to the side to attack an Arum advancing on him. Matthew sharpened a shard of Obsidian and rammed it straight into the stomach of the nearest Arum. Then my eyes fell on Katy once more and it seemed something behind her big eyes snapped and she turned her eyes to the Arum infront of her. The whitish red light that erupted from her threw the Arum back and knocked him flat on his ass. God damn perhaps its best not to get on Kitten's bad side if she could pack a punch like that in a room covered in Onyx.

I heard the Arum I attacked come back into action and as his hand rammed forward aiming for my chest and the source inside I felt a cocky grin lift on my lips. Bad Idea to lunge forward dumb ass. Moving to the side as the Arum reached I grabbed tighter onto the obsidian in my hand and brought down the point into the Arum's back. His body dissappearing into a cloud of thick black smoke.

I had to get to Katy, That was the next thought that flashed through my mind. Protect her... Keep her near me and get the hell out of this place. When I heard her yelp of pain I span around to see an Arum picked Katy up by the neck. A shutter rolled down my spine when i saw the fear in her eyes and my own eyes narrowed on the Arum. Get your filthy hands off my girlfriend!

"Daemon!" I heard her voice shout as she slammed the obsidian into her attackers chest. She crashed into the floor once again and my entire being wanted to move to her side. Instead i was forced to whirl around to grab the Arum behind me by the shoulders and tossed him a good six or seven feet behind Katy as she tried to stand. The blow she'd taken back near the cages no doubt had done something to her hip.

"Go! We need to go!" I heard my brother shout as he grabbed Beth and started for the door, dodging Arum and keeping his girlfriend close to him as he did. "Now!"

Moving forward I followed behind my brother, After making sure Katy was behind me. There was no way we'd win this battle. Not with the time we had left and there still being four Arum still standing.

And then it seemed my biggest fears began to unfold.

The sound of Katy slamming into the ground nearly caused myself to wince. She was several feet behind me now, An Arum grabbing onto her ankle and dragging her behind. No This wasn't happening. Moving forward I dodged through the Nearest Arum, ramming a piece of Obsidian into his stomach as my eyes stayed on Katy. Once she'd slammed her good leg into the Arum's face she moved to her feet, instantly finding my eyes. It felt like running in one of those Haunted houses where you feel so incredibly close but no matter how fast you run the person you run to just gets further away.

And then there was this strange hum that began to rumble through the building. Getting louder and louder so it was the only thing we could hear. It caused me to stumble forward abit and stop as I looked around. My eyes staying on Katy and hers on mine as the strange light behind her flooded the tunnel and down the hall, automatic locks slamming into place. The thump-thump-thump went on.

"No," Matthew's voice shouted behind me and I saw Katy's eyes flicker to him. "No."

Unable to stop from looking behind Katy as the light flared in the tunnel, crackling and forming a wall of bright blue light. One after another it formed a wall of light. Once one wall hit an Arum behind her their was a loud cracking sound and the light flared. It reminded me of a moth drawn to a lamp...with a little bizzzzz noise with it.

"Oh my God," I heard Katy whisper and I was already moving forward to reach her. Panic flooded my entire being. No this couldn't be happening... it wasn't happening. My hand reached out for her but it was too late. Not even a foot from her the wall of blue light appeared between us, cutting off all hopes of reaching her. A choked cry escaped my throat, It was strange though because it didn't even sound like me.

No... no...NO this wasn't going to happen... I was dreaming I had to be...

Slowly my eyes met Katy's. This was it... this was the end... There was nothing i could do to protect her from the remaining Arum trapped with her. My fists were held so tightly into balls that my knuckles began to ache and when I saw the look in her eyes no doubt it was my expression reflected from her face.

"Kat," My voice sounded paniced, I wasn't just Panicing... This was killing me.

Sirens Blasted so loudly it snapped something in my brain and I was unable to control myself as I rushed forward. The emergency doors started to slide from top to bottom between us and Katy just stood their watching me. no no... this wasn't going to happen to Katy. Shooting over towards the control panel to the left of the door I slammed my palm onto the tiny space but nothing was working. Nothing would work and the doors were only getting closer together. The blue light kept Katy and I apart. Was this how Dawson felt when they had Beth? It felt like I had two trucks tied to my arms and legs and they were driving in two opposite directions. Whirlling back towards Katy I refused to let this happen. Launching myself towards the blue light... If they took Katy from me... god damnit I'd give them my freedom to keep her save. Katy let out a gasp and when she held out her hand a wall seemed to stop me from getting any closer to her. Fighting against the invisible wall she'd put up from keeping me from moving I felt a steel grasp wrap around my waist and tug me back.

When Katy slid to the floor I went feral. Twisting in Matthew's arms to plant a fist into his cheek before I moved forward again. I had to get to her... This wasn't fair... This wasn't...No..

Falling to my knees I saw the defeat in Katy's eyes and it ate at my heart.

"No! Please No!" A scream roared and cracked and it took me a few seconds to register it was actually me. "Kat!" I failed her...She saw the helplessness in my eyes and she tried to smile but it fell short.

"It'll be okay," Her voice whispered as the tears filled her eyes and the door began to come down more and more. "It'll be all right" Those had been my words of reassurance to her... never in my life had i thought she'd have to tell me things were going to be alright.

The tears in the back of my throat began to rise and cloud my vision. Reaching forward as if my hand was close enough to touch her face, close enough to wipe the tears from her face I spoke with a tight paniced voice. "I love you, Katy. Always have. Always will." I've never been so sure in such words in my entire life. "I will come back for you. I Will-" The doors closed then and the rage exploded in one scream as my fist pounded into the ground. "NOOO"

Within seconds I was back on my feet with my hands on the bottom of the door, fingers digging into the ground to try and find some kind of way to lift it up. The Onyx coating on the edge of the door sent a spasm of pain through my body but I ignored it as I tried unsuccessfully to open the door. The sounds of Matthew's shouts didn't register in my mind anymore as I moved to the keypad.

Labyrinth. I'd tried to punch in the code for the door but in my fit of desperation I couldn't seem to spell the damn word right. A set of arms wrapped around my waist and a growl escaped my throat.

"Come on brother... we need to go!" Dawson's voice whispered in my ear as he pulled me away from the door.

"No!" My voice sobbed and I could feel the tears of anger and anguish finally explode from my eyes.

Then there was a piercing scream from the other side of the wall that caused all three of us to freeze. Katy...

"Im not leaving her! We have to go back... They're going to kill her! We have to-" I began to fight my brother again

"Daemon, You're one of the strongest Luxen... They wont risk killing her... not now...We need to get you out of here before something else happened." Matthew spoke and as they dragged me out of the building my entire body continued to fight.

I'd given up fighting by the time we'd reached the car and When Ash, Dee and Andrew got out of the car I saw my sister look around with wide eyes.

"Wait where's Katy?" Her voice cracked and I turned my clouded eyes towards Dee. "N-no..." Her voice whimpered out and her hands moved to her mouth.

" We'll get her back..." I heard someone say, perhaps it was Andrew or Ash I wasn't quite sure because the second I got into Dollie and turned her on I lost it.

I lost her...