Everyone has a job whether they know it or not. In life the world is full of jobs that we hold and no one knows about any of it. There are the learners and the teachers; the listeners and the talkers; the readers and the writers; the leaders and the followers; and the passengers and the drivers. Where ever you are going in life you need a way to get there. You could get lucky and hitch a ride with someone but then you would be a passenger and that is not the place you want to be. A driver is someone who makes their own schedule and that schedule is everyone else's schedule. You either roll with it or you get out and walk. If you are the passenger then where ever the driver goes you have to go with them but if you are the driver then…you decided where to go and how fast you get there. They live their lives in the fast lane and that's where they like it.

            The revving of engines echoed off the walls of the big buildings in the massive alleyways. The neon green racer drove into the alleyway with the other low-riding cars and carefully backed into a spot between other racers and the driver slowly climbed out. He caught the attention of a few people who recognized a newbie at the races as he looked around the area. One of the regulars stepped away from his group and moved towards the newbie giving him a friendly smile.

            "You have to be new here; I've never seen you before."

            "That I am. And you are?"

            "They call me Hector. I have a last name but it's so long I can't pronounce it. And you?"

            "Brian Spilner. Good to meet you."

            "This your car? What's in it?" he asked nodding towards the car.

            Brian just smiled and Hector gave him a look.

            "You're going to make me find out the hard way aren't you?"

            "Yup," Brian smiled with his hands in his pockets. "So what's do I have to do to race tonight?"

            "Well not talk to me about it. You need to talk to either Dom or Samine about it. I don't run the race," he said holding up his hands.

            "Okay so where is this Dom or Samine?" Brian asked glancing around him.

            "Neither of them are here yet but wait…I think I hear Dom and his gang now."

            Brian turned and saw five supped up cars come cruising into the aisle way between the abandoned warehouses. Brian watched as they slowed to a stop and the doors opened. From the first one a big guy stepped out and greeted several people by name. Brian edged closer to hear the discussion and when to step in.

            "It's a 3G buy in. Who else is in?" Dom asked slowly turning in a circle to look at the people around him.

            "Hold up."

            Brian stepped forward as the crowd split and allowed him to step forward. Dom turned to look at him as Brian held up a piece of paper.

            "I don't have the cash on me but I have my pink slips," he said as Letty stepped forward to face him.

            "Hold on a second white bread. You can't just buy your way into a race," she sneered and Dom pulled her back.

            "But here's the deal. If you win you get my car and the cash. If I win then I get the cash and your respect. To some people that's more important."

Someone revved an engine and caught the attention of everyone in the discussion. Everyone turned and saw a figure behind the crowd straddling a sleek silver Suzuki motorcycle. The deep throated rumble died into silence when the gloved hand turned off the engine. The hands moved up and pulled off the black helmet as the person shook their head and waves of light brown hair spilled out. Brian kept his jaw from dropping at the young woman as she slowly pulled off the gloves and dropped them into the helmet. Her light brown hair was highlighted with blond streaks and had that 'just fucked' look about it. Sharp blue eyes snapped up towards Brian before turning to look at Dom before she swung her leg over the back of her motorcycle. She wore a pair of tight tan leather pants and boots under it. She wore a see through shirt that revealed the black bra she was wearing under the shirt. When she turned slightly to place her helmet on the body hub Brian noticed the tattoo on her right shoulder blade. It was a cougar baring its fangs and almost seemed like it was about to jump off her skin and attack him. Turning back to everyone she leaned against the motorcycle and crossed her arms across her chest.

            "I say let him race," she said with a tone that made Brian realize that her word was law.

            "Listen here bitch you don't tell us who can race or not. Your word isn't the last," Letty said poking her finger at the new arrival.

            "No, you listen bitch."

            She grabbed Letty's finger and pushed her away staring her down.

            "I'll say whatever I damn well please and no one can tell me otherwise. So if you want to keep that pretty little face of yours I suggest you back the fuck out of this conversation. Now."