23 Rules in Order to Date England:(England x Anyone!) England, oblivious to the attention is the most wanted Nation, person-wise. Everyone wants to date the cute, golden hair, forest-emerald green eyed, petite, and soft skin England. But, his brothers, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland made 23 rules in order to date England.

…from what I was hearing… England is actually the personification of Britain, not England?... I'm so confused about the internet and what it says… I'm just going to think he's the personification of both of them.

If anyone wants to know when we will have Iggie finally have a chapter for himself is going to be about after rule 7.

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i got to know who everyone wanted! :D and the winner is *Drum roll* France! Our favorite French pervert. And the runner ups are America then Scotland! But that doesn't mean they don't have a chance to win England's heart! :D Next week on Sunday on my profile will be a poll for who will win England's innocent heart! France (+4 votes), America (+3 votes), and Scotland (+2 votes) will be the contestants.

Rules Number Five:

Scotland is back! But Ireland is gone because he had to go home for something... what was it again? ...We currently do not remember. So only Wales, and Scotland is here. Northern Ireland is outside walking around.

Scottie wants to know what rule we made yesterday! Oh Dear... Fine Scottie, last week's rule was about blushing. Simple?

Well the next rule is simple, intelligence. You have to be somewhat smart like England, because we don't want an idiot like America to date out smart little brother. And England will get quite mad if the person he is dating can't understand anything he or we say. It can get annoying, especially with America when he was younger.

America was a kind boy when he was younger, and still a colony. But there was one thing that made England and we a bit annoyed. He didn't understand anything we said! But interpret it as something completely something else! It's a miracle he is still alive now, but he doesn't even know any more languages but English.

Rule Number Five: If you want to date England, you have to be intelligent.

Nation One:

This nation was on Earth for one hell of a time! I bet he lived longer than the Roman Empire! Well, we all know who the hell we are talking about. Yes China, the one and only China with long hair, a fetish for pandas, and loves his candy, that most of us dislike strongly.

Although we all strongly dislike his candy, he is a very intelligent nation, seeing he lived for quite a while.

We remember when China invited England and Scotland for tea. China's house was a cozy house. The walls were mostly painted a cream white, and the bottom of the wall was brown. He had them sit down on these flat pillows with designs like flowers and leafs.

China came back into the room and places 3 cups of tea. The cup was a dark leaf green color with lighter green leaves painted all over it.

England slowly sipped the hot tea, Scotland was cooling it down, seeing it was slightly too hot for his taste. How pathetic he can't drink tea that is too hot to drink.

Oh dear, Scottie is in the rampage mode… Please wait a moment for us to type again.

"WHO YA' CALLING PATHETIC?" Yelled Scotland. He picked up a pillow and threw it painfully to Northern Ireland who was snickering along with older brother Ireland. Northern Ireland could have avoided getting a massive nosebleed if only he moved 1 centimeter to the left.

"Itmft truf! (It's true!)" Northern Ireland laughed as Ireland gave him some tissues to wipe the blood off. He was on the floor covering his bleeding nose with multiple tissues.

Ireland rolled his eyes. The nation sat on the couch with the laptop and started to type. "Come on, we have to finish the next rule before England comes inside."

China was staring at Scotland who was blowing loudly on to the tea, so much for manners. England and China started to talk about something confusing. The bloody idiot of a brother, Scotland, didn't even listen to a single drop they talked about! All he remembered was that they were talking about something about…

About... America and his money issues?

Well they were mostly complaining about the debts his country owned to many countries, with a lot of numbers and equations. God, if America was here to hear about this he wouldn't even understand single words that were coming out of England's and China's mouth!

"Well if you think about it, if he raises the taxes for the richer people the deficient would decrease, but no! He cuts the taxes for them. Does America even think with his brain not with a hamburger?" England growled about America. He wasn't doing well, the unemployment rate was high, and America wasn't doing well about fixing it.

"I agree aru!" China nodded. Scotland was in the corner ignoring the two other nations. "He get more imports then exports! Did you see the data from last year in 2012? There was a difference. When will he learn how to fix these problems?"

"This happened many years ago, and the World War was the thing that made America strong again. We cannot make another war for America so his economy would be fixed." England rolled his eyes when America. The so called intelligent chatting soon went off track to America's problems. "You noticed he came to many of the wars quite late? This people are slow!"

"His country does have weight problems, aru." China commented. Thinking about it when he went to America there was so many people who were overweight China wanted to throw up. One man was so large that China thought what that man ate on regular basis could feed 20 of his own people. "When I went to America…" He paused.

"I know… I understand the pain…" England replied. "If you think about it, the so called American foods are not even from America!"

China looked at England confused. "What do you mean, aru?"

"Hamburgers come from Germany, ice cream came from the bloody frog's country, French fries came from Belgium, and… I don't know how he even thought of that, but Lo mein is from your country." England laughed when he remembered America was yelling about how these types of foods was from America, and the other countries kept yelling back it was from their country. "You weren't there for the argument. It was during break in the world meeting."

"Ah…" China gave off an evil aura. "If you hear America yelling please ignore it aru…"

England nodded and laughed.

Scotland closed the laptop after saving the document as rule five. England was outside in the garden taking to his magic friends. Gingerbell, one of the older fairies was flying around England making him laugh from getting tickled.

Skyleaf, a blue hair, and green eyed fairy was sitting on top if England head. However, Sunflower was trying to push her older fairy sister off of England's head.

ButterCup was flying towards the roses England was going to look at. "Come on! Come on! We are almost there England!"

"Coming ButterCup!" England replied and walked to the roses.

Scotland looked outside the window seeing his younger brother getting pulled away. He gave thumbs up, and everyone quickly went somewhere else.


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