title: morphine

genre: romance

rating: M

word count: 2,787

headnote: woohoo, first story in 2013! i hope you all had wonderful holidays. mine were amazing, even though i'm going back to school on monday. :(

welp, here it is. written between 3 and 5 am, some smut i conjured up just for you, my lovely readers. i'm SO flattered with all the reviews & favorites i got for my other two one-shots, 'falling stars' and 'cake'.

i'm... half-pleased with how this turned out. i think the lemony part is a little rushed, and the beginning is confusing, but i hope you'll like it. i only proofread it once, and briefly, so if there are any mistakes, i apologize - they will be fixed later.

warning1: OOCness (as usual) also, i'm not sure if they have vodka in konoha. *giggles*

warning2: SMUT. please do not read if you're uncomfortable with reading explicit material (but i know all of you out there are closet perverts)






The dark surrounded them, engulfing their bodies completely. Her small frame would be easily lost, if he wasn't there to catch her if she slipped.

Truth be told, she would be overjoyed if she fell down and closed her eyes and never, ever woke up again. What was the whole point, anyway? The love of her life didn't have any feelings except friendliness to return to her. She had wasted a good half of her life on absolutely nothing. She did prepare herself for the sure rejection, but it still hit hard, and it hit good. Her heart hurt every time she remembered the sad look in his blue orbs, and the pitying curve of his lips as he said those dreadful words.

„I'm sorry, Hinata." And she knew everything was lost then.

And he was the last person she'd come to. She wasn't even sure how she'd gotten here in the first place. All she knew was that she ran – she ran as fast as she could, in an unknown direction, her vision blinded by hot tears.

And she bumped into his strong chest. His arms wound themselves around her shaking frame and steadied her on her feet. And then he looked into her eyes, and asked; "What the hell do you think you're doing, Hyuuga?"

At that point, she didn't really care who she was burdening with her feelings. She definitely didn't care that it was him – the slim, brooding, dark-haired best friend of her crush. She grabbed him by the collar and pulled his face closer to hers, so that they were at eye level. She could barely make out his now confused form behind the curtain of tears.

"Stay out of my way, Uchiha." She whispered, and surprised herself by how venomous her voice sounded. She released him, and ran again, away from him, away from her family, from this village, from everything. She wanted to be completely alone, so she could think. Figure things out.

And so she found herself under a tree, in the dark. Staring off into distance, losing herself inside of her messed up mind. What was the point, anyway?, she thought, bitterly. I knew this would happen. Why am I crying then? Why does it… hurt so much?

"You're seriously insane." A voice.

Sasuke's voice.

"Here." He threw something at her. A pack of tissues. She tried not to appear too grateful, and wiped her nose and eyes. "Thought you could use them."

"W-why did you follow me?" she asked, cursing herself for the stutter. She couldn't escape it, no matter how hard she tried.

"You seemed troubled." He said, amusement coating his voice. When she looked up at him, her face still buried in the tissue she pulled out of the pack he gave her, she saw a small smirk decorating his face. Her eyes grew wide.

"D-did I really?"

"Besides…" he continued, ignoring her surprised and a little annoyed gasp when he moved to stand next to her under the tree. "If you didn't talk to somebody, you'd probably end up killing yourself."

He was obviously teasing, but inside, Hinata was boiling at his words. Too much of a coward to do anything, like hit him for example, for being rude, she just stared up at him in bewilderment. "E-excuse me?!"

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Hn? You wouldn't?"

She opened her mouth, all ready to claim she'd never even think of such a thing, but stopped.

I really am weak. Her gaze dropped to her toes. The used tissue fell on the ground next to her feet.

"Thought so." He murmured, watching the slow ripples on the lake. "You should've seen it coming, though."

"I-I know." Her whisper was barely audible. If Sasuke wasn't trained as a ninja to be super alert for any noise, he probably wouldn't have heard her. "I-I'm sorry."

He snorted – actually snorted – at her sentence. "Why are you apologizing? Goodness, Hyuuga, you're worse than I thought." He glanced at her, still shaking and still visibly bothered by his presence so near her own. "You could use a drink."

And he started walking in the direction of the village.

He expects me to follow, she thought, her mouth open wide in shock. The nerve. But she followed anyway.


"I didn't know you drink, Uchiha-san." She said, her voice muffled by the glass pressing against her lips. The liquid in the glass smelled odd and funny to her, and so, she was reluctant to try it.

He downed his second glass of vodka and licked his lips, giving her a strange look. "Yeah. I do. Is that weird?"

Her fingers fidgeted around the glass surface, unsure what to answer. She decided it best to change the subject. "W-what is this?"

He glanced at the content of her glass. "Juice and vodka. Try it. It'll help," he waved a hand for a waiter, smirking at her all the while, "trust me."

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes. Then, she reminded herself that this was the day she'd stop being a coward, so she opened them again, face to face with the unknown fluid.

And she downed it in one gulp.

It tasted as funny as it smelled, and it made her a little dizzy, but in all honesty – it was a very nice flavor, overall. Exotic and different than anything she'd ever tried before.

"Do you like it?" Sasuke's voice brought her out of her daze. She almost forgot he was even there. She only managed to nod, shyly looking away.

A few minutes later, another glass of the same drink was placed in front of her. Sasuke gave her a wink and gestured for her to down it at the same time as he downed his own drink.

Soon enough, it turned into a game. Before they drank, they asked a question. And Hinata found herself sobbing again, just as she thought she'll never feel the salty taste of tears on her skin again.

"Why are you crying so much?" Sasuke slurred, feeling a little (heavily) intoxicated after all the alcohol he consumed.

"B-because," she whimpered, wiping her nose in her sleeve. "I-I'm such an idiot! A useless, pathetic, weak idiot!"

"Aa." He murmured, taking in her disheveled form fully. Yeah, her face is a little swollen and red, her eyes look like they might dry and fall out of their sockets and her hair is a mess but she's actually…

"Pretty." He said, without thinking. When her head snapped up to stare at him in shock, he started. Shit. Did I say that aloud?

"W-what?" she asked, quietly.

"What?" he repeated after her, pretending to be dumb. It must be the alcohol. I need to learn how to control myself.

She opened her mouth, ready to say something but then her eyes rolled to the back of her skull and her head hit the wooden surface of the table rather loudly.

Sasuke was on his feet immediately, shaking her shoulders. "Hyuuga! Hyuuga, are you okay? Shit… Hinata!"

And then it hit him.

She fainted.

And he got all flustered over it, like it actually worried him.



He couldn't possibly bring her to the Hyuuga estate. First of all, he had no idea where it was located. Second of all, even if he did know, her father would probably kick his ass the second he saw him entering her room – and he was sure the old creep held constant control over the house with his byakugan.

He couldn't drop her off at a hotel, either. She'd be confused when she woke up and probably wouldn't know how to return home.

Bringing her to some of their mutual female friends also wasn't an option. They'd be curios – way too curios – to find out why he was carrying an unconscious, intoxicated Hyuuga on his back while he himself was a little tipsy. It'd start rumors flying around the village like freshly baked cookies.

So the only other option left was to bring her to his apartment.

This made him more uncomfortable than he was willing to admit. After all, before this night, they were practically strangers. Why the hell did he invite her for drink, anyway?

He was surprised by the simplicity of the answer. She was broken, lonely and red from crying, and he was only immensely bored.

He gently placed her on his bed – rude and brash he may be, but he wasn't a pig and throwing her on a couch while he lounged on his comfortable mattress was out of the question – and then she started stirring.

Or, more like rubbing against him.

His vision, somewhat blurry from the drunkenness, immediately cleared at her actions. Her fingers found their way around his neck and her legs locked around his own, her ankles rubbing the back of his thighs.

What in the god's name is she doing?, he asked himself, completely taken aback. Her eyes slowly opened and their gazes connected.

What he saw in those white orbs was something he'll never forget in his lifetime.

She murmured something intelligible before pulling him in. For a second, he thought she was going to kiss him. It was so close, too – their faces were inches apart – but she pulled him a little lower, and he found himself nose buried – literally – in her chest.

Shit, shit, shit. She smelled lightly of lavender, overpowered by the stench of alcohol, but he shockingly found himself not minding in the slightest. In fact, the only thing bothering him in that moment was the heavy jacket she had on.

She sighed and his head rose together with her chest. He realized after shuffling around a little that the Hyuuga had an impressive bosom. When his hands absentmindedly kneaded the swell of her hips, it dawned on him why she hid all of this under the oversized clothing. She was self-conscious.

In a way, it was kind of cute.

He'd mentally slap himself if he wasn't occupied with stabilizing his breathing.

"Hyuuga." He said, hoping to catch her attention. He knew she was awake, but she seemed a little out of it. Was this how she reacted to alcohol? He'd hoped she'd just cry a lot and then go home on her own to sleep. "Stop ignoring me, I know you can hear me."

She hummed and he felt the vibrations in her chest. "I'm sorry, Uchiha-san. But let's just stay like this for a while."

Surprisingly, her voice was rather clear. Unlike his slur, she spoke normally, like she would if she didn't stutter. A few minutes passed in silence, and then he heard her speak. "I'm not actually sorry."

"Hn?" he questioned, growing pleasantly accustomed to lying between her soft breasts. It really was a nice feeling, he mused, closing his eyes.

"I said I was sorry for being like this. But I'm not." Her hand that was stroking his hair slowly buried itself deep in his scalp and tugged him up, again so close to her face their noses were almost touching. "Thank you, Sasuke."

She batted her eyelashes shyly at him, and he knew he was lost. It was probably the alcohol that urged him to hiss her – actually, it was surely the alcohol that urged him to kiss her, but he did it anyway and enjoyed every second of it.

Her lips were soft, just like the rest of her body, small and plump and perfect. He peppered small, close-mouthed kisses before tracing his tongue ever-so-slightly over her lower lip, making her gasp in surprise. He wasted no time in slipping his tongue inside, their muscles colliding in a sloppy embrace. He hummed appreciatively at her obedience and when her hand traveled from his hair to his neck.

He pulled away, abandoning her mouth to pay attention to her jaw and neck, leaving small kisses, nips and bites on his way. When he reached the top of her jacket, he started raising his head to ask for permission, when she surprised him yet again by taking off the damned thing herself.

He was pleasantly surprised she only wore a tank top underneath, making his job a lot easier. Wasting no time, he pulled the cloth away from her and threw it somewhere on the floor. She tugged at the hem of his shirt and he obliged, throwing it in the same direction where her top landed.

No bra, he thought to himself, snickering a little. Smart girl. He cupped one of her breasts while his mouth worked on the hardened bud of the other. She moaned and writhed underneath him, her small nails clawing at his back. She bit her lip in a small attempt to be at least somewhat quiet, but failed miserably as Sasuke bit on her sensitive flesh and his fingers… They are like magic

But Sasuke continued south, to her annoyance and excitement. He slid her pants, together with her underwear, down her slim legs, licking his lips in appreciation of what he saw.

Hinata's cheeks turned bright red at the hungry gaze the boy gave her. And then he disappeared between her legs and his lips met with her most intimate area. Hinata could only gasp in pleasure, entwining her fingers in the thick dark locks on his head, urging him closer. He licked and kissed the heated flesh, his nose pressing against her swollen bundle of nerves. Her back arched in sheer pleasure and warmth burned in her lower stomach, begging for release. She was so close, so close

And he was gone. His face was over hers again, and Hinata would make an annoyed comment if her mouth weren't busy with his own. He kissed her with an almost predatory hunger, thrusting his pelvis against her hips unconsciously.

"S-Sasuke…" she moaned between kisses he left on her mouth and cheeks. "Please…"

He thought maybe to tease her a little – make her beg and such, but decided against it when she rolled her hips and his clothed member collided with her wet heat. He unzipped his pants and slid them off together with his underwear, similar to what he had done to Hinata only minutes prior. He gave her a long, lingering kiss as a distraction and eased himself into her.

His assumption that she was a virgin was confirmed correct when she stilled and winced in pain at the sudden unfamiliar disturbance. He felt bad for taking her innocence while she was barely even aware of what or who she was doing, but he kissed her tears away – it struck him as out of character for him, but again, he blamed it on the alcohol.

When he felt her relax and accept him fully, he started moving. Being wrapped around her tight heat was the best feeling ever. He had his share of girls, but none of them were as pure and untouched as Hinata – even drunk, it was a wonderful feeling. He nipped at her jaw and neck, grunting while thrusting in and out. She mewled, arching her back more and more into him, so their bare chests touched.

So close… they both thought, as Sasuke's thrusts grew faster and harder. It was exactly what Hinata needed, she didn't even have to ask. It was obvious from the way she tugged at his hair like she was going to rip it from its roots and clawed at his back like a wild cat.

"Ahhh…" finally, he felt her muscles contract around him as she let out a loud moan, sending him over the edge with her. He came inside of her, even though that wasn't his original intention – but he couldn't help himself, he was completely lost. They stayed like that for a while, him thrusting a few more times to ride out his orgasm. When she relaxed and laid on the bed visibly spent, he pulled out and rolled next to her.

Hinata turned on her side to look at him. The way her eyes shone in the moonlight seeping through the window, it was almost like a dream. This post-sex Hinata was someone he definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of.

He closed his eyes, feeling the headache coming. He was so entranced by her that he hadn't even paid attention to the dizziness and pain in his brain from all the alcohol. He was about to doze off, when something warm latched onto his side.

He cracked an eye open just to see Hinata nesting herself on his shoulder. He shrugged it off, deciding it will be best to deal with the whole situation in the morning.

At least, he told himself, you got Hinata to stop crying.




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