Warm light fell through the dirty windows of the loft. Roger sat at the table, which was cluttered with papers and coffee mugs. An acoustic guitar was leaning against Roger's leg, with a pick tucked into the strings. A clock in the corner revealed the time. Five o'clock in the morning.

Roger's head was on the table, covering his most recent creation. His hair was messed up from hours of frustration. Mark was still asleep in his room, but Mimi was just getting up. Noticing that the rest of the bed was empty, she quickly got dressed and wandered into the kitchen.

Roger's back slowly moved up and down. He turned in his sleep, startling Mimi. She walked over to check if Roger was sleeping. When her suspicion was confirmed, she quietly poured out a bowl of cereal, made some coffee, and sat across from Roger with two mugs. When he stirred, Mimi gathered up his guitar and stray papers and put them on his guitar case. She left the paper underneath Roger where it was, not wanting to wake him up just yet.

After a few minutes passed, Mimi stood up and walked over to Roger. She wrapped an arm around his shoulders and kissed the top of his head.

"Come on, wake up. You worked all night." Mimi whispered in his ear. Roger's eyes slowly opened.

"I just…" He stumbled through his words. "I wanted to write you a song for your birthday." Mimi pulled him out of his chair and hugged him. She had almost forgotten her birthday.

"I'm sure it's great. Let's get back to bed, then we can celebrate, okay?" Mimi said, leading Roger to the bedroom. They lay in bed together, sleeping in the morning light.