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Dean the Mortal Superhero

When Sam was 4 years old he decided that Dean was a superhero. Not the traditional superhero that wore spandex tights and could fly, but the kind of superhero that wore worn out denim jeans with holes in the knees and knew how to boil macaroni. He started out just as a regular hero, because he saved people's lives and defeated the evil things Sam wasn't supposed to know about, but Sam decided that wasn't quite good enough. Dean was a superhero because he did more than just save lives from the things that come out in the dark, Dad can do that, but Dean also made it home for Sam's kindergarten graduation. He made dinner every night and watched silly cartoons. He let Sam crawl into his bed when he had a nightmare and hugged him all night long. Dean was a brother, a mother, and a dad all rolled into one wiry 8 year old body. Anybody could be a hero, but only the super special could be superheroes. So even with just 4 years under his belt Sam could see that Dean was a superhero, and he never quite stopped believing that.

When Sam was 8 he realized Dean was mortal. Mortal means he could get hurt or even die, Sam didn't like that. Of course he was still a superhero; he was just a mortal superhero, which made it even more impressive. But as impressive as it may be, the way that Sam had to come to this realization wasn't the most pleasant. It involved a werewolf, a Dean, and a mistake. A mistake that would cost Sam his peace of mind, because now Dean wasn't just a super hero, he was a mortal superhero. A mortal superhero that could bleed and get hurt. A mortal superhero that had to be carried into the motel room because he was preoccupied keeping his guts inside his body. A mortal superhero that could leave, even if he didn't want to, and never come back, just like mommy; Sam didn't like that. He liked when Dean was invincible, when he always came home and let Sam curl up next to him because he just wanted to make sure he was still there. Now, Sam realized, Dean might not come home.

When Sam was 10 Dean didn't come home. Not on the day Dad and he were supposed to get back and not the day after. Sam cried for hours, he called every number he remembered, and he sat in front of the window for two days. Finally Dad called him back, told him there had been an accident and Dean was in the hospital. Sam asked what had happened but Dad wouldn't tell him, he said it wasn't something you said over the phone. Sam asked why he hadn't called, Dad said he was sorry and that he was preoccupied with Dean. Sam asked when they would be back, Dad said he had called Bobby to look after Sam. That wasn't an answer. Sam asked if he could come stay with Dean and Dad at the hospital, Dad told him no. Sam was 10 when he realized that it's possible to hate your Dad.

When Sam was 12 he realized you can hate yourself. This is that story.