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Chapter 21:

America was awoken by the sound of her baby girl crying. A second later after rocking the child in her lap she heard the steady chop chop of helicopter propellers.

Glancing at her Canadian brother, he returned the glace and hurried outside. A minute later a very dazed Brit walked in, trailing Canada. Upon his entry, the entire room seemed to freeze. America's breath caught in her throat, and her heart beat speed up. Her child stopped whimpering. All eyes were on Britain. Who was looking at America.

His eyes were slightly glazed, with tears, America realized with a jolt. He ghosted over to her bedside and looked down at the child. The baby looked back up at him with surprising clarity. She seemed to know who he was.

Their eyes were identical. His eyes slid over to the child's mother. She met his look with a rock hard stare, trying to hide her emotions behind a mask.

America searched the other countries eyes, trying to find any emotion that she found hostile or threatening. All she saw was pure shock. She couldn't blame him. She felt the same.

A second later, he burst into a fit of laughter.

Frowning, America tartly asked him why he was laughing, though she thought it was cute the way he laughed. Suppressing a smile she avoided eye contact and instead stared at his shoes. Shoes she liked very much. She made her mind go blank.

"It's just that…this is all so…unexpected!" Britain cried.

"You shouldn't be laughing though." America replied quickly, still avoiding eye contact.
"You laughed too, America." Canada reminded her kindly.

"That was different." She replied coldly with a pout.

Canada shrugged and leaned back in his chair. This was getting really awkward; at least for him. Someone needed to break the ice.

The baby squealed with laughter all of the sudden. Both parents jumped slightly at the noise before they leaned closer to investigate. America glared daggers at the other when she realized how close they were. Britain didn't notice for a second, but when he did, he reeled back with surprise and a blush coated his fair cheeks. "I-I was just…"

The little girl let out another squeal and started wriggling around in her blanket cocoon. America's eyes snapped back up to Britain's face and she couldn't help but let a giggle out either. Whether it was his standoffish posture or comical facial expression, America wasn't sure. But he sure was funny to look at.

The Brit's blush saturated in color and he let out a humph of annoyance.

The ice coating surrounding the room seemed to melt, and America smiled easily at the man before her.

Noticing her staring at him, the Brit returned the gesture with one eyebrow raised. America accepted the unspoken challenge and began assessing the nation more thoroughly. It wasn't everyday she got to freely stare at the man, and she took the opportunity eagerly.

Standing with his arms crossed, he seemed to give of a strange air of strength. Though he was rather short, he was on the lean side but still had respectable muscle throughout his body. America knew Britain to be hundreds of years old, though his outside appearance gave the impression of a man in his mid to early twenties. His hair was light blond and a bit shaggy on the ends, but it helped soften the appearance of his dark bushy eyebrows and piercing green eyes. Overall, America found Britain attractive, though she would never admit it. America was reminded once again that the green eyes were identical to her daughters. To his daughters'. America shivered.

"Done assessing me now?" the Brit clicked his tongue. "Like what you see?" The American flushed in anger and started a stream of protests before she was interrupted by the baby screeching again.

They both shushed the baby soothingly, coming together at the baby. Britain instinctively reached out to hold the child, but America beat him to the job and sat cuddling the child close to her face. Britain felt his heart melt slightly at the sight of the mother and her child.

Making a quick decision, Britain moved to take a seat next to America and the baby. He tenderly reached over and stroked the child's soft face.

"May I?" He asked, reaching for the child. America reluctantly handed her child over, feeling cold as the bundle left her arms. She instantly flinched when she made contact with the other countries arms, and he reacted likewise. They grimaced and pulled away, feeling awkward.

Here we go again… Canada thought.

Suddenly Britain stood up from the bed and handed the child to the sitting Canadian. Startled by his movement, America had stood up too, but sat back down after seeing what he planned to do. No longer bedridden because of the delivery, she was able to move around freely, though not as easily as she would have liked.

"Come." Britain said to America, gesturing outside of the building. He cast a warning glance at Canada, who returned it with a questioning look.

America stood uncertainly for a moment. She then retrieved her child from Canada and followed Britain to the door.

Britain turned around and looked at her over his shoulder. "Leave the girl, please?"



America slowly placed the baby back in her Uncles arms and followed Britain out the door. For some reason, she found herself dreading the encounter. But it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Outside the building, Britain rubbed the bridge of his nose thoughtfully. His back was facing the American, but she was staring straight at him. Her muscles were tight and she was uneasy on her feet. She didn't want to be there, but she knew she had to be.

"What are we going to do about this?" Britain called softly. The woman behind him was silent, contemplating all the possible answers. She knew to produce a successful child they had to have both a mother figure and a father figure. Without one or the other, things would go wrong. But Britain had practically raised her. He pretty much was her parent. But the child needed a father. She came to a decision that she vowed to never break. Then she spoke.

"We need to raise her. Together."

"…Together?" He repeated. His features were guarded, but a glimmer of hope in his eye showed his true feelings.

"…Yes. She needs to be taught how to live a normal life as a human, with two parents."

They lapsed into silence once again. Both realized the extent to which this new bond between them would have to be.

"Britain-I wanted to tell you-" America started, trying to stay strong and take command of the situation.

"-Shhh…" He slipped closer to her as she began to speak. "Sorry." He said. "I couldn't hear you. The wind's a bit too loud to hear you. What were you saying?"

"I was saying that…" America dropped off into silence, confused on what she had wanted to say. "I forget."

Britain smirked slightly and scooted a little closer to the sitting American. He took a deep breath to calm his electric nerves. He didn't often feel nervous, but he was feeling pretty jittery at the moment. "America...uh…I wanted… to thank you."

The shocked American gaped for a moment. "Why?"

"For bringing this wonderful child into the world. And…for accepting me; letting me take care of this child with you. I know it's very hard for you…after all, you hate me-"

"-I don't hate you."

Time seemed to freeze in Britain's mind. Unbelieving, the comment replayed in his mind. What? She…doesn't hate me? After everything I've done to her and all the things she's said to me. She doesn't hate me? Bloody hell…I would never have gotten that from the way she acts around me…

America coughed, bringing the European nation back to the world. She was looking pointedly at him. Still gaping, he hurriedly closed his open mouth.

"You don't hate me?" He sputtered.

"I believe I answered that question." She said with a small smile.

Britain couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Do you hate me?" That slapped the smile off of Britain's face.

"Of course I don't hate you! What on earth gave you that impression!?" he exclaimed.

"Oh…I don't know. Maybe I think that because you yell at me every five minutes of a world meeting. Or maybe because you've burned my capitol to the ground and still hold a grudge against me for becoming independent from you. Or maybe because you criticize my cooking even though it's a thousand times better than yours. You have Mickey D's at your place too you know! Or maybe because you beg for my help in one war and then shove me away in the next one! Or maybe because you stubbornly believe that America is the worst country in the world and gladly express your opinion to anyone who-"

"-Stop. Just stop. I can't deny that I didn't do those things, but up until now, I believed that you hated me. Can't we just be happy?" He surrendered his hands in a show of peace.

America's arms stubbornly stayed crossed. "I said I didn't hate you, but that doesn't mean that I like you."

Britain threw his hands up into the sky, trying to understand the woman next to him. Everything she was saying was just confusing him more.

"Okay, so we've established that you don't hate me, and that I don't hate you, yes? But now you're saying that you don't like me either?"

America was about to reply when she was cut off by her Canadian twin unexpectedly.


The two countries were startled that the Canadian had been eves dropping the entire time. Both of their faces turned bright red and they turned away from each other as they realized what he said. They gradually increased the distance between them as inconspicuously as possible.

America felt a deep sense of betrayal. She admitted to confining in the quiet Canadian that listened to everyone years ago, but she didn't know that Britain had also. He was probably drunk, she thought. Britain was thinking along the same line. Now they realized the danger in confining in the Canadian.

"WELL?" Canada continued.

The two slowly turned back to each other, sending icy glares in Canada's direction. Fully facing each other, they realized that every one of their emotions towards each other was shown plainly on their faces. They understood each other perfectly, and they each saw something in the other's eyes that they wanted. Without warning they were smashed into each other, embracing and kissing all in one motion.

Canada took a step back, surprised that they got the ball rolling so fast. "Well that was unexpected…" he muttered. Unnoticed, he took a video of the two snogging and sent it to the President, as well as France (just to make him jealous). The baby cooed quietly in the countries arms, reaching for the phone briefly before losing interesting in it.

The two pulled apart breathlessly, each panting to regain their breath. "We should probably go inside now." Britain stated, gesturing to the small hospital. America agreed breathlessly, straightening her hospital gown and jacket.

Canada followed them inside and they all sat down around the bed in America's room. The baby was handed back to America and she cradled the child gracefully.

"We need to name her." America realized with a start.

"Any ideas?" Britain asked, blood still rushing from the recent activity.

"Well actually, I haven't thought about this much." America replied sheepishly. "I've sort of been…preoccupied."

"Understandable. Let's think about it now."

The room lapsed into silence as they all brainstormed ideas. One of the nurses brought in a girl's book of names upon request and the three eagerly huddled around it. After skimming through a few pages, America began to look out the window in the top corner of the room. The shades were lifted and she saw a few birds floating lazily on the salty ocean breeze.

"Avery." She whispered.


"Avery. Like the birds. Avery reminds me of the birds. I like that name."

"I like that too." Canada agreed. "There are a lot of birds here, it seems to fit her."

"You're right. I love it." Britain said to America.

"Then it's settled." America said. "Hello their Avery. Do you like your name?"

The little girl giggled in response, green eyes reflecting brightly in the afternoon sun.

"I'd say she loves it!" Britain cried. "The name's perfect for her; its sweet, sounds a little demanding, it's strong."

"Just like her mother." Canada said.

"Hey…" America argued, giving a light punch to her brother's shoulder (that was not very light).

"It's true though." Britain continued. "I mean, it's not going to be easy having America as your mum."

"Nor will it be easy having Britain as her father." America snarkily replied, sticking her tongue out.

"True true…"

"Still, she'll be really strong." Canada continued seriously, still nursing his bruised arm.

"That she will." Both America and Britain said. They both looked down at their child with love and their eyes and the baby smiled back up at them in turn. At that moment, the world seemed to brighten a considerable bit more.

"That she will…"

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