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Chapter 18

Luke warm coffee swirled around in his Styrofoam cup, the cheap roast coming up right to the edge, almost flowing over. Always close to flowing over. Sam put the cup down. He couldn't sit in that room anymore, he couldn't hear the beeping for one more second before just splattering on the floor like cheap coffee. His dad was still in there, clinging to his brother's hand, spouting out orders to ears that may or may not be listening. This shouldn't have happened. The car accident, the injuries, leaving the hospital, Dean's near death, none of this should have happened. If he hadn't have already cried so much he was close to dehydration, Sam was pretty sure he would be crying now. His dad had cried. John never cried. Maybe he wasn't so dehydrated Sam though idly as a stray tear tracked down his cheek and soaked into his collar.

Sam stood up quickly, hospital chair squealing on the tile floor as he sprinted unsteadily to the restroom. He splashed cool water over his face, letting his elbows perch on the edges of the sink, not noticing the water that splashed up the sides of the basin and soaked into his jacket. His brother might die and the only two people he could call family were at fault. Sam couldn't even make eye contact with the mirror. He left that bathroom, face still dripping with tap water as he got back to his padded seat. Someone must have run by in a hurry because they had knocked his coffee cup, it had spilled over.


"I'm Dr. Wilson, I'll be in charge of your son's case Mr. Winchester." He stuck his hand out, awaiting the returned shake before continuing. He hated giving news like this, especially to a family who he could see had gone through hell.

"I'm going to cut to the chase Mr. Winchester, your son is in need of surgery." John nodded, leaning slightly against the door jamb. He glanced back to where Sam was perched by his brother's bedside. John had practically dragged him there so that he could discuss treatment with the doctor more privately. Sam had heard enough.

"What kind of surgery are we talking about Doc?" He questioned, crossing his arms to try and cover how his chest hitched with adrenaline and worry.

"We need to do an exploratory laparotomy in order to find the main source of bleeding and then use a heat probe to seal the blood vessels. It looks like surgery had already been performed to control the bleeding but since he was moved blood vessels have broken closer to the heart, which means we need to worry about pressure building up there and making it difficult for the heart too pump." John didn't miss the meaningful look the doctor sent after the 'being moved' part. John swallowed hard, guilt clawing up his throat.

"How much does this surgery cost?"

"Mr. Winchester your son will not live without this procedure." His breath caught in his chest, soaking up the information, he nodded his understanding, not trusting his voice. "It's $2000, but insurance should cover most of it."

"We don't have insurance." The Dr. Wilson looked startled for a moment before glancing over the father's shoulder at the prone boy lying on the hospital bed. His skin paler than the sheets he was lying on. The younger boy sitting beside him, most likely his brother, looked up. His sad hazel eyes caching his, in that moment he hated his job. "Is there any way for you to find the money?"

John lifted his head a fraction and looked back to his boys. His poor broken boys. "I don't really have a choice now do I, Doc?"