23 Rules in Order to Date England:(England x Anyone!) England, oblivious to the attention is the most wanted Nation, person-wise. Everyone wants to date the cute, golden hair, forest-emerald green eyed, petite, and soft skin England. But, his brothers, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland made 23 rules in order to date England.

Gr, FF took this story off because of the poll. Geez, well at least i got to know who everyone wanted! :D and the winner is *Drum roll* France! Our favorite French pervert.

Rules Number Zero:

Our names are Ireland (Oldest), Northern Ireland (the youngest), Wales (third oldest), and Scotland (Second oldest). Let's introduce ourselfs.

Ireland is the oldest of all of us by human years he looks about 27-29, and is mature. His human name is Edin Kirkland. Ireland's birthday April 24. He is sweet and good-hearted individual, but unfortunately gained the frighteningly short temper like England. He loves alcohol, and used to be an alcoholic, but thankfully cut it down a lot.

Scotland, the second oldest with red hair gets angry relatively easily, especially when drunk. He's looks around 25-27 years old in human years. His human name is Allistor Kirkland, birthday November 30. Like his brothers, he could also see fairies, pixies and other mythical creatures. Scottie plays the bagpipes, and enjoys drinking, playing darts, drinking, golfing, and drinking, whiskey, of course. Nessie is REAL. Accept it! She lives in Loch Ness. He loves Nessie to the point it can be freaky. Let us not forget he fucking loves Dragons, red ones the most.

Wales he has a cheerful attitude and loves to sleep as much as Greece. He is liked by many people and nations, but rarely comes to the annoying wasting time World Meeting. Wales sometimes likes to drink with Scotland and Ireland, but usually drives them home, seeing they love drinks and he doesn't really likes them. Just like the rest of the Kirkland's he can see fairies, and other magical things. Wales has light reddish-blonde, messy hair, and the same forest green eyes as his other brothers do. He's almost as tall as Ireland, but Shorter than Scotland. Oh! he looks like about... 24-25 by human years.

Last but not least, the youngest Northern Ireland. Human name Cailean Kirkland-O'Hara, birthday May 3rd, 1921. He looks about 17 and at max 21. North has redish-brown hair. He's around five foot, and seven inches. He maybe the youngest, but treats England as he was the younger brother, but sometimes he acts childish. Just to add, he is really shy with girls! Shhh don't tell anyone.

We have one more younger brother, Peter Kirkland. But he is too annoying and young to be in this meeting.

Recently our little (or older for North) brother England has been getting... a little more attention then usual. Yes, we all know that England got most of mother's looks. He has her beautiful silky golden hair that look a bit messy. But when you brush it with your bare fingers it feels like water. Our cute little brother also has mothers soft, pale skin. Even if he tried to tan it, it would stay pale. Not the sick pale, but a healthy looking pale!

Another thing he has of mum's is that he has her not to large, or small forest-emerald green eyes that lets people know he loves to learn and red. We all have thick eyebrows. It's hereditary, case closed. He and mum always were close to each other, they would talk about magic, and she would teach him magic- which he was a natural in our mum said. When our beautiful mum died, we excluding Northern Ireland, he wasn't born yet, was devastated and depressed.

You all heard about Scotland and Wales (Who just helped) and how he almost killed England as a child... well... England if you are reading this... He said he's sorry, and didn't mean it. He was just pissed off that day.. and well... you were there... Scottie added you can punch him if you are-kjfhglire You can punch me ONCE, ONLY ONCE.. sorry Scotland took over that part. Wales already said sorry. Back to the story we all hate.

If you guys don't know about it, well... after mum died, Scottie was pissed off able how people was invading mum's once land. Wales was too, but wasn't as pissed as Scottie. England was young, he didn't look a day over 5 and went to talk to them. He was young, didn't know anything and asked him what's wrong? They were near the pond, and England fell into the pond when our oldest yelled at him.

Scotland, and Wales didn't save England, and let him drown... well... lets go one... England did almost die... thank god he didn't! If he did that means he would die only 2 months after mum's death. He was saved by France who was exploring the area.

Even thought Scotland did hate England and still kind of does, he is really, really protective of him seeing he is just like mum. Even his actions are like her... has a lot of pride, kind, this is a Japanese term but Tsudere it might be spelled wrong, and loves the forest.

Oh, we got of track okay. Just 2 weeks ago Scotland, and Wales, more of Scotland went to go drinking in a pub in London. They were visiting England, and felt like going. England didn't go with us because he was busy with boring paperwork. In the pub there was these other nations, France, Spain, Prussia, and a couple of more that they don't remember after drinking who knows how much drinks.

They were talking about our little (or older) brother!

France, the pervert blonde was in the middle of them drinking wine. He was grinning along with the 2 other people next to him. We all know he has a crush on England. France always touches England's butt when ever he has a chance. "Angleterre has such a mignon butt! It's so firm yet soft like jell-o!"

"How do you know? You touch his ass to the point you get a huge bruise on your face." The once nation replied. His name was Prussia, an albino. Prussia, from what we heard might like Canada... but who knows? We also heard Hungary is not very reliable at times with male love... she has a.. a bit to big of an imagination.

"Fusososoo~" Spain laughed. He was defiantly tipsy. He was on his who knows double digit glass. "I must agree~ but i think Lovi's ass his more cuter! His is small too! Lovi is cuter!"

Scotland and Wales was staring at the trio who kept talking about England's butt... described as small, cute, soft, and more that should not will not be typed on to this rule book. Scotland was near killing the Bad Touch Trio, and Wales he was trying to hold Scotland back.

Wales being more of the calm one dragged Scotland out before he blew their cover. Right when they were in their car, Scotland called Ireland, and Northern Ireland. It was fucking 12 AM! They woke both of us up for this. They couldn't wait for 7 hours or at least 5?

Later that day we put a meeting in England's house while he was gone. Ireland brought his green laptop and opened a black document.

With the title...

23 Rules In Order To Date England...

Let's see who is the best out of all those horny bastards for our innocent, and naive English brother.