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"We've done nothing but talk about it!" Jamie exclaimed while the Guardian smiled on. "I can't believe we actually watched you guys defeat the Boogeyman."

"You know," Jack tilted his head when they climbed over a pre-frosted log. "I do believe we had help from a bunch of kids. Seriously, we really couldn't have done it without you guys."

The boy chuckled, ducking under a fallen tree. "Just so you know, if you and the other Guardians need our help again-"

"Oh, no way," Jack shook his head rapidly. "You going after an evil legendary figure is a one-time deal. We're not making a habit of this."

He frowned a little. "It was the coolest thing I've ever done, though. And no one got hurt."

"Hang on," Jack mumbled while balancing his staff on one of his shoulders. He gently grabbed under the nine-year-old's arms to pull him over a boulder. "Almost there."

"Can't we just fly?"

The winter spirit grinned at the change in conversation. "The wind isn't up for it right now. It's still tired from the fight with Pitch." He mentally slapped himself.

Much to his relief Jamie didn't press the matter about the battle. "What does the wind have to do with it?"

"It controls how I fly. I steer while the wind just keeps me in the air." Jack smiled and ruffled the boy's hair. "You gave it quite the workout the other day. Poor Wind had to carry both of us."

"That's just because I'm all muscle." The child proudly stuck out his chest.

"Sure, if twigs had muscles." The Guardian pulled the boy closer and teasingly poked his ribs, a small chuckle emitting from both of them. "Tag, you're it!"

Jack took off through the woods, Jamie not far behind. Playful laughter filled the silent December evening. Jack often found himself slowing down only to speed up again so his friend could just keep up with his light sprint. He halted within a small circle of trees.

"Alright, kiddo," Jack muttered, listening for the sound of the clumsy trudging of snow boots. "Where are you?" His knees bent, waiting for the ambush.

It never came. The woods were quiet, tree branches not even bothering to knock together. Jack stood straight up. "Jamie!" He called with an undertone of anxiety. Only an echo replied. "Great…" he whispered.

His breathing came and went in short gasps as he backtracked, trying to find Jamie's footprints in the snow. He even went all the way back to the boulder, but the tracks were not lining up. He banged his staff against the ground causing sharp, aggravated frost patterns to file over patches of grass and rock.

"Jamie!" Jack called again. I never understood why parents became so frantic about losing track of their kid in a park. He ran a hand through his white hair. Now I do.


He reeled to his left and made a beeline towards the small voice. Jack paused, taking in the sight of footprints and other indents in the snow. His eyes followed the tracks that tumbled haphazardly down a steep slope. Jack formed an icy trail that was slick enough for him to slide on. He came to an instant stop at the base of the slope and pushed a branch from his sight. Jack exhaled in sheer relief.

Jamie sat on the ice not too far away. The boy looked shaken, but otherwise unharmed. Jack finally took in the scene, smiling nostalgically at the lake.

"What happened to you?"

Jamie snapped his eyes to him. "I was chasing after you," the boy explained, positioning himself to stand up. "But I tripped and slid down the hill." Jack immediately asked if he was hurt. Jamie shook his head.

"Well, that's good, because we're here!"

Jamie tilted his head. "The lake? This is practically right behind my house."

"You said you wanted to explore so we took the long way." They both smiled right before they heard a snap. Jack turned trying to find the source of the sound.

Then came a familiar crack, one that sickened the winter spirit to his core. "Uh, Jack," Jamie uttered nervously. Splitting ice veined from underneath the boy's feet.

Shaking his head, Jack commanded him not to move as he made his way to the lake's edge. Swallowing, Jack held out his staff as far as he could. He realized Jamie wasn't even that far out. "Come on, kiddo. Just grab it." Hardly needing to be told twice, his fingers curled around the staff. Jack gave a quick jerk and sent the boy flying into a pile of snow. The landing wasn't that gentle, but he was back on solid earth.

Jack sighed, mentally patting himself on the back for appearing so calm.

The winter spirit walked over and knelt beside his friend. "Are you okay?"

There was a small pause. "Can we do that again?" Jamie grinned widely. "Minus the bit where I fall on the pond, that is."

Jack plopped on the snow with a laugh and propped his back against a tree. "I'll toss you into a snowbank again some other time. I did come here with a purpose."

Jamie scooted next to the Guardian, imitating his sitting position. Jack mussed his friend's hair, brushing off excess snow. For a long moment, the brotherly pair just sat there, putting relaxed gazes on the rising moon.

"I want to tell you about how I died." Jamie turned, gaping slightly.

"…And it all starts with my little sister."