She looked over at Brian whose jaw was hanging open as he stared at the nearly demolished car in front of them. The only sound heard was silence and the occasional sound of the car's engine cooling down as both tried to think of something to say.

            "Oh my god, Dom," Samine breathed and reached for the door release.

            Brian got out of the car first and held his gun up and aimed towards the car looking for any kind of movement. Samine copied him as they both slowly circled the smoking car listening for any sounds to signal life. Samine's gun snapped towards the direction of movement as someone slowly climbed out of the car. She recognized Dom's thick arms and sighed in relief until she saw the gun pressed against the back of his neck as Harry climbed out after him.

            "Brian, over here. Take it slow," she called out as Harry and Dom straightened up from the car.

            Brian came around from the rear of the car and had his gun pointed towards Harry but couldn't pull off a clean shot. Harry was staring at Samine with such disdain and hatred a chill ran down her spine as she licked her dry lips.

            "It's over Harry. The police are on their way now. Just let Dom go," she said calmly wishing for the first time that Dom didn't have such a broad body.

            "It'll never be over Samine. You found out just a little too late and now people are dead because of you. How does it feel to be a murderer?"

            "I am not a murderer. But if you keep pushing me I just might kill you," she replied shifting her weight a bit and widened her stance.

            "Oh but your brother was a murderer. He killed my big brother because he didn't know how to handle a car after the nitrous hit the engine."

            "Didn't you read the police's report Harry? Everyone said that your brother caused the wreck that killed him. He was running with the big dogs and couldn't handle it. I remember that race even though I was a teen. I remember thinking what type of asshole was behind the wheel of a racer who couldn't race worth a shit," she said knowing that she was slowly pushing him towards the edge.

            "No, that's not what happened," he snapped at her.

            "Oh yeah I remember it alright. Your brother hit the Nos and let the car get out of control and wrecked into my brother. The two of them flipped and your brother's gas tanks blew," she said watching Brian move for a better shot out of the corner of her eye.

            "No! That is not what happened! My brother was the best racer there! Your brother killed him!" he yelled and tightened his grip around Dom's throat.

            "It sounds like he screwed up bad. Like a rookie," Brian said and Samine saw something snap in Harry's eyes.

            His arm snapped to the side and fired a shot at Brian as she screamed. Brian jerked back in shock and clutched his abdomen before slowly lifted his hand up to see bright red blood on his hand. He collapsed to the dirt and Samine's eyes widened in horror and took a few steps towards Brian before pointing her gun towards Harry again as she took a few steps towards the two of them. Her eyes blurred a bit from the tears and she blinked rapidly to clear her vision as she stared at Harry.

            "You will pay for that," she whispered at him as he watched her.

            She looked at Dom and saw something in his eyes that made her focus on him. He looked towards his left and back at her as she barely nodded her head and looked back at Harry.

            "And how exactly?" he asked simply.

            "Simple. You're in the fast lane and about to be run over."

            Dom dove to the side and hit the ground hard as Samine fired. Each bullet knocked Harry back a few steps and looked down at his bloody chest before looking back at Samine. His legs folded under him as he collapsed to the ground and she slowly lowered her gun as Dom slowly sat up looking at him and to Samine.

            "Remind me never to piss you off," he said and she weakly smiled.

            Her face dropped and looked towards Brian who was limp on the dirt.


            She ran towards him as Dom scrambled to his feet and followed her. She fell to her knees next to him as his eyes fluttered open and focused on her. Setting her gun on the dirt she pulled off her shirt and pressed it against his wound as he gasped in pain.

            "Hang in there Brian! Don't you dare die; Mia will kill me if you do!" Dom yelled as she tried to wipe the blood off on my tank top and keep the pressure hard as she checked the wound.

            "He's not going to die Dom. The bullet went straight through him. The very edge actually, I don't think that there's anything vital over here," she said looking at both of them.

            "You don't think? That makes me feel better," Brian laughed before groaning in pain.


            Samine and Dom turned to see Harry on his knees shakily pointing the gun towards them and fired. Within a second Samine snatched up her gun and dove across Brian's body sailing in front of Dom. Dom grabbed Brian's gun and pointed it towards Harry and started firing just as Samine hit the dirt and started firing also. Harry jerked a few times before slowly falling backwards as blood oozed from the countless wounds in his body. Everyone was silent as they waited for him to actually try to move again. After a few moments Samine dropped her gun and laid there on the ground with her legs splayed across Brian's body. Dom lowered his arm and breathed a sigh of relief and dropped the gun on the ground.

            "That is the last time I work with you Toretto. You always get me shot," Samine groaned and bite her lip as she slowly moved her legs off Brian.

            Dom looked at her and saw fresh blood streaming down her arm and the pained look on her face. Brian started to softly laugh and it slowly started to spread to the other two. They quieted when the sound of sirens reached them and each looked at each other with weak smiles.

            "I need a vacation," Brian said and Samine looked at him oddly.

            "You need a vacation? Oh no, I don't think so, I'm the one that got to be a pin cushion for a nail bomb and get shot. You just got shot, no that's not fair. I need the vacation, preferably away from cars," she protested as Dom looked at her.

            "Now what's wrong with cars?"

            The playful bickering continued as the police and paramedics drove up to find three people covered in blood and laughing with one dead body a few feet away from them. A destroyed car and one car covered in dirt that had seen cleaner days. But then again all three of them had seen cleaner days, yet never had so much fun driving in the fast lane.


Okay everyone there is the final chapter. Hope everyone enjoyed story time…sorry I'm in an odd mood. I had a blast writing this story and can't wait to write more and I can't wait to read everyone's reviews. Take care everyone. Peace.