I look at the lovers. Dead. Both of them. This was not what was to happen. Only Romeo was to die. He was supposed to be mine!

I who laughed at those who died and killed for love! I, Death herself, had fallen in love.

When I realized, I knew I had to have him. He would have to die, it was the only way. I made a deal with Tybalt, he was to challenge Romeo to a duel and kill him. I promised him I would make sure he would receive no punishment and Juliette would be his.

But it all went wrong, when Romeo and his foolish friends decided to crash to Capulet's masquerade. Romeo himself fell in love with that wretched girl! Before I had time to devise a new plan they ran off and got married! Tybalt was furious and foolish! He forgot our deal and ran off to kill Romeo. But Romeo would not fight. No! He had to be noble!

Mercutio and Tybalt were both dead and Romeo banished. Juliette was to marry Count Paris.

I had counted on that marriage. It was my only chance, but no! Friar Laurence had to create a plan! But I was smart, I stole the note and destroyed it. Now Romeo would no nothing of this plan and I could dispose of him as I wished. But once again fate was against me! Romeo rushed back into the city and found his beloved Juliette 'dead'.

Here's my chance! I thought. He took his own life and the deed was done. He was mine.

As I left, however, Juliette woke up. I was going to leave her, but something stopped me. I listened to her cries. And my cold heart went out to her. I turned back to the girl and handed her Romeo's dagger. She drove it through her heart.

Of course their families found them. Heartbroken, they were. I don't see why. The two were in love and now they are together. And the families have no one to blame, but themselves. Now, Romeo and Juliette are together forever.

While I am eternally alone.

I was watching bits of Romeo et Juliette. I tried to think why Death was hanging around him. And I thought it'd be interesting if she was in love with him.

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